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Google Adwords and SEO are the two main tools of SEM – Search Engine Marketing and aim to generate results for your company in terms of traffic and conversions. Each with their peculiarities, they are the right choice for hundreds of companies that want to take increasingly long flights on the internet. Even though […]

Google Adwords and SEO are the two main tools of SEM – Search Engine Marketing and aim to generate results for your company in terms of traffic and conversions.

Each with their peculiarities, they are the right choice for hundreds of companies that want to take increasingly long flights on the internet.

Even though they are so different, they still share several similarities, which makes the choice between one and the other even more difficult. Which one generates the most results? Which one is best for your business?

Cruel Doubt?

Yes, but we will try to reduce this uncertainty that is surrounding your digital marketing strategy with some considerations on both Google Adwords and SEO.

Still there? So come on!

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Who’s who in SEM

Google Adwords is an advertising tool, created to generate revenue for Google.

So, to have an ad run on Google Adwords, you need to pay.

This payment is made each time your ad is shown on any of Google’s advertising platforms, which can be the search network (search engine), the display network (partner sites) or on YouTube.

The rule for your ad to be shown is to win a keyword auction, which takes into account the bid you make, the relevance of the keyword to the search of the Internet user and the quality index of your ads.

In this e-book you will understand how keyword auction works and how Google Adwords works.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of techniques that aim to make your site more attractive to search engines, not just Google.

Here come in Yahoo, Bing, etc. And how do you make your site more attractive to search engines? With keywords!

By applying SEO techniques to your website, you make it more relevant to Internet users’ searches, which leads to better positioning in organic results, that is: unpaid.

The better your position in the search results, the greater the visibility of your company, as well as the traffic of visitors.

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Differences and similarities: Google Adwords vs SEO

Both strategies are based on the right choice of keywords.

If your ad has good keywords, you are more likely to win the Google Adwords auction and thereby attract more leads.

If you develop good SEO strategies, your site is better positioned and thus attracts more traffic and conversions.

But this is only possible because search engines rely on keywords to find content on the internet, do you agree? If the focus of the research changes, these strategies may also change one day.

Leaving out keywords, what else can we say about Google Adwords and SEO?


Google Adwords ads are shown only on Google or partner platforms, while SEO is a strategy that targets all search engines.

At the same time, Google Adwords ads can be displayed on partner sites, in different formats, while SEO targets only the search network.


Google Adwords sponsored links are short-term strategies, while SEO is an investment for the life of your company.

Use of keywords

For SEO to be effective and you can track your strategy’s performance indicators, you should focus on a few keywords, but more relevant ones.

In contrast, each ad group on Google Adwords can have multiple keywords, increasing the reach of your ads.

Budget control

In SEO, theoretically, you have no costs, as you do not pay to put the strategy into action.

However, you have a team, agency or professional involved, so it costs to maintain and implement the strategy.

In Google Adwords, you have the cost of the team, agency or professional plus the cost of each ad campaign.

If you do not have a good control of what is being invested in each one you may have problems, especially in Google Adwords, as the cost of the ads can get out of control.

The best thing to do is to set a daily budget and control your spending carefully.


Google Adwords brings fast results, while SEO takes some time to generate qualified traffic and thereby attract leads to your company’s website.

The control of these results in Google Adwords is aided by Google Analytics reports, facilitating the understanding of what is working and what is not.

In contrast, in SEO you have more elements to consider when measuring results, making it difficult to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.

Oops! Confusion in sight?

Do you have the feeling that we are not pulling to either side?

It’s true, but it’s for a good cause! Both tools are essential for any entrepreneur or company to build their reputation on the internet.

You can’t say that Google Adwords is better than SEO or vice versa because both bring great results.

What you must do is integrate these two strategies to maximize your investment and also your profit.

Start by investing in your site’s SEO, making it more relevant to search engines with quality content, and then start an Adwords campaign to leverage your image on the internet.

Once people know about your business, products and services, they will naturally come to your site, generating more traffic and reducing the need for so much investment in paid ads.

But whenever you have a product or service to highlight, go back to using Google Adwords to give the necessary visibility and thereby increase your sales in the short term.

Switching to kids, SEO continuously and Google Adwords when you need to boost your sales.

Together they will bring great results to your business!

Surprised that you don’t have a better and a worse? Each one is great within its field of action, just that you know when to use Google Adwords to leverage your business, whether to generate authority, leads or sales.

In addition, SEO will do the long-term work, attracting people by the relevance and quality of your content.

And by the way, how about finding out everything you need to know about SEO? In the SEO e-book: Definitive Guide from Websites Are Us, you will learn how to put this strategy into action!

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