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Despite not being as well known as Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising has proven to be a useful tool for anyone looking to optimize digital marketing strategies. With lower costs and more targeting options, this platform cannot be ignored.

Search engines have become an excellent tool for make strategies for digital marketing even more efficient.

After all, through them, it is possible to highlight your company’s page in an organic way – with SEO tactics, such as keywords and link building -, or through paid ads.

Currently, the segment is largely dominated by Google, which has 92.81% market share in the search engine market, according to data from the Statcounter. Therefore, its sponsored links tool, Google Ads, consequently, is also the best known for the function.

Despite the much lower numbers compared to Google, Bing, with 2.61% market share, has been establishing itself as a valid alternative for those looking to increase results with marketing.

Even with a lower search volume, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) is a way to innovate your strategies and increase lead generation.

An example? According to a survey conducted with some companies that used Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising for their sponsored link strategies, CPC (Cost per Click) is even 33.5% cheaper on the Bing tool. How to ignore those numbers that can be so positive for your business?

Let’s get to know this tool even better? Read on to understand what Microsoft Advertising is, how it works, what are the benefits and differences from Google Ads. Enjoy reading!

What is Microsoft Advertising and how does it work?

An excellent way to advertise today is highlight your brand in search engines. Whether paid or organically, these are the sites that concentrate most of the online users, who perform billions of searches in a single day.

Through advertisements, for example, it is possible to put your brand at the top of these searches, increasing your chances of converting and attracting new leads.

Microsoft Advertising is, therefore, the Microsoft tool created to assist in the execution of its branding strategies. With several segmentation options, the platform aims to highlight a particular website or page according to the keywords used in the search.

That is, depending on what is searched on the Bing search page, the first results visible to users will be paid ads.

With just over 160 million unique users, it is possible to use, in addition to the keywords, location, language and even time, to further segment your campaigns and, consequently, make them more efficient.

With a very similar operation to that of Google Ads, this platform also offers the possibility to advertise according to Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) tactics.

This allows you to better control your budget, with expenditures only for users who viewed your ad and accessed the site, or, in fact, made a purchase, for example.

How to campaign with this tool?

The first step in conducting sponsored link campaigns, regardless of which platform is used, is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the keywords that will be used and of which audience segmentation will be carried out.

That way, you ensure that your strategies are more efficient, increasing your chances of reaching the goals set.

The Microsoft Advertising control panel is simple and easy to use. An example of this is that the platform itself can assist in this work by offering a list with the most efficient keywords, which can result in displaying options that you may not have considered.

Another fundamental point is to be aware of the performance of your campaigns, after all, when it comes to online ads, it is important to constantly monitor the results.

Thus, it is possible to correct and optimize an ad that has not been shown to be as efficient, for example, and correct a problem before it becomes an even greater loss for your business.

What are the benefits?

With such a large Google domain in this market, you must ask yourself the reason for using Microsoft Advertising, right?

One of the advantages is precisely this lower volume of users, which results in less competition and, consequently, lower cost for even more efficient ads than on Google Ads.

But this is only one of the benefits of using Microsoft Advertising and, therefore, we have separated a list with the main advantages of this platform. Check it out below!

Reach non-Google audiences

Despite being the most used tool in the world to search the internet, not everyone is on Google.

The audience on the Bing network is present not only in your search engine, but also in searches on some Amazon devices, results from Siri (Apple’s artificial intelligence system) and Yahoo.

It is not by chance that 60 million users who are part of the Bing audience were not reached by Google. That is, is an untapped audience that can increase the reach of your ads.

Make campaign management easier

With a simple and intuitive application, the editor makes it easy to managing your online campaigns.

Through a program, you can control everything related to your planning: synchronize campaigns, make text or segmentation changes, and even import your Google Ads actions.

Target your ads even more

Microsoft Advertising offers a mechanism to make your ads even more effective: website link extensions.

This tool allows you to include links that take customers directly to a specific page. According to information from Microsoft, the click-through rate increases by 30% when using this strategy.

Add images to your ads

Images play an important role in attracting more customers to your business, right?

So, to make your campaigns even more efficient, Microsoft Advertising allows you to add a small image next to your ad to get even more attention from your consumer.

Use remarketing to convert

Remarketing is a strategy widely used to recover that user who abandoned the cart or left your site.

Using this technique, it is possible to connect again with potential consumers who have already visited any of your pages.

The platform also allows you to produce ads and use keywords exclusively for that specific group of users.

Track performance in real time

With the “Conversion Tracking” function, it is possible to analyze the entire performance of your online campaigns. With it, you can determine which strategies are working and which need to be optimized, in addition to being able to automate some of the processes related to your campaigns.

Have less competition and more targeting

Bing’s lower search volume ends up becoming an advantage for advertisers, with less competition and, consequently, less costs.

What’s more, with the various targeting options in Microsoft Advertising, your campaigns become more successful and the conversion rate tends to increase.

What are the differences for Google Ads?

Although they are often identified as competitors, Microsoft Advertising does not put it that way. After all, its entire layout and campaign control panel is aimed at those who already have some kind of experience with Google Ads.

This tool even facilitates the import of your campaigns from other platforms, ensuring that you do not miss any important information or strategy that you have already used to publicize your brand.

However, these two platforms have some differences. While Google Ads is betting on the immense amount of users who perform billions of daily searches, Microsoft Advertising aims to complement that reach.

This allows companies to have a lower cost with the strategy and, even so, achieve better results due to the better market segmentation.

Another difference is in relation to the type of budget that the two platforms provide. Bing Ads allows set a monthly budget for your campaigns, which can mean more control for you, while Google Ads only provides daily budgets.

Given all this, stop using the Microsoft ads tool only because of Google’s domain in this market can be a big mistake.

After all, it is evident that it is possible, for example, to increase lead generation with the precise use of this platform and at a lower cost. Any manager seeks to improve results with marketing and Microsoft Advertising can play an important role in the pursuit of this goal.

Now that you understand how Microsoft Advertising can help with your sponsored advertising strategies, better understand what a search engine is and what the main search engines are!