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Social Media, or Social Media Analyst, is the professional responsible for managing the profiles of a company on social networks. This function goes beyond the creation and publication of online content, encompassing the development of a good strategy, which requires research, market analysis and constant updating.

If someone said a few years ago that it would be possible to earn money and build a career with management of social networks, what would be your reaction? A lot of people would probably find it funny or would not care so much about the conversation.

The internet evolved with full force in a very short time, being responsible for creating a gigantic market from scratch. Social Media is an example of a professional that emerged in the last decade and today is essential in almost any company that values ​​a good reputation and visibility online.

If you want to know more about your career and understand what it takes to master social media, this content is for you!

We will address the following topics:

What is Social Media?

Social Media, or Social Media Analyst, is the professional responsible for managing one or more social media platforms. It may seem simple, but it is not!

As much as the profession is based on the publication of posts and the relationship with users, there is a world of tasks and responsibilities that cannot be seen by outsiders. Most involve strategic analysis and a lot – but a lot – research.

That is why it is so important to understand in depth what the analyst does before venturing into the market.

Frustrations can be common when expectations are not properly aligned, since many people think that a social work is relatively simple and can be done by anyone who has an Instagram or Facebook page.

The main responsibility of a Social Media is to pass it on to the public on social media the essence of a brand. Who she is? What do you believe? How do you position yourself? What is your way of seeing the world?

The contents themselves, as well as the service or product offer, end up becoming a simple consequence when the strategy is created with the proper purpose and a true understanding about the audience.

How is the routine of the professional?

As we’ve already said, publishing content is just one of Social Media’s many responsibilities. We list the main tasks that are part of the daily routine of the professional to help you visualize, in practice, how the work works.

Carrying out planning

Ideally, the first thing to do when closing with a customer is to develop a social media plan.

The document is a compiled of the brand’s main strategic information, such as the target audience, competitors and internal numbers, followed by all the positioning and guidelines that will be followed on social networks.

It is time to develop the branding, create the visual identity, establish rules to carry out the dialogue with the followers and make all the other necessary definitions to start the execution.

Content production

In the planning are defined several important information that will guide the professional throughout his work. When a post is created, rest assured that it is in line with a series of guidelines that resulted from extensive research and data analysis.

The production of content, then, is the result of a previous construction. After understanding what my brand’s personality is, how it will talk to the public, how the best images will be chosen and what design interference will be, it’s time to create the post itself!

It is important to make a calendar – which can be weekly, biweekly or monthly, for example – and publish the content strategically from the best days and times on the page. The information is easily delivered by the social networks themselves or by programs that manage the profiles.

Remember to deliver value on each written content. To do this, really know who your audience is and see beyond the desire to convert into sales. In the midst of several profiles that compete with each other and are constantly fighting against heavy algorithms, what sets you apart from the rest?


How do I know if my social networks are doing well?

As in most areas of knowledge, Social Media is also a professional driven by numbers: it is important to establish a regular period for the preparation and analysis of reports.

The most common is that they are generated at the beginning of each month. In the documents, several important metrics are exposed, such as reach, engagement, comments, likes, direct messages and strategic information about gender, city and age of the public.

In addition to exposing the numbers, a qualitative analysis further enriches the report and guides the professional in a more practical way to prepare for the coming months. If the numbers are bad, what can you do to improve? If they were satisfactory, how to climb further in the next period?

Relationship with the public

Have you ever heard of the expression “SAC 3.0”? If it is new to you, we explain quickly: the service and relationship with the customer has changed a lot, mainly due to the mass popularity that social networks have had around the world.

Nowadays, social media channels are seen as one of the main service platforms. And when there is no due investment in the area, rest assured that the first wave of complaints about a brand can turn into complete chaos.

This is the example of the clothing brand Reserva, which in 2018 made a controversial action on Valentine’s Day. The platform was Instagram, and the campaign did not please the audience for presenting content that was said to be sexist and disrespectful.

While the public expressed their dissatisfaction online, the Reserve’s response was simply to delete comments and not to promote a transparent relationship with followers. The result was not good for the brand, which took a long time to pronounce officially and generated even more revolt when it finally appeared.

Therefore, it is necessary to view social networks as one of the main business cards of any business. More than a simple page on the internet, understand that behind users there are real people who value good service and transparency, just like in real life.

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What to do to enter the market?

Now that you understand that the Social Media profession is not restricted to creating online content, it’s time to know the main characteristics that will help you to enter the market.

Be in the area of ​​communication or have taken related courses

As much as the area of ​​communication is traditionally more “broad” than other degrees, it is still very important to be trained in courses such as Journalism, Advertising and Publicity, Public Relations or Marketing.

THE training provides training to develop quality strategies, in addition to preparing professionals for important issues such as crisis management, relationship with the public, creation of appropriate text, development of campaigns and concepts and several other very important points.

Affinity with social networks

There is no point working with what you don’t like, especially when we talk about social networks, which can be quite stressful at the end of the day. After all, dealing with people is not easy.

Besides that, affinity also generates knowledge. You may never have actually worked in the field, but if you are a user who dominates the main platforms, you are already one step ahead of learning everything else!

Acquire knowledge about other functions

As we said before, liking and being familiar with social networks is a great start to learn how to perform the other functions. After all, those who like what they do are very likely to learn more easily and quickly.

Study hard and always be curious! Everyone can have access to Facebook Business, for example. It is worth creating a page to learn how to use business tools and understand how the question of research and data analysis works.

In addition, there are many quality courses that can help you develop the main characteristics needed to work in the field.

Be someone extremely up to date

Really! Working with social networks requires constant updating. Almost every day we find new tools, trends, platforms and patterns of behavior.

You can’t “sleep on the spot”: a Social Media must be prepared to completely change the strategy of your brand if you believe that things no longer work as they used to, even if that was just three days ago.

One of the main characteristics of social networks is the possibility of meet new things daily. When a brand falls into sameness, rest assured that the audience will soon notice and lose interest.

In an era of instant content and thousands of information per second, it is necessary to stand out and deliver a value proposition that follows the audience’s wishes.

If you are interested in the Social Media profession and want to take a step further towards professionalization, get to know our social media course and stand out in the market!

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