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Facebook IQ carried out the first edition of its report on topics that will be on the rise the following year, called The Annual Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ. The intention is to indicate which topics will be trends in the future so that people can be aware of these issues and companies can invest in them. […]

Facebook IQ carried out the first edition of its report on topics that will be on the rise the following year, called The Annual Topics & Trends Report from Facebook IQ.

The intention is to indicate which topics will be trends in the future so that people can be aware of these issues and companies can invest in them.

But how is it done?

Facebook is currently the largest social network in the world, with more than 2 billion users in many countries. With the volume of data generated all the time by so many people, it is possible to identify rising issues and predict which ones will continue to rise for some time.

Without further ado, let’s go to Facebook forecasts for trending topics 2018. And don’t worry, there is for all areas. Check out:


Women’s empowerment and marketing

A Facebook IQ study showed that 75% of women interviewed believe that the main action to promote gender equality is to stop portraying women in the media in a sexualized way.

Proof of this is a verification of the network based on the users’ behavior: trailers with women represented as warriors are 1.85 times more seen than when they are in submissive situations or clothes.

Feminism and the agenda of female empowerment have been on the rise for some time now and, it seems, this is a subject that only tends to grow.

And if you think this is silly, make no mistake: if before the beer advertisements used women in bikinis to sell, today women are portrayed in an empowered way. Feminism currently sells, not sexualization.

Celebrating unusual dates

We are not talking about Christmas, Easter or the most recent New Year. Unusual dates like Friendship Day or Creativity Day can be used to generate a buzz around your content, if you have a plan.

Many companies have done this on Facebook. Buzzfeed Brasil, in its posts on the network, celebrates the day of a surname to generate engagement in the posts.

Buzzfeed Brasil Surname

Here at WAU, on November 21, we promoted an internal action to celebrate Creativity Day:

To apply this in your business is super simple. Invest in topics that have to do with your niche and engage your followers.


Artificial intelligence

The era of robots and connections? Well, it seems that yes. These topics are increasingly being commented on by people.

More and more objects linked to the internet (Internet of Things) are common in people’s daily lives, in addition to the fascination with objects that manage to develop in an automated and intelligent way.

Augmented Reality

Much is said about the technologies of the future, but we already use this resource extensively in our daily lives. The future of technology is already happening, and a proof of that are the issues that will be discussed and that will be discussed in the future.

Augmented reality basically consists of a mixture of the real and the virtual, in which objects are virtually recreated and provide a new experience.

Conversations around augmented reality on Facebook over time

Conversations around augmented reality on Facebook over time

Facebook data shows that, since 2016, issues such as augmented reality, alternative reality games and mixed reality are increasingly on the rise.

It sounds difficult, but the applications of it are simpler than they appear. When we use query codes or apply Snapchat or Instagram filters we are doing this. Video games also use this feature.

Maximum level customization

A world in which everything is as I want it: it seems like the dream of many. And some of that may be possible.

How? Closely related to artificial intelligence, this topic is increasingly possible thanks to the maximum connection we have and the information we provide about our preferences.

If today it is already common to see customization in social network algorithms, for example, the reality of devices such as Bluetooth headsets shows that more and more we will be connected to various elements all the time, adapting our reality to our wishes with greater freedom.

More and more topics like proximity marketing are growing in popularity on Facebook. Thinking about the customized experience you can offer to your client is fundamental.


Simple and targeted choices

Plenty of choices and little time. This can cause not only confusion, but also withdrawal at the time of purchase.

It is not for nothing that we increasingly see delivery services in the box, be it food, beauty products or even books.

Conversations around “decision making” and “information overload” have grown on Facebook since 2016.

Consumers are increasingly looking for quick, practical solutions that avoid the burden of decision, but at the same time meet their personalization desires.


Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, bitcoin … Surely you’ve heard at least one of those terms somewhere, right?

This is because these issues have grown a lot in recent years, being the target of investment by many people.

Conversations around Blockchain on Facebook since 2016

Conversations around Blockchain on Facebook since 2016


Series, streaming and be part of the discussion

One of the main advantages of Netflix is ​​that we can watch our favorite show whenever we want, right? Yes, but that’s not how it works in practice …

Facebook identified that the series, mainly of streaming like Netflix, are very strong topics on the network, especially in the days of debut.

In addition, according to a Facebook survey, millennials tend to share content from a series of streaming 1.24 times more than any other topic.

How about investing in these themes in your content?

Scientific themes

In August 2017, there was a visible solar eclipse for North America. This became a strong topic of conversation for the day (including several brands producing campaigns around it).

Themes related to the scientific universe have become true cultural events. Exploring this potential can be positive for your business.

Health and wellness

Alternative Cures

Acupuncture, Reiki, Mindfulness, Chakras, Meditation… All of these topics are more and more topics of conversation on Facebook and in the world as a whole.

Practices considered alternatives to Western models and that seek a more inland cure are a growing trend. If you are in the field or can address these issues in any way in your business, be sure to do so.

Work and personality

We are in a world where collaboration is an increasingly common trend in work environments. Personal development and the ability to work in a team are qualities considered extremely important.

Therefore, personality tests and how it can contribute to the team and the company are increasingly valued. More and more companies invest in employee personality tests, some of which are already used for hiring criteria.

Value this aspect in your collaborators and look for ways to satisfy your individual desires in congruence with benefits for the team.

Fashion and beauty

Real beauty

It seems that the idealization of perfect bodies is increasingly being challenged by “ordinary people”. Many have stopped accepting the promises of the brands and understand that the images of the media are totally manipulated.

This does not stop them from looking for beauty. On the contrary, the search for beauty treatments is increasing, but mainly the transparency around these topics.

We can see this behavior by watching the growth in the discussion of topics such as cryolipolysis and permanent makeup.

Growth of the discussion about beauty treatments on Facebook since 2016

Growth of the discussion about beauty treatments on Facebook since 2016

Basing campaigns on real people and image honesty is increasingly well regarded. A good example is the singer Anitta who, in addition to taking on her plastic surgery, demanded no image treatment in her last clip, leaving her cellulite apparent right at the beginning of the video.

Fashion genre

Fashion is a reflection of the trends of an era, incorporating that cultural moment and being part of it. Currently, the agenda of gender diversity and breaking down barriers is increasingly being discussed and incorporated by people and brands.

In the last few years, we have seen several brands betting on this, even if timidly. Facebook data shows that this is a rising topic: androgeny, boyfriend fashion and unisex are topics that are increasingly discussed.

Unisex fashion discussion on Facebook since 2016

Unisex fashion discussion on Facebook since 2016


Exploring new flavors

Research and discussions around non-common cuisines, such as Mexican and Chinese, are increasingly common. People are willing and willing to learn new flavors.

Convenient food

Optimized and online delivery, simple and without the need to stay on the phone are increasingly promising food applications or online services. In addition, surprise boxes of food products, as we have already mentioned in the text, and niches such as wine or beer are increasingly common.

Discussion on food products on Facebook since 2016

Discussion on food products on Facebook since 2016

So, what did you think of the topics of the future according to Faceboook? Do you have any more hints of what will be a trend in 2018?

If you want to produce content around trend themes in 2018, be sure to check out our post on Buzz Content and how this strategy helped us generate traffic.