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DreamHost is a hosting service that has been able to compete on an equal footing with the main players in the market. With good cost-benefit and breadth of services, the company has managed to reach increasingly different categories of customers.

Quality hosting makes all the difference to ensure that a website is fast and stable and can receive a considerable amount of access. More than that, today these services offer complete professional solutions for managing web applications.

DreamHost is considered one of the main lodgings on the market at the moment, and it is not for nothing.

With options between the shared model and WordPress, the company’s services are not lacking in the face of other major competitors, which accredits them to the same level.

In addition to a great cost-benefit ratio offered to the user, DreamHost also offers connection stability most of the time that the service is in force.

In this content, we will talk more about DreamHost hosting and the features that made it a reference. You can check the post divided into the following topics:

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What is DreamHost?

DreamHost is a website hosting company that serves 100 countries and has more than 400 thousand customers. The numbers alone are not enough to justify success, but the services are.


The brand, throughout its operation in the market, has sought to develop its service offering, which enables it to deliver much more than the finished website on a server.

Anyone looking for hosting services that can be qualified has certainly seen the name of the company.

This high recommendation has been common, especially due to the wide offer of extras with accommodation and the various plan options, each at a value, but with attractive prices in relation to the market.

What are the features of DreamHost?

DreamHost has built a solid name thanks to the ability to offer complete services, with comprehensive solutions, which go far beyond hosting.

Creating websites and blogs, managing e-commerce and having good results in a Content Marketing strategy, or in Digital Marketing, is a complex job. There are many tools and demands behind the seen result.

Next, understand what are the main features of DreamHost that are included in the plans and see how each one of them is essential.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the central and main service that DreamHost offers to its customers, placing the website’s infrastructure in a cloud environment.

It is not new that this is a safe, agile and much more practical choice, which brings even more value to the service.

All cloud hosting plans offer SSD storage, which means greater speed for loading applications and processing data. With the DreamObjects and DreamCompute plans, the company is able to offer, respectively, focus on objects and cloud computing, that is, running cloud applications.

Dedicated server

Not all website designs can run from a shared server. As much as the option is always good, there are higher requirements for sites with really high traffic, especially e-commerce. In such cases, the need for a dedicated server is concrete.

DreamHost offers cutting-edge options to meet all levels of requirements. These dedicated server plans ensure that the site infrastructure is hosted on machines with up to 64 GB of RAM and 2 TB of SSD storage.

The proposal is to ensure that the stability time is 100% and that there is no problem at the time of many simultaneous accesses.

Website creation

DIY Remixer is the website builder to which the user who contracts the plan has access. The tool is a simple operation platform, but it gives creative freedom to create websites, blogs and e-commerces according to the client’s strategy.

For this, modern templates and visual objects are available that enrich the appearance of the pages.

In an easy way, it is possible to build a website from scratch and without limit of pages, all in the same hosting plan.

The user also has access to an exclusive free image bank and has features that automatically implement SEO optimizations.

Unlimited email included

DreamHost also offers a fully professional and advanced email service as part of the service package. The user does not pay anything more for this, even though it is a tool capable of managing accounts and automating email marketing campaigns.

The service aims to increase professionalism, working as a premium service, even at no cost. For this, DreamHost offers unlimited use of this email, even with the same domain as the site.

For start-up projects, this possibility brings much more credibility in the presentation to the client and the positioning as a brand.

Free SSL certificate

Security is always a fundamental point and is fully guaranteed in DreamHost hosting. More than that, the plans allow these resources to be extended to the customers of whomever contracts the hosting – in this case, those who access the sites.

For this, the SSL certificate is a free offer that is included at all levels of contracting.

It’s simple to start using the certificate and protect your website’s connection with those who browse it: the installation option is available on your dashboard as soon as one of the plans is contracted. Very practical, to streamline all resources at once!

Guaranteed stability

Here is perhaps the highlight of DreamHost and that really makes all the difference: the 100% uptime guarantee. Most hosting companies cannot reach 100%, simply because there are always predictable risks.

However, DreamHost is not afraid to admit that the hosted sites will be available around the clock.

The secret may be the number of data centers that the company has at different points. This means that the performance of the sites is divided between these bases. This scenario helps to divide the work and ensure full activity for any page.

If there is inactivity, the user is compensated, usually with discounts on the monthly plan.

Free domain

Following the tradition of hosting plans, DreamHost also offers a free domain of free choice, as long as it is available for use.

Easily, on the company’s homepage, there is a search bar that helps to find the free domain for the user.

dreamhost domains

In addition, there are several options associated with the domain service, such as the automatic renewal configuration, which helps to not lose the rights on the chosen name.

How to use DreamHost services?

No mysteries and no complications, just access the company’s website and start, first, a search for a domain.

This is the starting point that every user needs to have, since their name must be duly ready to receive the sites to be created.

The rest of the process is very simple, leaving only to choose the plan with the greatest range of services according to what is intended, and then close the contract making the payment.


There are practically three main plans to choose from: two are shared, one being a beginner and the other unlimited. The third option is aimed at those who want to host WordPress sites.

dreamhost plans


After choosing the plan and the options related to it, just complete the contract by choosing a payment method. At first, only credit cards are allowed, and the charge is made in dollars. Therefore, it is good to be aware of the conversion to the real.

Does DreamHost suit your business?

DreamHost is a hosting service that allows all freedom of use for the customer, which in itself is already a very competitive advantage. In addition, the breadth of services offered, all of which are of high quality, justify the investment.

The cost-benefit is also very interesting, since there is the guarantee of a company committed, especially with uptime.

One point that needs to be considered is the support, which only has American attendants. Thus, it is essential that someone from the company or the professional responsible for the project master English.

The company also does not have a data center in London, which in a way can represent a risk to the page loading time.

It is important to remember that they do not lose stability, but it is not possible to guarantee maximum performance due to the distance to the data centers.

Overall, DreamHost can be considered a great hosting service option, and that includes the reality of small, medium and large companies.

Thus, it is up to each potential customer to assess the conditions and understand whether they will be able to meet the particular requirements of each business.

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