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Choosing the best way to advertise a company is not a simple task: it requires a lot of market research, research on the target audience and great planning. Creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy is even more difficult for small and medium-sized businesses, which tend to have a limited budget and few people in the business. […]

Choosing the best way to advertise a company is not a simple task: it requires a lot of market research, research on the target audience and great planning.

Creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy is even more difficult for small and medium-sized businesses, which tend to have a limited budget and few people on the team. Among the various options currently available, two tend to generate many doubts and questions: traditional marketing and digital marketing.

With the rise of the internet, many professionals argue that digital marketing is more than enough to publicize a company, while others bet on the use of traditional marketing as the best option.

Each of the options offers advantages and disadvantages, in addition to reaching different audiences and having very different costs.

The ideal is to know all the options, because only after analyzing each one it will be possible to decide which strategy will work best for the company, which will reach its target audience in full and which will leverage sales.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

It is possible to restrict traditional marketing to all the communication of a company made on offline channels such as television, radio, newspapers, printed products, among others.

It is marketing as most people know: it ranges from large prime-time advertisements (costing millions) to small pamphlets distributed at traffic lights (at a much lower cost and accessible to most companies).

Although traditional, none of these techniques have fallen out of favor and continue to show effective results for the companies that use them. Some advantages that traditional marketing offers are:

  • Visibility: as the reach of traditional media is very large, many people will see the brand, increasing its brand awareness;
  • Great extent: only with traditional marketing is it possible to reach locations without access to the internet or TV, through radio and printed media;
  • Reach an older audience: the vast majority of older people do not have the habit of accessing the internet and, when they do, they do not trust what they see there. So if your target audience is older people, traditional marketing should be part of your strategy;
  • Reality: because it is tangible, printed communication is considered more real than online campaigns. People tend to rely more on companies that also see traditional media like TV, radio and printed materials;
  • Duration: printed material also offers the advantage of lasting longer. a flyer you can stay in a person’s home or office for several days, a magazine can stay in waiting rooms for months, making your brand ad reach more people over a long period of time;
  • Online visibility: if the campaign is well done, it can generate great visibility on the internet organically, through online portals and social networks.

As it is often associated with large campaigns by multinational companies, the general perception is that traditional marketing can only be used by large companies with very high budgets.

However, traditional marketing can be affordable and can be used by small and medium businesses, just align the strategy according to the available budget.

  • Search niche media: neighborhood newspapers, magazines with specific themes, community radio stations. Because they are smaller, they usually have a lower cost, but at the same time are highly effective since they reach a specific audience.
  • Printed materials: direct mail, flyers delivered at traffic lights, posters in strategic locations … Traditional marketing using printed materials is a low-cost way to reach a large audience.
  • Gifts: delivering gifts to customers and employees has many advantages. You can use gifts to encourage a purchase, build customer loyalty, reinforce your brand. Think of materials that are useful in the person’s daily life, such as a notepad. Most likely, whoever received the gift will use it at different times, causing the brand to be remembered frequently.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing are communication and marketing actions carried out in the online environment (websites, blogs, social networks, mobile and other digital media) with the objective of promoting and / or selling companies, products or services.

Every type of action taken in a digital environment is inserted in digital marketing: publications on social networks, email marketing, SMS marketing, advertising on websites etc.

Digital marketing has gained more and more space in companies for offering numerous advantages, such as:

  • Greater Segmentation: only through online campaigns is it possible to create different messages for each of the company’s target audiences, going far beyond the standard items such as age group, city and social class. In digital marketing, it is possible to segment to the extreme: from consumption habits to the tastes and places you frequent;
  • Great extent: there are no online barriers, so the presence on the web guarantees exposure of the brand to people from all over the world. If the company’s objective is to expand the business to other neighborhoods, cities or even countries, then having a good presence on the network is essential;
  • Fast: unlike offline media, digital marketing actions have instant results, as the consumer can make the purchase in minutes, from anywhere;
  • Measurable: it is possible to measure the results accurately and in real time, monitoring which actions are generating positive results for the company;
  • Adjustable: if you notice that a certain stock is not having good results, you can adjust or remove it immediately, preventing the company from losing money;
  • Viralization Power: if the company has good content, the chances of people sharing with friends and acquaintances is enormous. This increases brand exposure, impacting a new and different audience, at a very low cost.

With so many advantages, it is easy to see why so many companies are investing more and more in digital marketing. Here are some basic but important tips for implementing and improving your business’s digital marketing strategy:

  • Invest in your website / blog: Social network rules and algorithms are always changing. Your own space on the web is the only place that will not suffer from these external changes, which is why it is so important to keep it always up to date;
  • Quality content: offer material that is useful and different for your audience. Remember that people are on the internet mainly for fun or work, not to buy;
  • Design: invest in high quality pieces, with an exclusive design and well done. The internet is extremely visual and poor quality images will testify against your company’s image;
  • Multimedia: videos, gifs, music and other types of content are becoming increasingly important on the web, so it is worth going further and investing in formats other than text and still image;
  • Segmentation: the internet offers great segmentation power – make the most of this resource to maximize your campaigns;
  • Social networks: they serve to strengthen the relationship with its consumers and create brand loyalty. Don’t get carried away and create a profile on every social network that comes up. Analyze first, see if your target audience is on that network, if it makes sense for your product / service and if it is worth investing time and money on that social network. It is better to have a really relevant presence on a single network than to have bad content on several;
  • Paid Ads: it is possible to advertise with a really small budget. Explore the possibilities, do tests and see which ones work best for your company;
  • Benchmarking: follow the competition closely. Even the strategy of large companies can be replicated on smaller scales, and you can have great insights tracking what other companies are doing;
  • IF THE: Search Engine Optimization is the technique used to optimize websites, in order to achieve better positioning on search engines. With this optimization, your site will be more likely to appear on the first page of Google searches, for example, attracting more customers and increasing sales;
  • E-mail marketing: the “good old email” continues to be highly effective – it is worth sending newsletters and campaigns to customers who register on your site;
  • SMS Marketing: take advantage of the fact that people are always with their cell phones in hand to send messages with special offers and campaigns. Just like sending email, only send messages to consumers who have authorized it!

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: which one to choose?

The ideal is to have a 360 degree marketing campaign, combining traditional and digital marketing. In this way, you will be able to reinforce the company’s brand in different media and reach an even larger audience.

The communication line must be the same in all media, so that the customer remembers your brand. Being present in various media also gives the brand greater credibility, because even today many people still do not fully trust the internet.

To further improve your marketing strategy, you can also do a thorough study of the company’s consumer, see where it can be impacted more easily and invest more time and money in this medium.

The most important thing is to analyze all the possibilities in depth and only then decide which strategy to take in the company.