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Find out once and for all the answer to the question: personas or SEO, what should I focus on when writing my content?

If you have done your homework correctly, I can deduce that every new piece of content you produce is focused on their personas.


I continue my reasoning with one more question: if you are producing a blog article, surely the organic traffic is an extremely relevant metric and SEO is also one of the pillars of your content strategy.

Do I keep getting it right?

Well, if you still don’t understand where I want to go with these two questions, here’s the question worth R $ 1 million:

When creating an article, what should be your main concern, the personas who will read your article or the search engine optimization that will determine how apt your article is to rank better?

Ih… did it get complicated?

In this post I will talk a lot about these three questions, which can sometimes leave some marketers, freelance writers and anyone who produces content for the web a little bit confused.

Why should my content be targeted?

I graduated in Journalism and at the time I was creating my first blog post, I realized that almost nothing I had learned in 4 years of graduation managed to help me in that task.

Okay, it wasn’t at the beginning, but after the first feedback on the content I was able to see it.

Like many people who have no experience, experience or custom of producing content for the internet, I wrote a newspaper article.

I exposed the problem at the beginning, looked for sources that proved the fact, explained the matter completely and tied everything up with a killer conclusion.

At the end of the “essay” I was sure that everything was fine, as well as the first time I took an entrance exam for UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais).

And just like my first university experience, I was wrong.

Only this time it was not the grammar, agreement or lack of adequacy to the theme that made me “fail”.

What made my first post a fiasco was the simple fact that it didn’t solve anyone’s problem and it wasn’t optimized either.

That is…

I failed miserably.

After receiving that first feedback, a few things became extremely clear to me:

  • Always produce an article with a persona in mind;
  • Worry about knowing the persona problem and solve it during your article;
  • Worry about the search engines;
  • Blog posts are produced for be read and attract readers, so the organic traffic it is one of its main metrics to measure the positive result;
  • Everyone you need to know a little bit of SEO.

In other words, content that fits into a marketing strategy, needs targeting.

And after I discovered all this, a question still remained: Focusing on content in personas or SEO?


Think, write, help and troubleshoot your personas.



This is possibly the most widespread and repeated information across the internet when it comes to inbound marketing and content marketing. Despite this, it is not always clear in the minds of those who produce the content.

You can constantly come across articles that don’t make sense. I say this because I have been through this situation several times.

Every time you have a question the process is usually the same: go to Google, do the research and find an article or page that can solve that question.

Simple and clear. Right?

In some situations you are faced with a promising article. The title attracts you and you feel that the place has the information you want to find.

After a few seconds of reading, it is clear that it is just another article that talks, talks, talks and says nothing at the same time.

What does that mean:

  • The article is a patchwork. The author of that content searched for the same subject as you and just clipped the articles to create something “unique”;
  • The author has no idea what he is talking about and has really failed to complete anything;
  • The content was not produced with the targeting of a specific persona and, therefore, he was not able to clear his doubt;
  • Rest assured, you may not have been the only person who got frustrated with the article.

I could list a few more possible variables to explain the lack of objectivity and the ability to solve the problems of thousands of articles that inhabit Google today, but let’s stop here.

There are some actions that will help not fall into the error that some companies comment on in their content strategy:

  • Know who your persona is;
  • Know your problems, biggest challenges and main objectives;
  • Find out which channels they use to consume information;
  • What tone should you use to get your message across to your personas;
  • Have clear goals for each article on your blog.

Once you have all the information you need to direct the article to a specific persona, simply select a problem they have and solve it in your article.

Whatever it is, if it is an interest of your personas, the content should be focused on that.
Do not produce because you find it interesting or believe it is an interesting subject for your blog.

Production should always be focused on the doubts and problems of your ideal customer, your persona.

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Okay, after making this statement, where does content with a focus on search engine optimization come in?


On the other side of the coin we find articles that are produced with a single objective: to be on the first page of Google, preferably among the first three results.

Until some time ago, many marketers focused only on producing extremely optimized articles.

This means that you have possibly come across redundant content with a particular keyword repeatedly used during the play.

For a long time, search engines were guided only by keywords and this left the internet filled with low quality and shallow content.

In 2011, that started to change with Google’s Panda Update, which penalized millions of pages that had bad, shallow and low-quality content.

And it was at that time that history began to change for good.

So far I’ve basically talked about personas and very little about optimizations that will help you improve your ranking, right?

What happens is this: in recent times, more precisely after the Hummingbird update that aired in 2013, things have changed for good.

persona or seo

This update was the last major overhaul of the Google algorithm and benefited even more the results that are really useful

Currently, the contents that are ranking well are those that can help the reader.

They are the pieces of content capable of making a user enter a certain page of the SERP (Google results page) and resolve all doubts of that person on his page without him returning to the search page.

This is seen in an extremely positive way and directly influences the ranking of your pages.

And how to benefit from it?

Focus on personas!

I will not return to the previous points, I believe that you must have already internalized the importance of thinking about personas. Now let’s go to SEO.

As much as this article looks like an evangelism for the sake of personas and inbound marketing, that’s not what I’m trying to do.

Despite focusing your productions on a very specific audience, it is essential that you also keep in mind that SEO is just as important as the content itself.

SEO 2.0 Guide

In fact, before continuing this content I need to tell you a secret that you may not know yet.

Ranking factors: those responsible for making your pages appear, or not, at the top

Every time a search is performed the Google algorithm takes into account a hundred criteria to classify the results

Links are and will continue to be one of the main and most important sources of value for any page and the acquisition of links is an extremely necessary strategy for success.

But there are two types of existing optimizations that you also need to pay attention to:

  • SEO On page: Are optimizations that you can do inside of your domain and your specific pages
  • SEO Off page: Optimizations are performed out your domain. With a focus on showing what other domains are referring to yours.

For your content to really rank well it is necessary that you perform a series of optimizations on and off page so that, together, you get the result.

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Personas X SEO: What is the best way to write articles that work

To end this discussion, now let’s tie the details together so that everything makes sense.

As I just said, one of the main ranking factors is the content itself. This means that the way it is created, digested and replicated will directly influence the ranking of a given page.

In practice what does that mean?

persona or seo

This print shows the organic result of a single article on our blog over two and a half years.

The personas article is extremely relevant to our ideal audience and client (one of Websites Are Us’s personas). Therefore, having it as the first result of organic searches for this keyword is extremely important.

I chose this article to set an example for clear reasons:

  • It’s a very old article from our blog (URL age ranking factor)
  • It is optimized for On page (Various ranking factors)
  • Receives several external links (Acquisition of links to gain authority)
  • Clearly resolves our persona’s question on the subject (Quality content that helps the reader)
  • It has been updated a few times since its launch (Content ranking factor)

As you can see, this article performs so well by adding all the above factors. No single ranking factor is able to put your article at the top.

““Okay, but at the end of the day, what is the most important point to worry about when creating my articles? ”

Personas and SEO.

An article focused only on a particular persona without taking into account search engine optimizations is unlikely to have a good result.

Just as an article totally focused on SEO without worrying about the reader will also not rank well.

The recipe for success is to develop a strategy where you can produce the best pieces of content with a focus on your personas without neglecting the importance of SEO.

Whether on internal On Page optimizations or external ones as a well-defined Link Building strategy.

If you still want to deepen your knowledge in SEO and Personas, I suggest you check out the material below:

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Well, that’s it! I hope I have helped you to clear up the doubt on this subject.