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Following successful brands active on Twitter is an excellent way to learn how social media professionals act on the microblog. See the best insights we can extract from companies that direct their tweets to the London public and companies from abroad.

Twitter is one of the best platforms for maintaining engagement with customers.

It is very common for brands, concerned with providing the best online support, to keep this channel open to answer questions and solve consumer problems.

However, it is possible to go far beyond this type of assistance and intensify the relationship with your audience, as several companies already do. Want to know more? Learn from the best brands on Twitter!

Starbucks Brasil

It is difficult to open the profile of @StarbucksBrazil on Twitter and not feel like having a drink or enjoying a dessert.

This is the result of a job well done with photos, videos and gifs that awaken the intention of visiting one of the cafeteria stores of American origin.

What we learned from Starbucks Brasil

Publications with images draw much more attention that posts only with text, especially on a network as agile as Twitter.

Use this to your advantage with photos and videos of your products in use or in unusual situations.

Also note that in the “About” section of the Starbucks Brasil profile, users are encouraged to flag their posts with the hashtag #MomentoStarbucks to share occasions that have to do with the brand.

Consider this type of strategy and create a custom hashtag to more easily find the posts people make to show admiration for your company.

Netflix London

The streaming platform profile @NetflixBrazil is an example of interaction with fans.

When we analyze your tweets, we see that Netflix even responds to comments that are not even direct questions for the company.

In fact, the profile often does this with gifs or videos from its own series and films.

Account managers also like to bring more visibility to the brand, finding ways to participate in the most used hashtags of the moment.

What we learned from Netflix Brasil

Understand the audience well and knowing the references with which he most identifies – especially when those references are part of his service – is essential for strengthen the relationship with people on social media.


London fintech Nubank gained notoriety for defending values ​​such as transparency and valuing the customer with respect and good service.

This is clear in your posts on Twitter, especially if we analyze the tweets and responses of the profile.

In it, we realize that the financial services company goes to great lengths to find solutions to the followers’ questions.

When it is a more specific problem, they amicably ask the person to send a direct message (DM) so that they can better handle the case.

What we learned from Nubank

Pay fast and quality service is something that is remarkable for Nubank. Tweets calling customers by affectionate nicknames, reassuring messages to calm the most exalted and responses without delay show that it is possible win over the consumer giving him the attention he deserves.

Magazine Luiza

Usually, what is expected of an online retailer is a channel full of promotions and promotion of their products, but Magazine Luiza goes beyond in your profile.

The organization frequently publishes content from its own blog dedicated to technology issues, called Digital Mission.

The interesting thing is that the articles deal with news as well as curiosities and practical tips for people’s daily lives. Thus, the brand’s Twitter keeps users engaged with a combination of fun and useful information.

It is worth remembering that Magazine Luiza’s “representative” in digital media is Lu, a virtual character who makes social media posts closer and more personal.

This is relevant because a figure like this conveys much more sympathy than, say, “a logo that publishes on Twitter”.

What we learned from Magazine Luiza

If you have an e-commerce, promoting your products is important, but do not forget that to be a reference for your audience and increase brand authority you need share quality content.

The ideal is to have a blog like Magazine Luiza, publish frequently and then use Twitter (and other social networks) to publicize the link.

Just remember to add a comment to encourage people to click, not just post the URL address.

Rappi Brasil

Rappi operates in the delivery segment with an application service and has been investing in Twitter campaigns to improve brand and profile recognition @RappiBrasil in our country.

At the beginning of 2019, a series sponsored by Cid, from the blog Não Salvo, started exclusively on the profile. @I do not save. The episodes show the influencer helping his father accomplish 28 things he never did.

Despite not posting the videos directly, Rappi is keen to share @naosalvo’s posts on the topic.

What we learned from Rappi Brasil

Rappi Brasil shows us that it is possible to make successful campaigns on Twitter using the influence of other partners.

It is an excellent way to increase the follower base – and eventual customers – and to create rapprochement with those who already follow the brand.


Focused on the production of electric cars and energy solutions such as household batteries and solar technology, @Tesla, by Elon Musk, has customers and followers who covet an electric-powered car.

Since it has beautiful vehicles, there is nothing more fair than sharing images and videos of your models in action.

In addition, Tesla also shows the progress of its research with innovative features. Here, one of the biggest stars are the videos that show the capabilities of autonomous driving.

But not only that. Another considerable feature is the good use of the retweet function. It is quite common to see Tesla post tweets from customers commenting on their experiences with the company’s cars.

What we learned from Tesla

Highlight the differentials – and, why not, the beauty – of what the company has to offer, with well-produced media. In addition, seek to improve the engagement audience sharing images that it publishes to demonstrate satisfaction with its products.

Nintendo of America

The Japanese video game company has a very active account in @NintendoAmerica.

Your posts include notices about events, upcoming game releases, tips for better gaming performance, and more.

It is remarkable how many of your tweets include direct questions for followers, such as:

  • “Which of these games are you most excited about?”
  • “What is the most interesting place you have ever played Nintendo Switch?”
  • “What is your favorite part of the game so far?”

What we learned from Nintendo of America

Questions lead to conversations and conversations allow you to improve the relationship with your audience.

Thus, don’t underestimate the power of a question. Use this feature as a way to encourage followers to interact with your brand.

National Geographic

National Geographic has gained international fame with its magazines and television channels.

On Twitter, on @NatGeo, we see images of animals and beautiful landscapes, as well as people on adventures, in extreme situations or in some process of discovery.

We can notice that most of the tweets are links to reports on the NatGeo website, accompanied by descriptions that arouse the readers’ curiosity.

These excerpts are carefully written to represent a small part of a larger story that the user can read by clicking on the link.

What we learned from National Geographic

Analyzing NatGeo’s profile, we realized the importance of tell a story. Consider using storytelling artifices in your social media strategy and, by doing so, create a more intense connection with your audience.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is a company whose business is based on markets focused on selling healthy foods.

In 2017, the giant Amazon acquired the chain with the promise of making these products more accessible to the public.

With the account @WholeFoods, the organization makes its articles widely publicized, but also retweet customer comments and share recipes, ideas and tips, like this one, to peel a pineapple:

What we learned from Whole Foods

Whole Foods clearly demonstrates that, through Twitter, its intention is to generate value for your consumers.

Much more than boosting sales, your role on the social network is to deliver a valuable content and aligned with the niche in which the company operates.

It is worth mentioning that the brand has a hashtag that fans can use when they want to show moments with their favorite foods or natural products. The use of the #MakesMeWhole tag follows the same principle of the tactic that we explained when we quote Starbucks Brasil.

All of these examples show us that there is no foolproof strategy to be successful on social media.

What is clear is that the best brands on Twitter try to think of actions that work well with their audience and, above all, that are aligned with the company’s marketing objectives.

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