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This is the year of great confrontations. A time when the world is constantly divided into two sides. Captain America vs. Tony Stark, Batman V Superman (thankfully the bastards made up), cookie vs. biscuit, among other confrontations, some not as ideological as the previous ones, but that persist throughout […]

This is the year of great confrontations. A time when the world is constantly divided into two sides.

Captain America vs. Tony Stark, Batman V Superman (thankfully the bastards made up), cookie vs. wafer, among other confrontations, some not as ideological as the previous ones, but that persist throughout the years.

Absurdists like Marvetes and DCnautas (as fans of the publishers are called) and fans of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, in bold confrontations in the comment tabs of sports and entertainment sites around London and the world. And that happen while brands and players get rich and fans (that they don’t even know exist) kill themselves to defend them.

The main of these clashes we dissected here on the Blog, between BatMarketing and SuperVendas, the biggest gladiator battle in the history of the business world that gave rise to Vendarketing.

However, the conflicts did not stop at rivalries between different sectors of the companies. They can happen internally and turn your industry into a real battleground.

In today’s post, we will see the factors that can make your company’s Marketing sector a real Civil War. But first, we have a quiz for you to identify which side you are on and we will see the different types of strategies that each side uses.

Are your ideologies more consistent with #teamcap or #teamstark? Take the quiz!

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Marketing Civil War: Which side are you on?

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Now that you have discovered your result see the clashes:

Captain America: Civil War scene - Marvel

Paid vs. paid traffic Organic traffic

captain AmericaIron Man

Paid traffic

Those who opt for paid traffic have a mentality very similar to that of Tony Stark, after all, he does not like to be below anyone. And even if you rank first organically, there will always be two articles above yours. Tony is also a guy with more immediate results, which is a much greater possibility when investing in paid traffic.

Its biggest disadvantage is quite obvious: the investment value is much higher. Although those who invest in this type of traffic have a mentality similar to that of Tony, that does not mean that your bank account is also.

Organic traffic

Choosing the organic option is more in line with the Captain America style of being. He is not the leader of the team because they voted for him, but he acquired that position by presenting his value. This is the mindset of organic traffic.

Produce good content that shows your value, create authority for your domain and reach the top for the quality of what you produce and the ability to help people. The downside is that the process is slow and requires a lot of patience and dedication (SEO), and a poorly designed strategy can result in a post frozen for years in the same position.

The authority generated by reaching the top organically is much greater, it is a merit that no money buys and a much stronger shield against competition.

To learn more about the subject download the ebook: “The secrets of organic traffic”.

With Pop-up vs. No Pop-up

Ant ManSpider man

When you entered our blog you were faced with a question whether or not you were interested in learning how we increased organic traffic on that blog by 1772% in one year. This is a pop-up.

With Pop-up

Like Ant Man, a Pop-up cannot be seen until it pops up before your eyes and takes on a size that can even cover the entire screen. Scott Lang obviously has this ideology, after all, that’s how he works. The villains are relaxed doing their night watch when suddenly a man jumps in front of them.

This Ant-Man way of being brings quite positive results, maybe he is a little irritating for disrupting what you were doing initially and taking you by surprise, but it is undeniable that Scott’s methods of fighting the crime of not becoming a lead is very efficient.

No Pop-up

If you, even though you know that Pop-ups can bring incredible results to your blog, you prefer to be a true Friend of the Neighborhood and not be inconvenient with your readers, congratulations. You have an altruistic ideology just like Peter Parker.

Spiderman is one of the greatest heroes on earth, but his altruism means he has no money to pay his rent. Aranha prefers that his personas feel comfortable on his blog, rather than generating results for him. The hero prefers to stick the personas to his web page in other ways.

SEO vs. Content Content for Persona

Archer hawkBlack Widow

Content for Persona

This type of strategy allows you to focus your content production on that specific person you want to reach. Very high traffic does not matter much, but the important thing is to reach the target. Nobody better for that than Gavião Arqueiro, firm in the ideology that an arrow always reaches its objective.

He may not be the favorite Avenger of many people, but he knows that whoever needs to get it right, he gets it right. Direct, explosive, simple content that holds … it always has the right arrow for each type of target.

SEO Content

It doesn’t matter who you hit, as long as you reach your ultimate goal. The ideology is geared to enchant as many people as possible, adapting and passing through the response of different audiences. Nothing better than a spy mentality for that. Disguised in the midst of content that generates as much traffic as possible, the mentality shared by Natasha Romanoff is this. The more victims of your attraction, the better.

For Black Widow the greater the audience that your page reaches, the greater your authority, the greater the strength of your domain. It is no wonder that Natasha is highly known in Russia and the USA, for bad guys and good guys. Although it is attractive to everyone, it can be fatal to the right target.

Want to learn more about it? Download the ebook now: “SEO – The definitive guide to Websites Are Us”.

High posting volume vs. Regular volume

Scarlet WitchEyesight

Regular volume

The general reasoning when it comes to creating texts is: the more the better! After all, the more content a blog has, the more pages will be indexed on your domain increasing its relevance, the more reading options and the reader will have and the greater the traffic. None of these assumptions is wrong and in order to take on a different strategy than this, it is necessary to have Vision.

