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“Who is Neil Patel?” If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably encountered this question in the past few days. For those who already deal with digital marketing and inbound marketing for some time the name should not be strange, after all Neil Patel is one of the main influencers in the world with regard to online marketing. If the […]

“Who is Neil Patel?”

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably encountered this question in the past few days.

For those who already deal with digital marketing and inbound marketing for some time the name should not be strange, after all Neil Patel is one of the main influencers in the world with regard to online marketing.

If the name was well known abroad, in the last few months it has appeared with everything on the national market. Arousing the curiosity not only of marketers to get to know you, but also of the general public.

The campaign: #quemeneilpatel

Maybe you’ve already seen the hashtag who is Neil Patel (#quemeneilpatel) that rocked on instagram when the British idealized and realized a campaign with several popular female profiles to publicize the question that gives name to this post.

Who is Neil Patel: print of the #quemeNeilPatel campaign

Some of these profiles were of very famous women with more than 1 million followers.

And so the hashtag gained strength and many people in this awakening of curiosity, sought to know “who is Neil Patel”.

On Google Trends we see this interesting graph with the peak at the time when Hashtag was launched in London at the end of August and now with another peak in January, with the campaign being launched again:

who is neil patel: graphic on google trends

Patel had already used this same campaign in the USA, and on his blog he tells how it generated a buzz for his name and made several entrepreneurs contact him due to the campaign.

Is that you? What did you think of this strategy that he used?

But, after all, the post is not about this campaign, but to understand who he is and why he became such a big figure in digital marketing.

Check out a little about the marketing guru!

Who is Neil Patel?

Who is Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing and recognized among the Top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 by former President Obama. Creator of 4 of the most popular SEO tools in the world and author of one of the main Marketing blogs.

Neil Patel was born on April 24 in London, England. Despite being British, Patel comes from an Indian family.

According to him, the entrepreneurial blood always ran in his veins. Several of his mother’s uncles had their own businesses.

What inspired you from a young age.

Today it helps companies generate more revenue through digital marketing. Among them are some popular and strong names like: Amazon, Google, General Motors, NBC and Viacom.

Patel has already created several incredible tools that bring great benefits to those who invest in digital marketing. You may already know Hello Bar – the one that when you enter our blog you receive a warm proposal to learn how to increase your traffic -, Crazzy Egg, Quicksprout and KISSmetrics. I will talk a little more about these tools later.

Neil Patel and Marketing

Entrepreneur that he is, Neil Patel started his first website at the age of 16.

He took all of his savings and invested in a marketing company to achieve the best possible results.

However, that company generated absolutely no results for him.

This frustration made him realize that he was not alone in this world of marketing investments with no results.

Frustrated and bankrupt, Neil decided he would learn marketing.

He joined Cypress Community College to learn and learn about digital marketing.

Neil Patel’s first customer was a manufacturer of external power supplies, which he helped generate over $ 25 million in sales. Patel was increasingly seeing the power of marketing.

After that he joined his brother-in-law and together they created Neil Patel’s first highly successful tool, the Crazzy Egg, which generated a great buzz at the time.


Neil Patel did not get where he got by accident, which is why he has received several awards and mentions to impress anyone.

See some of the main ones:

  • Top Web Influencers – Wall Street Journal
  • Top 10 Best Online Marketers – Forbes
  • Creator of one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world – Enterpreuner Magazine
  • Recognized as Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under 30 – President Obama
  • Top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 – United Nations
  • Author of the book Hustle, best seller in the USA.

It’s not a small thing, is it?

In addition, he is called Marketing Guru nowadays by the professionals most connected to the area.

Neil Patel’s tools

Much of the success the Briton has achieved is due to the incredible tools he created.

Today Neil Patel owns 4 multi-million dollar companies!

Let’s get to know a little about each of these tools.

Crazy Egg

Crazzy Egg is a tool created to help people identify the behavior of readers within the pages of your blog or website.

Many tools like Google Analytics give a lot of data about your pages, but you still can’t understand how the reader behaved inside and why he left your site.

Crazzy Egg does just that, enabling you to optimize your website and generate conversions.

The tool provides:

Heat map: from it you see where readers are clicking on your pages.

Scroll Map: This map will point out where the main information on your page is and show how far readers are going down and when they’re leaving your page.

Overlay Report: shows the number of clicks on each element of your page.

Confetti tool: this interesting tool will target every click your site receives. Showing search terms, category of sites, etc.

A very rich tool for sites that want to grow online.

Hello Bar

Whenever you enter the blog here, a pop up pops up in your eyes talking about how we increased our traffic by 1,772% and offering to help you achieve similar results.

This is the Hello Bar. At least one of the ways to use it.

It is a conversion tool for different objectives such as: increasing the email list, offering a free trial of the product, offering discounts, etc.

The calls are highly customized, both visually and for the target.

You can choose the size of the pop-up, where it will be positioned on the pages, the colors of the CTA, etc.

In addition, the pop up does not have to appear to everyone. You can do it for different targets on your website and those who have already filled it in will no longer see it.

You can create different pop-ups for different pages.

Use our affiliate link and receive 1 month free access Hello Bar. Just register here.


KISSmetrics is a rich tool for analyzing very specific data.

Escaping the traditional page clicks and page views, the tool will present data focused on conversion, sales funnel and revenue.

KISSmetrics allows for rich analysis, understanding your user and presenting their behavior on your website. If they are canceling, when they leave the site, what they are clicking on, etc.

Among the resources it offers A / B tests, trail analysis and also the comparison of users’ journey and conversions.

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is another very successful tool by Neil Patel and it also makes a great analysis of the users’ domain.

The tool works with the users’ training functionality, where they will register their sites and learn how to improve in:

Anyway, almost everything you need to achieve success online. The less you know about marketing, the more useful the tool will be for you. Once she teaches you will train you in each of these items mentioned.

Interview with Neil Patel

We recently had one of the biggest meetings in the history of marketing, when Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of Websites Are Us and the blog you now read, conducted an interview with Neil Patel.

You can check out this mythical interview here:

The Marketing Guru

Now you know who Neil Patel is and why so much is said about him in digital marketing.

Neil Patel’s name is getting more and more popular in London and he has even made us some visits to the London soil.

In 2016, for example, he attended the largest digital marketing event in the country, the RD Summit.

Did you like to finally understand who this important figure is in the world of digital marketing?

As we mentioned, Neil Patel is one of the biggest names in Digital Marketing today and you can start following these steps. Doubt? Download our Complete Digital Marketing Guide and get started right now.

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