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Content marketing, when done well can bring incredible results to the business, but it takes dedication and effort to develop it efficiently. One of the biggest challenges encountered by managers is the lack of time to plan, organize, create, edit, post and measure results. This becomes an even greater challenge without help […]

Content marketing, when done right can bring incredible results to the business, but it takes dedication and commitment to develop it efficiently.

One of the biggest challenges encountered by managers is the lack of time to plan, organize, create, edit, post and measure results.

This becomes an even greater challenge without professional help.

However, due to the importance it has for the company, content marketing cannot be left out.

content marketing first steps

So, we will give you the solution in this post, which contains effective content management tips.


What is content management?

Content management is the process of organize, store and consolidate efficiently the necessary pieces that will compose a content (texts, images, infographics, videos) only once and in a safe place.

You can call this location content management system.

Imagine that you are developing a post on economics.

You will need to search for references to write the text, relevant and impactful images to attract the audience, produce a video to add the page, develop an infographic to present the numbers in a more practical way, work on the keywords and so on.

All this information can be stored in an exclusive folder of the proposed theme for your content making it easier the process of organizing and assembling a post more interesting and complete.

Consider content management as the first step for you to develop good content marketing.

Now, see the other discs that we have prepared for you:

How to do content management?

Lack of time is no longer an issue for you to produce quality content for your business.

You can just start organizing your time.

Use an agenda and set aside at least thirty minutes daily and you will see how the process of building a content marketing can be done with our tips.

Let’s start!

1. Search

When identifying the topic, plunge into the research.

A brief visit to the Google search site can give you many options for reading and valuable references for you to develop content that is of value to the public.

In less than ten minutes it is possible to do a superficial reading in most texts and separate those that best match your objective.

Save these pages for reference to reread while writing your text.

You can repeat the same process to find different types of media such as images, videos and infographics.

In a maximum of thirty minutes, you will be able to organize all the material necessary for the production of your content.

2. Subscribe to Newsletters from relevant sites

This tip can accelerate organization processes and creating your content.

From the moment you sign up for the Newslatters of the sites you consider most aligned with your goals will start receiving texts by email whenever they make a new post.

This will help you reduce the time you spend performing searches on search engines.

3. Save everything that is relevant properly

Saving everything on your computer can help you not lose information, but when you fill up your hard drive (Hard Disc) with so much information can affect the performance of the machine, not to mention the risk of defects that cause you to lose all material.

To resolve this, save everything more safe and efficient in the cloud.

The Pocket app can help with this task by allowing you to bookmark and save in a well organized manner all the material you have found in your searches.

Another interesting tip is to use the Evenote application that allows a working environment for a well-organized and flexible production.

It is worth checking!

4. Write the content

All the research you did during the thirty minutes of the previous day can already provide you with enough ideas on what to write and mentalize what structure your text will have.

Now, you should roll up your sleeves and start writing the text well.

Thirty minutes may be enough to produce, review and edit your text, since your mind should be “bubbling” with ideas.

Want tips for producing great content? Check out our complete guide on copywriting:

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5. Use methods to accelerate development

Without practice, the start is slow and may take a few more minutes for you finalize the research and writing stages.

But over time, practice will lead you to discover and use ways to make these processes faster.

To start you can disconnect from social networks, isolate yourself in a calm, quiet and comfortable place while writing, use a stopwatch to measure production time and try to overcome it with each new text, set up the structure of the article (title, subtitles, topics) and, when writing, don’t worry about editing now.

Just write to avoid losing your line of reasoning.

6. Disseminate the content

After putting together the necessary pieces, creating and editing your content, it’s time for disclosure.

Use your email marketing list to send the post.

If you don’t already have one, develop a capture process of emails to your website and blog.

Do not buy lists, as they are not targeted and increase the bounce rate of your business.

It is better to invest extra time to develop a Landing Page (capture page) to have a more qualified base of contacts and bring better returns.

Also advertise in personal and company profiles that you have spread across social networks.

Great results can come from there by establishing a closer relationship with the public and, contrary to what many think, it does not require that much time for that.

O Twitter, for example, allows you to make a group targeting in any area.

Facebook is the social network of greater public presence and you must also make your presence there.

Start by spreading the word to acquaintances, friends and family and take the opportunity to ask them to share, give suggestions for improvements and follow your page.

It is possible to do this in thirty minutes.

7. Interact with the audience

Always respond to comments made by the public.

Whether by e-mail, social media, YouTube, blog or website, have this daily routine defined in at least fifteen minutes to answer everyone.

This helps to create bonds, build relationships and bring the public closer to your business.

The remaining fifteen minutes you must dedicate to writing and posting some messages on your profile.

Share content interesting and relevant on your page, even if it’s not yours, to keep updates up to date.

As you can see, with only 30 minutes daily you can establish efficient content management and ensure that at least one new content is posted each week.

Even so, you can hire a group to be responsible for this task or even count on a specialized help to increase the frequency of production and add better results for your business.

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