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The great challenge in affiliate marketing is to be able to stand out from the competition by offering the same products and services, and not being able to use the price as a differential. Therefore, Affiliate SEO is an excellent solution to improve your page results!

The digital transformation has changed the way we relate and, consequently, the way companies behave to attract more consumers to their businesses.

An example of this is affiliate marketing, a way to earn money from sales commissions by promoting a product or service on your pages.

In the same way that the relationships change, the strategies also need to be updated, which makes it necessary to use Digital Marketing techniques so that you can stand out in the online world.

In the affiliate system, for example, you need to be creative and efficient to generate more visitors and leads for your pages.

In this business model, you compete for customers’ attention and resources with sellers who offer the same product for the same price. Given this, how is it possible to stand out in the midst of so much level competition? A very effective solution is through IF THE for affiliates.

Are you curious and want to know how to make your pages more relevant and increase sales organically? So, read on to understand how this form of marketing works and how SEO for affiliates can be a differentiator in the market. Come on?

What is affiliate marketing?

To understand how SEO for affiliates is a valid strategy, first, you need to know what affiliate marketing is.

With the strengthening of the internet and the creation of countless e-commerce, the online market has established itself as one of the main ways of selling and the ways to earn money have become as varied as possible.

With this method, you don’t necessarily have to be an entrepreneur to be able to increase your income source. When you become an affiliate, you start promoting a product or service from a company – called a salesperson or producer – on your social networks or blogs, for example.

But, after all, how is it possible to make money that way? Simple, you start to receive a commission for each sale made through your disclosure. Their percentage is accounted for through personalized links, which indicate the path that attracted the consumer to make that purchase.

That is, the more conversions are generated by the link you made available on your pages, the higher your commission.

That’s because there are different types of advertising, ranging from Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) or Cost Per Sales (CPV). The chosen method changes according to the market segment and the strategy adopted by the seller.

That way, you don’t have to be an experienced salesperson to be able to generate some extra profit at the end of each month – just know how to properly advertise a certain product or service.

However, the challenges are great, since your competitors offer the same products and the price is the same. At that moment, SEO for affiliates comes in for those looking to differentiate themselves and achieve better results.

What is Affiliate SEO?

In affiliate marketing, the competition is very fierce and, therefore, you need to find ways to attract more visitors to your pages creatively.

With the same item, objective and price as your competitors, the solution is to create relevant content for your consumers and thus be able to stand out, for example, in search engines.

With that in mind, by using SEO for affiliates, in an organic way, you can improve the ranking of your page on sites like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

With more prominence in these tools, you have more likely to stand out by appearing among the top results for certain keywords, outperforming other affiliates that compete with you for the same customers.

The importance of being among the first results

Currently, improving the positioning of a page on search engines is the ideal solution to generate more traffic.

Not by chance, surveys indicate that little more than 75% of users conduct internet searches before finalizing a purchase, whether online or in a physical establishment. So, you need to be one of the first destinations for the prospective buyer to access and get more information about a product.

That is why it is so important to appear between the first results and pages on search engines. After all, data also show that 50.4% of people who search on Google only look at the sites on the first page.

On the other hand, only 13.6% pass or go to the fourth page. Missing the opportunity to communicate with half of the potential consumers cannot be an option for anyone who wants to succeed.

Affiliate SEO is, therefore, a set of optimization techniques, so that you can generate more prominence for your pages and place them among the first results in search engines.

With some concepts put into practice, such as Content Marketing, scannability and link building, you will surpass other affiliates and be able to generate more traffic for your business.

What to do to put this technique into practice?

Now that you understand how affiliate marketing works, its specifics and how affiliate SEO can make your business more efficient and productive, how about getting your hands dirty?

It’s time to understand what you need to do, in practice, to highlight your pages and overcome strong and balanced competition. Follow!

Produce relevant content

The first step is to understand that the content produced to attract more visitors to your pages should not be aimed at advertising.

That is, avoid texts that only think about selling and advertise a product or service in the same way that the company that offers them would do. To make your SEO strategy efficient, you need to produce content that is relevant to the consumer.

With that in mind, invest in creating texts, videos or even infographics that, in fact, help the user to solve a problem, answer a question or learn about a certain subject.

It’s up to you fit the product offer in a natural way within these contents, in a way that the client feels confident in his recommendation to find what he seeks and does not see it as just another advertisement.

Use social media

Google does not only use the internal content of the pages you seek to highlight as a criterion for positioning in searches.

Social signals are an example of this, since positively highlight the brands that have the highest numbers of mentions and shares on social networks.

In addition, today, social networks are excellent channels of communication with your consumers and essential to engage more potential customers and even generate more mentions about your business.

Thus, you guarantee greater credibility and, consequently, more prominence among the organic results.

Create responsive design pages

If you want better results using SEO techniques for affiliates, without a doubt, you need to invest in the creation of pages with responsive design, such as creating a blog that is also focused on access through mobile devices, that is, mobile friendly.

For you to have an idea, the statistics indicate that 48.32% of searches on search engines are carried out on the mobile version.

Given this data, it makes all the difference to be prepared to meet the demands of this audience. Therefore, invest in pages that adapt and offer the same content and resources in both desktop and mobile formats, such as smartphones and tablets.

Strengthen your page links

Another important point for your page to appear among the first results in search engines is the number of external sites that link to your content. That is, texts and articles, for example, that use links from their publications and indicate the user to their pages.

For Google, this increases the authority of a page on a given subject and, thus, improves the ranking in search results. One way to strengthen your page backlinks is to make guest posts for partner sites, with links that direct the user to your site.

As we have seen, in order to stand out in a market as competitive as affiliate marketing, it is crucial to use different strategies and techniques to attract more visitors and, consequently, achieve better results.

Thus, it becomes evident how SEO for affiliates is an extremely valid option for offer diverse content and, of course, convert more.

Now that you understand how SEO can be a differentiator for your business, how about knowing a way to make it even more optimized? Find out here how to do a complete SEO audit for your pages and make your digital strategy even more efficient!