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The interactive quiz is an interactive content format that involves the customer, helping them in some way and, indirectly, showing products or services. It generates more leads, more conversions and more loyalty, as long as inserted in the right context, in an effective marketing strategy.

The quiz, interactive or static, is a content format with immense power to engage the reader. Just remember the personality tests that are common in magazines and websites, or the immense success of the BuzzFeed website, filled with quizzes about culture and behavior.

United to interactivity, which is a natural characteristic of human beings and, therefore, used for several years in several applications, not only in marketing, the interactive quiz has everything to increase the number of people who know a product or service and, with this, increase customers and turnover.

That is why, brands have already observed this trend and are looking to use interactive content in your marketing plans, to make them more effective and generate more leads and customers.

Interactive materials have even achieved good results for companies that have bet on them. Interactive quizzes, in particular, have the potential to improve lead engagement with the brand and still generate data that can be transformed into better communication between customers and the brand.

To find out what it is and what are the advantages of using the interactive quiz in marketing and sales, follow this article. Next, you will learn more about:

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What is an interactive quiz?

An interactive quiz is a type of material in which, by answering some questions, the user is able to get a result for what they were looking for.

This final result is generated by calculating and classifying the interactions that the user had with the questions.

Thus, the user is able to discover a little more about his personality or his knowledge on any subject.

The quiz is a format that is interactive in itself, since each final answer depends on the interaction of the reader. However, its interactivity was reduced, as it was used in a static way, printed in newspapers and magazines.

With the internet, the quiz can become really interactive, since the answers given by the users started to be calculated in a system to display the final result. The user only needs to read and click on the answer that most closely resembles their way of thinking.

The interactive quiz is particularly used for test the audience’s opinion or knowledge level on a topic related to the company’s universe, but it can also be used in another way, according to the marketing plan or sales strategy.

What are the benefits of using them in a marketing strategy?

In addition to knowing the public’s opinion or knowledge, the interactive quiz generates a series of benefits for those who decide to implement it.

The first benefit is the potential for viralization on social networks. BuzzFeed, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article, gets millions of shares on Facebook using interactive quizzes.

In January 2014, it managed to reach the mark of 13 million shares, apart from the traffic that is generated via Instagram Stories, which has been growing exponentially.

Another benefit is the increase in public education, generating more qualified leads. A Demand Metric survey in partnership with ion interactive, conducted in 2014 with marketers, revealed that they see interactive content as seven times more efficient in educating the public.

This difference in lead qualification, according to the same survey, generates three times more conversions than in a sales funnel with exclusively static content.

Another benefit that was observed by the interviewed marketing professionals is in the valorization of the brand, or branding, as well as in the differentiation that the public sees in it in comparison with the competitors.

For 88% of these professionals, interactive content is effective or very effective in this regard, against 55% of those who work only with static content.

How have interactive quizzes been used by companies?

With the growing importance of interactive quiz in marketing, some tools have emerged to make life easier for marketers. Thus, it is possible to create a quiz quickly, without needing to know programming.

So many benefits generated by interactive quizzes have already been proven by some companies. Therefore, we have separated some examples of quizzes to clarify the objectives and particularities of this type of content. Follow!

“What can you learn from your DNA?”

Ion interactive was the company chosen to be doing the interactive quiz for 23andMe, which sought to test the public’s knowledge of DNA.

“What is your driving force?”

This is an interactive quiz based on a TED Talk by Tony Robbins and designed by Robbins Research, to help the public discover what their greatest human need is.

“5 Washing Machine Myth Busted”

Created by SEARS, it is an interactive quiz that tests the user’s knowledge of washing machines. Assembled in the style of “myths” and “truths”, it clarifies common knowledge that the public may have about the machines.

“Is your travel partner a perfect match?”

It is an interactive quiz created by Orbitz, which sought to help the reader to know if their business travel companion was the perfect match.

“Are you speeding up sales?”

Created by Dun & Bradstreet, it is a quiz aimed at B2B marketers, to test their ability to accelerate sales.

“Which Therapy Dog are you?”

Developed by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, it is a fun quiz to publicize the use of therapy dogs in hospitals.

Which Therapy Dog are you?

“Which My Journal 2020 suits your personality?”

Illustralle designed an interactive quiz using BuzzFeed, proving that a little creativity and public awareness can generate excellent results when selling products.

Which My Journal 2020 suits your personality?

It is important to note that, although the quiz is an interactive content format that in itself is full of qualities, it does not do everything alone. It needs to be aligned with a Digital Marketing or Content Marketing strategy for it to work properly.

The company’s persona must be well-made, in addition to aligning with the brand language, products or services and the market niche. With all of that aligned, it’s time to learn how to create an interactive quiz.

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How to create an interactive quiz?

With the emergence of tools for creating interactive content, creating an interactive quiz has become simpler and faster. There are tools exclusively aimed at creating quizzes, such as Qzzr and Quizur.

Others, such as ion interactive, are platforms for creating interactive content. They have a large number of easily customizable templates, in addition to allowing metrics analysis and integration with other software, such as Salesforce and Hubspot.

Choosing the ideal tool is one of the first steps in creating an interactive quiz. It is also necessary to choose the subject carefully, taking into account that it needs to involve the audience and talk to the persona.

Then, it is necessary to choose the type of interactive quiz. The most used are personality, punctuation and multiple choice, the latter two being used to test knowledge.

The choice of the title, which is one of the most important steps for the success of the quiz, must also be chosen carefully.

Generally, the ones that most conquer the public are the “Which X are you?” Type, very common in personality tests, or “What is your Y?”. Also used are “What kind of Z are you? and “How much do you know about …?”

Finally, one must choose the questions, the answers and the results. And, of course, it is necessary to create a strategy to disseminate the interactive quiz, using email and social networks.

It is also important to always remember insert a form or create a landing page to collect the user’s email and send the quiz answer. It is the beginning of a new relationship.

In addition to all the steps we mentioned above to create an interactive quiz, it is important to always remember to check that all links are working correctly and lead to the desired page.

Such a mistake leads to a break in the customer’s attention, which can leave the quiz and never come back. And then, the goal with the creation of the quiz will not be achieved.

The interactive quiz is a content format that can be very well explored in well-planned and implemented marketing strategies. The benefits it generates can bring more loyal and engaged customers with the brand.

It can be used at any stage of a sales funnel, including the consideration phase. So, check out how to apply it at this stage of the sales strategy!