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To be a successful youtuber is not enough talent and inspiration. To be successful with your channel, you need to define a series of questions before, during and after recording your videos. Understand better with our tips!

Who knew, decades ago, that being a youtuber would become a real profession? What started for many people just as a joke, today became a main source of income.

And there is no lack of subject for these people! Online classes, music, humor, beauty tips, travel guides, cooking, video game tricks. There are many who are successful talking about what they do best.

With the growth of the audiovisual market, the career of youtuber has become one of the most coveted in the modern world. After all, it is also a quick way to reach fame or generate visibility for your brand on the internet.

Want to find out how to get there?

Check out the checklist we brought in this post, of what you need to be a youtuber!

What it means to be a youtuber

With the explosion of the number of vlogs on the internet, the market for youtubers has very high competition today. Fortunately, YouTube also has a large audience and demand for original content.

There are some cases of youtubers that are successful almost immediately, but making a video viral does not guarantee that your YouTube channel will continue to pump steadily.

The prominent youtubers maintain their constancy and have, in addition to talent, a lot of persistence and dedication.

If your goal is to be a youtuber, whether out of personal interest or organic traffic to your brand, be sure to follow the 11 tips below so as not to be overshadowed by the competition.

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Tips for being a professional youtuber

1. Talk about what you like

Do not try to be who you are not or address issues that are not your domain.

Passion is an important element for the success of any youtuber. After all, the public likes to hear people talking naturally and enthusiastically about what they believe.

Think about the subjects that get your attention the most and study them thoroughly so you can speak with pleasure and with authority. Bring your real and unique personality to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

That way, your videos will be much more interesting and engaging to delight the audience.

2. Know your audience

In addition to getting to know each other and bringing what you like, it is also necessary to understand who will receive the information you produced.

That’s because the subjects of the videos must be relevant not only to you, after all, you want them to be seen by viewers.

What topics do you like the most? How often do they consume content? Which format do you prefer? What don’t you find interesting?

To answer these questions, first define the niche that you want to explore, like students, women and gamers, for example.

To understand what this niche prioritizes and what their pains are, draw up a persona based on comments and interactions with these people, as well as following their behavior on other similar channels.

Thus, you will be able to reach the right people, who most easily identify with your cause or your brand’s mission. That is, the greater the chance of continuing to watch your videos or even sharing the content.

3. Create an identity

When we talk about identity or personal branding, we approach both graphic elements and language.

Use a lot of creativity to design the channel name and image, create an interface with friendly colors and use elements that make sense in relation to what you communicate.

Also, understand the language style of his persona, how to use slang or more technical terms and prefer more colloquiality. That way, it will be easier to connect with the viewer and promote interaction on the channel.

4. Optimize your clickthrough rate

Your video may have fantastic content for the viewer, but they will only know it if they click and start watching.

The famous “don’t judge a book (in this case, video) by the cover”, doesn’t work well on YouTube.

So it is indispensable a lot of attention in the title and cover image of each video (the thumbnails), so that they generate curiosity in the public and result in the conversion.

In addition, it is possible to increase the visibility potential using tags, adding descriptions and associating the channel to the company’s website in the YouTube management tool.

With these hacks, both search engines and users will get to your content faster.

5. Care about the overall quality of the videos

In addition to the quality of the content, a good youtuber pays attention to the quality of the video itself. This means that the audio and lighting must be of satisfactory quality so as not to disturb the user experience.

Invest in equipment like camera, microphone and tripod and use a good video editor to make adjustments.

In addition, with a lot of technique and creativity, editing can multiply the potential for success of a video, making it very professional and authentic.

6. Create a publishing routine

Having a publishing routine ensures constancy and organization for the life of a youtuber.

THE constancy is essential to develop a relationship with your audience. If the videos take too long to come out, the audience will stop watching your channel and look for someone else who offers that frequency.

With a growing volume of videos, a timeline can also help manage the channel, planning future topics in advance, so you never leave the audience hanging.

Another routine tip is to start group videos by theme, as if they were pictures from a TV channel.

This grouping helps to better organize the order of the videos, facilitates the experience of those looking for the content and brings more views as a whole due to automatic playback.

So, to be a professional youtuber, be spontaneous in your speech, but very pragmatic with the organization!

7. Encourage engagement

If your goal is to be youtuber as a profession and not just a hobby, engagement is essential in strategy.

To encourage the audience to interact with you, use call-to-action such as “subscribe to the channel” or “tell your opinion about”.

In addition, respond to the comments you receive and also use other social networks to maintain the relationship with the audience.

That way, you’ll be able to group more loyal followers who trust your brand or product to drive conversions.

Another important tip is to know how to deal with the famous haters, who will always exist anywhere. Do not be discouraged by offensive comments, but at the same time, know how to discern them from constructive criticisms that come for good.

8. Partner

Most of the famous youtubers have several partners to help with the channel. These partners can, for example, help with editing and save time to focus more on writing content.

In addition, you can ally to brands with causes similar to yours, as a way to monetize the channel and finance investments.

In addition, partnerships can be with other youtubers or digital influencersin order to bring visibility to both.

But be careful: before thinking about you and your partners, make sure that the partnership is also beneficial for users. Thus, the experience improves for everyone involved.

9. Follow other channels

Don’t live alone in your world!

Find out what the successful youtubers are doing, the most used tools and strategies in the channels and the featured guidelines.

In addition, follow those who are in the same niche or niche similar to yours. Learn how to improve and apply the new knowledge to your reality.

With this benchmarking, there is no way to be left behind.

10. Set goals

Setting goals is a big step towards maintaining discipline and, above all, perseverance.

Put your channel as an essential part of your business routine and choose specific goals that are realistic for a given period of time.

Thus, you will be able to measure the evolution of the strategy in a more measurable and rational way and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the goals.

11. Promote your channel

Your potential audience is not only present on Youtube. He’s all over the Internet.

Therefore, also create a routine to inform a larger audience that your videos have been posted and bring them to the Youtube platform.

For this, you can use:

In addition to being seen by a much larger number of people, this will also make your content shared organically. That way, you won’t have to invest an extra cent!

With these tips, you’re almost ready to be a youtuber. The last very important detail is knowing how to use your work platform.

In addition to being a good youtuber, you must also understand how to manage the Digital Marketing tools that are at your disposal.

To work well with your work platform, see this complete content on how to manage your YouTube channel!