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It is not uncommon to find, today, people who live exclusively on digital channels, such as YouTube, a blog or selling infoproducts. This type of profession has already become common, and is somewhat coveted by those who always dreamed of working from anywhere, without having to stick to an office. […]

It is not uncommon to find, today, people who live exclusively on digital channels, such as YouTube, a blog or selling infoproducts.

This type of profession has already become common, and is somewhat coveted by those who always dreamed of working from anywhere, without having to stick to an office or physical place.

But did you imagine it was possible to make money on the Internet almost 10 years ago?

Henrique Carvalho, founder of the blog Live Blog, started his career as a digital entrepreneur in 2009, and since then his mission is to help people achieve financial freedom with blogs that really profit, teaching literally how to live blogging.

Anyone studying Digital Marketing has certainly come across an article from Viver de Blog. But do you know how it came about and who is the brain behind the content?

Follow the reading that we will tell you!

From student to successful entrepreneur

Henrique Carvalho started venturing into the digital world at the age of 23, when he was still in economics college.

Dissatisfied with the dated college content, which spoke a lot about theories, but was impractical, he decided to create the HC Investimentos blog with the aim of sharing information with those who sought to achieve the dreamed financial freedom, in practical terms that everyone could understand.

In 4 years, the HC Investimentos blog reached 60,000 subscribers.

Along with the blog, Henrique also created his first digital product, the ebook “Asset Allocation”. In it, Henrique teaches how to create an investment strategy in simple language, with an investment technique that bears the same name as the digital book.

Henrique says that creating this product was not a simple process. It took hours of dedication to write all the content, in addition to a high investment in a design that would make an excellent layout to make the product really different.

But the whole effort was worth it.

The ebook went on sale on the Hotmart platform, and with it Henrique reached a milestone on the platform: he was the first Hotmart salesperson to reach 150˚ in the company’s marketplace.

The temperature in the Hotmart marketplace indicates how the product is being accepted in the market. The hotter a product, the more visits, sales and commissions it has been generating.

With the success of his ventures in the financial niche, Henrique learned a lot about digital marketing and better ways to promote a product on the Internet. And that was how his second blog, Viver de Blog, appeared.

Is it possible to live off a blog?

Founded in 2013, this blog, which was Henrique Carvalho’s second, will be 4 years old and receives thousands of visitors daily.

Viver de Blog emerged with the objective of “bringing free quality information in a medium where the common thing was ‘to make money sleeping’. Where blogs used and abused the colors red and yellow to get people’s attention. Where the common thing was to write articles of 300-500 words ”, Henrique tells in an interview for the blog of 12 Minutos.

For this reason, the blog is nowadays one of the best sources of content for anyone who wants to learn how to promote a product with Digital Marketing techniques.

And Henrique shows that it is possible to live with the income generated by a blog!

In these 4 years of existence, Viver de Blog has expanded far beyond free content.

Nowadays, Henrique and his team offer 7 paid courses that teach from “Production of Memorable Content” to “Revolutionary Post-sale”.

In addition, he also sells an “epic WordPress blog template”, for anyone who wants to start a successful blog without having the initial work of choosing and customizing a template.

And Henrique still capitalizes on his expertise and authority that he built during all these years as a digital entrepreneur. Those interested in scaling a company can count on Henrique Carvalho’s mentoring program, Mentoria Evolution.

Nowadays, Henrique has a team to help him in his ventures. But for a long time he played it all by himself.

And as you can see, it’s a lot for one person!

Productivity tips we learned from Henrique Carvalho

It may seem that Henrique has superpowers to be in several places at the same time, write thousands of content, create promotion pages, manage a team, stay abreast of market news, help other people, and so on….

But as far as we know, he’s a human being like you and me. The only difference is that it manages to be extremely productive.


According to Henrique, a great productivity tip is plan the first 30 to 60 minutes of the day. They will dictate how productive the rest of your day will be. Some suggestions he gives us are aerobic exercise in fast, meditation or reading.

In addition, Henrique always indicates some applications that help to optimize time and increase productivity, such as Evernote, Pocket, and Pomodoro One.

He also believes that it is important to focus so much on mindset how much in productivity techniques.

“Techniques are very important, but it is when you master yourself, the mirror warrior that conquers yourself every day that you can multiply your tasks by 10x,” he says in an interview for the 12 Minutes blog.

One mindset technique indicated by Henrique is the “5 second rule”, coined by writer and TV presenter Mel Robbins. Inspired by the countdown that is made during rocket launch, the 5 second rule is to count “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” every time you think about giving up doing something.

For example, you need to wake up at 6 am to do everything that needs to be done that day, but when the alarm goes off, that laziness of getting out of bed hits. It is at that moment that you must count down to 5 seconds, and when you reach “1”, you know that it is time to get up.

Every professional nowadays deals with lack of time. So it is always good to find a productivity technique that works for you, in addition to having practical tools at hand to optimize your work. Only then will you have a chance to get close to the Henrique Carvalho Level of Productivity.

Bloggers know that it is not possible to survive just by publishing articles. You need to find products that can be marketed to the blog audience, execute them well, and also know the best way to publicize them.

Henrique Carvalho’s trajectory shows that mastering Digital Marketing techniques and concepts is essential for anyone who wants to make a living with digital products, regardless of the niche of his blog.

If you are starting now, I leave you a suggestion: the “Digital Marketing Kit for Beginners”, which will put you on the right path to become Henrique Carvalho of the next generation!

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