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If you work with inbound marketing or keep yourself informed on the subject, you must have heard of the marketing automation tool RD Station, developed by the leading company in the subject in Latin America, Resultados Digitais. Founded in 2010, Resultados Digitais is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies […]

If you work with inbound marketing or stay informed on the subject, you must have heard of the RD Station marketing automation tool, developed by the leading company in Latin America, the Digital Results.

Founded in 2010, Resultados Digitais is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in London today. In 2016, they reached the mark of 8,000 customers, and none of this would be possible without a great marketing strategy.

The name behind Marketing at Resultados Digitais is André Siqueira, co-founder and Head of Marketing of the company. Graduated in Business Administration from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, André has more than 8 years of experience in the Marketing market and today he is one of the great London references in the subject.

Monitoring the work of prominent professionals, such as André Siqueira, is essential for anyone who wants to keep up to date on the market. So, learn from us about who André Siqueira is and how he has impacted the Digital Marketing scenario in London!

You don’t have to start a company to be an entrepreneur

The history of Resultados Digitais began in 2005 with Eric Santos, the company’s current CEO. At that time, Eric owned another company, Praesto, which developed mobile applications.

It was by researching on marketing strategies that were feasible to promote Praesto that Eric found the concept of inbound marketing and thus the idea for Digital Results was born.

Eric invited four professionals to compose the results of Digital Society, who had already been interns at Praestro: Guilherme Lopes, Bruno Ghisi, Pedro Bachiega and our highlight in this article, André Siqueira.

André, like the other partners of Resultados Digitais, stood out in the eyes of Eric Santos for demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit even before they started the company.

And what can we learn from that?

Everyone who works in a company has the possibility to be a intrapreneur. In other words, execute actions and projects that promote innovation within your company.

The professional who is an intrapreneur has the ability to analyze scenarios, find opportunities and implement ideas regardless of the position he occupies in the company.

In addition, the company that owns the culture of intrapreneurship manages to stand out much more in the market, as each employee has a person concerned with generating more value for the organization.

Many people believe that it is necessary to open a company to undertake, but André Siqueira’s trajectory shows us that it is possible to stand out as an entrepreneur while you work in a company. And it can take you much further than you think!

How André Siqueira helped the London Digital Marketing market get to where we are today

In 2010, Resultados Digitais started the first version of its blog, called Sistemasmarketing. That’s how Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing started to work in London.

Educate a market on a little-known subject Not an easy task. At Websites Are Us, we are experiencing this with the Content Marketing universe.

So, we took our hats off to André Siqueira who led the digital operations of Resultados Digitais since when they had to teach professionals from all over London what, after all, this Inbound Marketing was and how marketing automation could help their lives.

If today we have a large availability of online materials that explain everything about Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing, a large part of this is thanks to CMO of Resultados Digitais.

And that is not all. The market around Inbound Marketing is gaining more and more strength in London. From specialized agencies in the subject, companies that make content production strategies (hi!), Freelancers who make a living with this market, tools that facilitate processes such as marketing automation and SEO, and so on.

The participation of the Marketing strategy of Resultados Digitais in the growth of the London market in general was huge! After all, they were pioneers on the subject.

And now they are also helping the growth of the Latin American market.

In other words, whoever works with Digital Marketing would not be so well informed if it weren’t for André Siqueira.

In addition to being a great reference for anyone who wants to learn everything about this universe, the content that comes from the Marketing team at Resultados Digitais is always updating professionals in the area about what is happening again, new tools launched and how to apply strategies in practice that few do.

3 differentials of a great marketing professional

While you can’t be André Siqueira, you can work on the skills you already have to be a great marketer.

In addition to intrapreneurship, which we already mentioned above, other characteristics are fundamental in a professional who wants to emerge in this market.

We separated below 3 traits that we see both in André Siqueira and in other names in the market that are also inspiration for many.

Thirst for learning

Whoever works with Marketing must always be aware of the market changes and the new technologies that appear every day. In addition, you must also be aware of the trends and habits of potential customers. That is why, we never stop learning.

And there are plenty of resources on the Internet to improve your knowledge. From blogs and books to videos and courses, there’s no excuse for not being on top of the news and learning something new every day.

We are sure that André Siqueira would not be leading such an innovative Marketing team if he did not have this thirst for learning!

Proactivity to teach

In an interview with friendsLab, André said that one of the great benefits of Inbound Marketing for a company is the opportunity to educate the market.

In addition to being a utility to generate new sales, content that educates also adds purpose for the company, as it will be contributing to the knowledge of several people.

For this reason, a great marketing professional is one who has the will and proactivity to pass on his knowledge.

Whether for employees of your own company, for your potential customers or for other professionals in the market, keep in mind that you will always have something to teach if you are constantly learning!

Flexibility for change

Growing up with Digital Marketing means being able to change every day. No company that has a strong marketing strategy today, does the same actions as it did 5 years ago. And we are sure that Digital Results is no exception.

Being flexible to change from small details to large parts of your strategy can be the key to constantly growing. After all, a great Marketing professional cannot be left behind the evolution of Digital Marketing!

Thank you, Dé!

The Marketing team at Resultados Digitais is huge, not only in size but also in capacity and quality of work.

And certainly the Digital Results would not have grown so much had it not been for the leadership of André Siqueira.

The Digital Results Marketing should be a source of inspiration for any Marketing team. They are always ahead of new strategies, new technologies and each day they come up with a new way to attract more visitors, leads and potential customers.

That’s why they are one of the biggest references for Websites Are Us Marketing. We are a team of 23 extremely competitive people, and we follow the work of Resultados Digitais with bright eyes and the desire to always be better. Like friends, of course!

As André Siqueira himself said, in sports we see that a great opponent is always an opportunity to constantly raise the level of your performance.

And that is why our team has a lot to be thankful for. Thank you, Dé, for being such an animal!

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