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The marketplace platforms function as virtual malls, in which several stores can display and market their products. To help you choose the best platform, we will list what should be taken into account and present the main options on the market.

Why do you shop online? The overwhelming majority of consumers point out the price, convenience and ease of comparing products as motivations for shopping online.

What this tells us is that, in addition to the price issue, providing a good consumer experience is the main competitive advantage to be exploited in this market.

To achieve this goal, when setting up your business, it is essential to choose the best marketplace platform to sell your products. After all, one of its functions is to facilitate and optimize the purchase process.

There are some criteria that must be taken into account when making this decision. Throughout this post, we will list them, in addition to talking about the importance of using marketplace platforms and indicating the main options of the market. Follow!

Why use marketplace platforms?

In response to the 2018 E-commerce Trends survey, 54.8% of respondents stated that their e-commerces are associated with some marketplace platform.

This represents an increase of 5.7% in relation to the results of the previous survey, carried out in 2017. And this trend does not happen by chance.

Marketplace platforms are essentially a form of mutual collaboration. By adopting them, business owners – small or large – have an excellent opportunity to exhibit their products, increase brand visibility and boost sales volume.

Remember when we talked about the importance of the consumer experience for a marketing strategy capable of competing with the competition?

Well, one of the main advantages of selling in one of these “virtual malls” is the practicality they offer to the buyer, which makes your satisfaction more likely at the end of the transaction.

Another advantage is the possibility of raising the reputation of a company, especially those that are starting their activities or have not yet established themselves in the market.

This is because, by associating their brand with a marketplace platform – which, presumably, is seen with credibility by the consumer -, the storekeeper will reduce dropouts caused by lack of confidence.

Online Shopping Experience

Considerably lower costs

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, another reason why entrepreneurs should consider connecting to a marketplace are their costs, which are considerably lower compared to other options.

Once issues like development, programming and hosting are handled by the company that manages the platform, you have more money and time to invest on other fronts.

What to consider when choosing a platform?

As you can assume, considering the huge market demand, there are multiple options for marketplace platforms. So, as stated at the beginning of the text, choosing the best option for your business is a crucial factor for success.

But how to make that decision? First of all, you need to outline your entire strategy and note which criteria to follow are most important to you.

Check out the platform features

To serve the huge variety of e-commerce, there are platforms aimed at specific niche markets.

So, understanding the objective of your business, it is necessary to observe if the features offered by the marketplace meet your needs.

Let’s imagine, for example, that your trade is inserted in the jewelry sales market. To make a good presentation of the product and convert sales, it is crucial that the platform supports high quality images.

After all, it is necessary to provide the buyer with the visualization of the item details. In addition, it is also important to allow good resolution zoom and image rotation.

In another hypothetical scenario, in which the business is focused on selling books, resolution and visualization become less important. On the other hand, it is essential to have an organized design, facilitating the reading of book summaries and evaluations by other readers.

So, the most important thing is to select a platform that is efficient for the development of your store’s characteristics.

Evaluate the service and support offered

Nothing is worse for a merchant than having problems that affect the optimal functioning of his store. So, before choosing your platform, evaluate how she handles problem solving and how she can support you in the event of technical or unforeseen disturbances.

It is essential that the platform has an efficient service. Not by chance, the great advantage of online sales over physical stores is the uninterrupted operation.

Therefore, the customer service must always be available to resolve your doubts and problems, preferably also in an uninterrupted manner. Other points to assess the quality of the service offered are:

  • variety of tenant support channels;
  • transparency in the status of the resolution of a problem;
  • easy access to a FAQ page.

Observe SEO optimization and services offered

Having a store well optimized for SEO can be the difference between being or not being found in search engines.

A well-crafted SEO is essential to the success of digital marketing strategies. With that in mind, note points like page load time and responsiveness for mobile devices.

In addition, find out if the platform offers services such as inventory control and integration with other virtual addresses that your store may have. To facilitate the checkout process, make sure that a reasonable variety of payment methods are offered.


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What are the main options on the market?

Even knowing what to analyze, deciding the best marketplace platform is not an easy task. To make it easier, we will present the main options today.

Free market

The Free Market is the initiation of many people in the world of online commerce. Active in London since 1999, this platform is already trusted by the general public.

There, it is possible to sell practically every type of product, starting with the minimum price of 6 reais. Extremely simple registration is one of its differentials.

When it comes to cost-benefit, the Free Market also stands out. You do not need to pay any fees to advertise there, although it does take some investment to boost the visibility of your ads.


B2W is nothing more than the merger of giants. It simply brings together Lojas Americanas, Submarino and Shoptime.

Only then, you can already see that visibility and trust is one of your main differentials, do you agree? B2W’s traffic is immense, which enhances the chances of new customers coming across your store.

To register on the platform, there are some requirements. You must have an eCNPJ, be able to issue an electronic invoice, and present the Debt Clearance Certificate. Including the freight charge, a fee is charged 16% fixed rate upon each completed transaction.

Magazine Luiza

Investing in growth strategies in recent years, Magalu, as Magazine Luiza’s digital platform is known, has assumed a prominent position in the marketplaces scenario in London. There are over 35 million hits per month.

To be accepted on the platform, it is necessary to undergo an internal evaluation. Interested companies should rely on, at least one year of existence, in addition to a Regularized CNPJ and the need to keep up with the IRS.

For each purchase made on the platform, a fee is charged 13% rate, which may vary, depending on the installment options offered to the buyer.


When it comes to online sales, Amazon certainly stands out. The company, which became the most valuable in the world in early 2019, continues to explore ways to expand its activities.

In 2017, it opened space in its marketplace for independent sellers, charging fees well below the market average.

To use the Amazon platform, the digital entrepreneur can opt for two plans: one charges a fixed fee of 2 reais per sale, while the other establishes a monthly fee of 19 reais.

Both options are charged 10% on each item sold. The legal process for using the platform is simple. It is possible to sell even without a CNPJ.


Netshoes is the largest sporting goods platform in Latin America, which makes it an excellent option for anyone working with fitness fashion items or products aimed at practicing sports.

The simplicity to join the Netshoes marketplace is one of its main advantages. Just register with your information, wait for approval and then you can create your catalog on the platform.

All charges are made based on commissions imposed on sales, so there is no monthly fee or membership fee.


How to talk about the marketplace without mentioning Walmart? It is the largest retail company in the world, with an image so consolidated that consumers do not think twice before trusting stores linked to its name.

To join, it is necessary to perform a more detailed registration, specifying the area of ​​operation and the company’s market presence.

Walmart also does not charge a membership fee or monthly fee. Its only form of funding is the percentage imposed on product sales.

A considerable disadvantage, however, is the way the store receives its payments: they happen only once a month and are made only 60 days after purchase.

Using marketplace platforms to sell your products is a very common practice in online commerce. By adopting it, the entrepreneur can count on several benefits, including increased visibility, authority and reach of his store.

To achieve this success, it is crucial to take these aspects into account when defining which option is best for you.

So, ready to analyze and decide the best marketplace option for your business? Enjoy being here and continue your learning! Check out this article with 7 tips for you to boost your sales on the internet. Come on!