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Despite Google’s dominance when it comes to search engines, you need to look at other options if you want to make your brand even more relevant in the digital landscape. So knowing what SEO techniques are for Bing can attract even more visitors to your pages!

When we talk about Digital Marketing strategies, the idea is to make your pages more relevant, either through paid ads, or organically.

Thus, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques come into play, which make your site gain more prominence in search engines, especially Google.

However, with so much competition and competition in the market for the attention – and resources – of the consumer, it is always necessary to be aware of the trends and news in the area to be able to optimize their results.

For this reason, invest in SEO techniques to Bing can be a differentiator. Despite not being as popular as Google, Bing has become increasingly relevant and still has some advantages over the market leader.

How about knowing more about how you can further highlight your pages with SEO for Bing? Find out everything in the next topics!

How relevant is Bing today?

You may be wondering the reasons for investing in SEO for Bing, after all, Google dominates 83.84% of the search engine market.

Still, Microsoft’s tool, Bing, has grown a lot in recent years. To give you an idea, today, it represents 4.57% of searches performed on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

When we talk only about desktop searches, Bing gains even more relevance: account for 8.59% of the market.

Thus, not caring about your results in this mechanism can harm the performance of your Digital Marketing strategies.

With that in mind, is a job that requires constant monitoring of your actions and campaigns to find out what are the best channels to impact more users, attract more qualified leads and, of course, increase your results with Marketing. So, using SEO for Bing can be an excellent alternative.

Just like investing in paid advertising on Microsoft Advertising – the Bing equivalent of Google Adwords – thinking about highlighting your brand organically is also extremely valid.

This is because many of the optimization techniques to achieve a better ranking are similar to those of Google.

Furthermore, if you plan to have your brand seen as an authority within your area of ​​expertise, you need to innovate in your Digital Marketing strategies and the SEO for Bing can bring numerous benefits to your business.

What are the advantages of highlighting your brand on Bing?

Although Bing’s audience is not the largest in the market, there are some advantages to investing in this search engine as well.

So that you don’t forget to think about SEO strategies for Bing, we have separated below some advantages of the Microsoft tool!

Standard search engine on popular features

In addition to being the default search engine for all Microsoft products, which already guarantees a relatively high audience, Bing is also the search engine for popular resources like Apple’s Siri. No wonder, 70% of searches on Bing mobile devices are done on iOS.

Lower bounce rate than Google

Who works to strengthen SEO for Bing ends up standing out on a platform with some important statistics for your business.

To give you an idea, the bounce rate is lower than Google, for example, in addition to more pages being viewed.

Exclusive engine audience

Not everyone uses Google and this ends up generating an audience made up of exclusive Bing users. To illustrate this information, 72% of total Bing searches on finance and business are from non-Google users or other search engines.

What actions to put in place to optimize SEO for Bing?

So that you know exactly what to do to optimize your SEO strategies for Bing, we have listed some important techniques below for you to put into practice.

Think about user engagement with content

Bing uses a term known as pogo sticking to define user engagement with your page. If someone clicks on your site, take no action and return to the search page, it is a clear sign of negative experience.

It’s needed ensure that the user finds content that is really connected to what they’re looking for and thus avoid pogo sticking.

Increase the clickthrough rate on the page after it appears in the results

The clickthrough rate (CTR) after your page appears in search results on Bing is another factor in measuring the relevance of each site. With that in mind, ensure that users are attracted to your titles and descriptions, increasing the chances of clicks through views.

Use Bing’s connected pages feature

In order for your content to gain more authority in the market and to be seen as an authority, use the connected pages feature is a great way to show Bing who’s behind that content.

In other words, link your website with your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts so that the tool knows that you are really an authority on the subject.

Use backlinks

As with Google, when we think of SEO for Bing you need to consider using backlinks in your strategy.

In that sense, investing in Guest Posts can be interesting, since the engine recognizes the importance of relevant sites that recommend your pages.

Invest in anchor text

On Bing, anchor text also works and is even more relevant than on Google, requiring you to think of specific references that strengthen your text.

That is, links that also talk about that topic, with the exact match of the highlighted keyword.

Have a keyword in the website domain

For Bing, relying on the keyword in the website domain is important for ranking. So try to fit your domain in a natural way and, thus, climb some positions in the searches.

Produce original content

There is no point in putting all these actions into practice if what is published has no quality. That is why, it is important to invest in the production of original content, with good use of the keyword, as well as reliable sources that corroborate your information and that, in fact, help the user.

Search for relevance on social networks

Another important ranking factor on Bing is the popularity of your pages on social networks.

In other words, the greater the user engagement with content produced by your company, better will be your positioning in the search engine.

What tools can be useful for your Bing strategy?

In addition to optimizing your search engine ranking with SEO for Bing, you need to use other resources available to make your strategies even more efficient, right?

Now check out some free tools that can be very useful for the success of your planning!

Bing Webmaster Guidelines

With a quick and practical guide, Bing Webmaster Guidelines is a excellent manual so you know exactly what to do and what not to do when it comes to SEO for Bing.

Bing SEO Analyzer

To improve the performance of your pages in SEO, Bing SEO Analyzer is a very useful tool.

Just put your link on the website and get some tips on which points to improve to get better results.

XML Sitemaps

Using XML Sitemaps is an excellent way to show search engines – not just Google or Bing – what pages on your site do you want index.

Thus, the scan performed by the tools becomes more efficient and the results improve.

Bing Search Quality Blog

Counting on the help of the mechanism in which you seek to stand out can be a hand in the wheel, right? This is exactly what the Bing Search Quality Blog offers: official content with the best practices and trends when we talk about searches on Bing.

Microsoft SEO Tool Kit

Free of charge, the Microsoft SEO Tool Kit also scans your page and identifies which are the points that should be optimized to improve the ranking of your domain.

Investing in SEO for Bing, should be taken into consideration in your company. As much as you don’t have a very large team, it is important to find ways to highlight your brand on search engines other than Google.

Now that you know more about Bing and the importance of investing in SEO techniques, how about finding out more about the search engine market? Check now this next content and find out what a search site is and what are the main search engines in the market!