The mentality of this super android is not to focus only on a high content production rate, but on the regularity and efficiency of that content. Visão creates highly assertive content and has an editorial calendar to maintain a standard in the posts, never leaving the blog unregulated, which facilitates the return of visitors.
In addition, Visão’s strategy prevents it from saturating its content because it needs to produce many texts in a short time, which in some cases can affect quality. Either creation will saturate the jewel that is at the center of the strategy and your texts may escape the central theme, or become repetitive.


Wanda Maximoff: a strong surname, a heroine who has authority and commands respect, with a vast range of powers and possibilities of incalculable use. The Scarlet Witch has a different mentality from Visão, with a production of content with very high frequency she guarantees the strength of her domain.

Wanda’s strategy is extremely positive, after all she can win over the audience in a very short time, with her mind games in a production with different types of content in a short time. This gives her great visibility and reaches a wide audience that wants to know more and more about her. This strategy makes it easier to achieve faster results.

The risk of her ideology is that her powers are not always used with quality and Wanda sometimes fears the way she uses the excess gifts she has. Therefore, texts should only be posted with high frequency if the quality is not affected. Furthermore, the Scarlet Witch is able to rewrite reality, telling the same story in different ways, avoiding repetition and addressing the same theme with different contents. The question for those who take on this strategy is: can you do it?

Video vs. Text

Winter Soldierblack Panther

Most companies invest in both strategies. But that does not prevent small conflicts between them. Which strategy will be prioritized? What type of content generates the most results for companies? Which is the most accessible?


Prioritizing strategy and content in texts is not an easy task, after all you will need a real arm of iron to write so much and hold the attention of your readers. In addition, the texts need to be cooler, after all in a few minutes of video you can explain a text of many words.

This whole strategy is consistent with the Winter Soldier, although very old and with simple powers, the texts never get old. Bucky Barnes once fought for the American army, was a Hydra soldier and even took on the mantle of Captain America. What does this have to do with texts? Simple, they can be accessed at any time, in any situation. It doesn’t matter if your TIM 3G is out of data, if you are waiting in line for a doctor or on a crowded bus, you always have access to texts.

Texts are simpler and require less investment, it is easier to produce an iron arm than an entire Vibranium armor.


Directly from the most developed nation in Africa and perhaps the world, T’Challa is in favor of a more complex and technological strategy for his website. If content is King, no one better to produce it than the Prince of Wakanda.

He is a genius, creative, billionaire and has the will. Essential prerequisites for doing well with a video marketing strategy. The investments are higher, it is necessary to create a good script and dedicate a good time for the production and editing of each content. Despite this, like the Black Panther Uniform, it makes the complex look simple.

Even if the investments are higher, you don’t necessarily need the best camera and a complete studio. The important thing is to do the best with what you have and this can lead to great results. A webcam, a nice background and a great idea in the head can be enough to make your metrics jump.

The videos are more didactic and manage to simplify complex themes into content that is easy for the public to understand. Furthermore, it is much easier for you to be completely engaged and interested in a man with an impenetrable Panther uniform than with a man who has a mechanical arm. The disadvantage, however, is that the T’Challa uniform, once ready, doesn’t change anymore. Bucky, on the other hand, can be constantly updated. The same occurs with videos and texts.

Short content vs. Long content

Black HawkWar machine

Long content

Choosing the longer content strategy is a risk. People will not always have the patience to read a 6,000-word post. But these contents are undoubtedly more explanatory and complete. If you think like War Machine and like to show your entire arsenal in one piece of armor (or text), you will probably choose this strategy.

James Rhodes likes to display everything at once, leaving his armor more complete than those of Iron Man. He spares no effort, machine guns, propellers, missile launches, everything he needs to offer to save the personas in one place.

These more complete texts tend to rank better, but of course size isn’t everything. The most important is the quality (and other factors like link building), there is no use in a text of 10,000 words to explain what a missile launcher is, for example. It will be repetitive and tiring. It does not matter to present so many weapons, if at time H they fail.

Short content

Unlike War Machine, you prefer to be direct, succinct and enlightening with your persona. You know that not everyone will want to analyze your armor weapon by weapon and prefers to do something simple, but just as efficient. This is the mentality used by Falcão. He does not have a large arsenal in his clothes, it is simpler, but he fulfills exactly the role he needs: flying.

That is why many people agree with Falcão, there is not much need for daydreaming if you can be succinct. If you need to fly do you need …? Wings! And it works very well for him, what the persona needs, he delivers.

But that way it can be a little more complicated to take the first place on Google with shorter content. Even if you don’t need machine guns to fly, you never know what you might need when you’re up high. Giving all the answers to the persona at once can avoid these risks.

Which side are you on?

Civil war

Now that you have seen the main clashes of the Civil War of Marketing and have chosen your side, tell us: do your ideologies match the Iron Man team or Captain America?

As we know the two sides work much better when fighting together, but when there is a conflict, you need to choose one side!

The only ideology you should avoid is Doctor Strange, and think that the results come in a magical step!

Share your side in the biggest showdown in Marketing history!

Also leave in the comments what other reasons make your company’s strategy definition a real battlefield.

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