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Joe Pulizzi is one of the most evangelizing guys in content marketing. He founded a company, the Content Marketing Institute to educate and train companies on the subject and promote an event. According to him, you can attract more customers without generating a world of information and ads. Just produce content […]

Joe Pulizzi is one of the most evangelizing guys in content marketing. He founded a company, the Content Marketing Institute to educate and train companies on the subject and promote an event.

According to him, you can attract more customers without generating a world of information and ads. Just produce content that is relevant and provocative to them.

Next, we’ll talk about who Joe Pulizzi is and what topics he addresses in his books. Prepared?

Who is Joe Pulizzi

Entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, author of five books and co-author of two others. All about content marketing!

One of Joe Pulizzi’s works, “Epic Content Marketing”, launched in 2014, was named one of the “Five Must Read Business Books of 2013” ​​(translating, 5 business books you have to read from 2013), by Fortune Magazine . This book was written with the aim of showing us that it is possible to do an incredible job with little marketing.


Joe Pulizzi has spoken at more than 400 locations in 16 different countries and has given speeches to major organizations such as Nestlé, General Motors, Oracle, DuPont, SAP, HP and Dell.

And as if that weren’t enough, he writes for one of the most influential content marketing blogs in the world.

Marketing is now content

Content marketing, as you already know, is a relatively new concept, but the term was coined in the early 2000s.

Content marketers are taking the lead. With a well designed strategy, you sell and retain the new consumer, who is tired of the excess of traditional advertisements.

5000 messages per day

Do you believe that we receive at least 5000 marketing messages every day?

We don’t feel the weight of it objectively, but the truth is that we are saturated. And Joe Pulizzi believes that for the marketer it complicates things even more.

This is because, in the traditional view, the marketing model is based on talking about the advantages of each product and the companies that sell. But to stand out in the sea of ​​information, there’s no point in doing that.

This is where content marketing comes in as an option for your brand to become relevant.

Levels of content marketing

In order for you to adopt content marketing, you first need to understand what your levels are. According to Joe Pulizzi, if you have already started producing, you can be in one of three:

  • Understands your role: here, you already have a strategy that works to stand out and people already come to your site in search of your posts, for example.
  • Thought leader: your brand has already created authority on the subject, producing content that goes beyond the scope of the product. You are considered an expert in your industry.
  • Storyteller: with storytelling, you have already created an emotional relationship with your customers. His message inspires and shows personality.

Know your audience

Joe Pulizzi suggests that companies adopt personas. They are a fictitious representation of your audience and serve to make you able to make that relevant content mentioned above. You can learn more by reading the book Buyer Personas, by Adele Revella.

The process of creating personas is simple. You must describe your customer and understand demographic characteristics and also a little more in-depth, such as why that person needs your company.

After that, you can create content that is targeted at her. You can’t write directing to someone without knowing who that person is, can you?

Joe Pulizzi then explains how a content marketing team is formed and who are the people who put it to work:

  • Content Manager: oversees all content marketing initiatives and ensures that they match the strategy initially defined
  • Chief editor and content creators: the publisher works by leading content creators. Content creators can be freelance writers who have the ability to write stories based on your company’s audience persona and selected content niches.
  • Audience manager: ensures that your content has the desired marketing effects and is being consumed. It is the person who does all the monitoring of the results and how the content has reached the customers.

Joe Pulizzi also says that for activities to be well coordinated, it is interesting that you have an editorial calendar. It serves to coordinate all the pieces to be created, revised and republished by your content marketing team.

SEO and social networks

But content is not just about creation. You also need to know how to distribute it.

You now need to plan how you will use social media and optimize your content for search engines. Choose your social networks well, being present where your audience is and find out what they are looking for on the internet when they are thinking about buying your product.

Joe Pulizzi suggests that you adopt a strategy called 4-1-1, based on the following weekly content creation format for social media:

  • Share 4 content from influencers (between retweets and shares of blogs, portals, celebrities)
  • Publish 1 original, exclusive and unique content.
  • Finally, publish 1 content that talks about sales such as coupons, product launches or press releases.

Did you notice that there were 6 contents and only 1 of them talks about your company? This way, you are able to engage your audience and are less likely to be “talking to yourself” each day. This is the key to new marketing, which you can better understand by reading “Marketing 4.0”.

Optimization for search engines, like Google, happens by investing in SEO. Your team must identify the keywords that your customers’ personas are looking for and plan content that answers these questions.

Joe Pulizzi indicates tools like Moz, Semrush and Google Keyword Planner to do this.

Metrics are your diagnosis

Remember the audience manager? That’s his part. As everything in content marketing is new and is always changing, it is no use just relying on ready-made formulas to create your strategy.

You need to measure the results at each step and make constant improvements based on them. Joe Pulizzi determines 4 main groups of metrics: consumption, sharing, lead generation and sales.

Each has a unique and important role. Preferably, all team members must be aware of them and must be constantly monitored. Look at the concept of these metrics a little more in depth:

  • Content consumption metrics: serve to know if people are reading, watching and really being impacted for the content you create. Examples: video views and blog page views.
  • Sharing metrics: include actions like likes, shares, tweets and emailing. Indicate that your content has made people speak about you.
  • Lead Generation: the ability of the content to be monetized in the future it is also worth evaluating. Leads are people who have shared their contact information with your company by filling out forms, registering for newsletters, etc.
  • Sales: here is easy: your content is selling same? If people really bought it, it means that all your efforts are paying off.

But don’t be content. Measure and always improve!

Learning from Joe Pulizzi

So, what did you think of Joe Pulizzi’s ideas? If you want to start producing content for your company, you need to follow these precepts. They will guide what you publish on the internet, always aimed at attracting people, educating them about what you offer and selling.

Another very interesting book by Joe Pulizzi is Content Inc. Worth reading!

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