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Erico Rocha is the name behind the Launch Formula. We rescue the story of one of the most responsible for the success of digital entrepreneurship in London. Know his trajectory and find out more about the moments that preceded the specialist’s first millionaire launch.

The greatest specialist in digital launches in London is also the name behind the Launch Formula. Erico Rocha, considered the online entrepreneurship guru, brought to the country the concept idealized by Jeff Walker to boost business done over the internet. It worked.

Through the company Ignição Digital, Erico Rocha teaches advanced email capture and internet sales techniques in training that explore methodologies related to Inbound Marketing. The solution has already been used by big names like Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard, and continues as an interesting recipe for internet sales.

Considered a great authority on launches and digital businesses, Erico Rocha has a history that combines boldness and market vision. Are you curious?

If you want to know more about who signs the Launch Formula in London, read on. We unveil the specialist’s successful trajectory that contributes to small online businesses take off.

The Launch Formula

If you are an avid user of the internet, and you search the search engines for solutions that can improve your life – or optimize the results of your work -, you have certainly been caught by launches that involve relationship marketing, urgency, offers and deliveries .

What you may not know is that the audience’s engagement format often happens through the methodology taught in the Launch Formula.

The technique, which can be explored in different ways (in the affiliate format, lightning, seed, among others) carries persuasion solutions to structure and expand online businesses.

How the Launch Formula came about

The Product Launch Formula (translated as Product Launch Formula), created by Marketing specialist Jeff Walker, is the methodology that gave rise to the Launch Formula.

Considered one of the most profitable solutions for launching digital products, the technique brings together some elements that, in theory, ensure that anyone is able to earn money from the internet when using:

For this reason, the name is very correct when loading the expression “formula”. Although recurring, the format is impressive and has the potential to continue generating good results.

The national version of the Launch Formula, signed by Erico Rocha, gathers the perceptions of the Marketing specialist, his professional experience and a large baggage related to the London market and entrepreneurship.

But success with launchings and digital initiatives was not always part of Erico Rocha’s history – quite the contrary.

When changing careers, diving into the creation of an online company, and seeing his idea become stagnant, the creator of the London Launch Formula decided to learn about launch-based Marketing campaigns.

From now on we will tell this story.

Erico Rocha: the name behind the formula

1 million followers on Instagram and 930 thousand in the YouTubeare just some of the numbers that show the success of the phenomenon called Erico Rocha.

Known as the guru of Small Business Marketing online in London, Erico was not always an entrepreneur – let alone an expert in the digital universe.

Computer expert, Erico had a peaceful life, with financial stability and security. London, he lived in London, England, where he worked at the investment bank JPMorgan.

But with a 12-hour routine, he felt unmotivated, even though, at the end of the last decade, he had accumulated a significant income of £ 180,000 annually.

However, despite the comfort and the prospect of a peaceful future, I felt something was missing. This something was linked to happiness at work and the desire for freedom, to spend more time with the family, traveling and exploring the opportunities of entrepreneurship.

The boldness that transformed Erico Rocha’s life

The desire to enhance career satisfaction made Erico Rocha start to think about quitting his job at the investment bank. However, it lacked courage – and some motivation.

When researching entrepreneurship, in search of collecting more information that would stimulate his career change, he realized that the desire to have his own business became part of his research and conversations with friends and colleagues.

It was then that Rocha found the book by Timothy Ferris, Work 4 Hours a Week. Despite not having a sense of what he would do in the future, or how he would continue his professional life, reading led Erico to decide to take a risk and quit his stable job at the renowned bank.

Clearly, to undertake seemed to be the only path to the future of Erico Rocha. The problem was that the hitherto computer expert had no solid idea of ​​how to make his dream of freedom a reality.

But how does this part of the story explain the link between Erico Rocha and Jeff Walker, for the later creation of the Launch Formula? We’ll talk about that below.

How a self-help reading got Erico to know the Launch Formula

Tim Ferris’ book was not the only one to inspire Erico Rocha. The father of the Launch Formula started to follow the work of motivational speaker Tony Robbins. It was from him that, in an interview, Rocha got to know the work of Jeff Walker.

Steeped in readings of personal development, Rocha left in search of studying the methodology that was making entrepreneurs come to earn with launches values ​​close to 1 million dollars in just 24 hours.

Impressed by what he was discovering, Erico traveled to the United States, where he was able to study the Product Launch Formula. With such knowledge, he realized that the ideal would be to adapt the methodology to his reality.

His first idea, which still works successfully to this day, is linked to his willingness to retire with ease – and his knowledge in buying and selling real estate.

The real estate market: Erico Rocha’s gateway to Digital Marketing

While thinking about ways to change his life, Erico Rocha began to investing in real estate and undertaking real estate. However, a crisis in the European market has made its prospect of a secure future and with significant gains going down the drain. It was time to dare even more.

By adding the desire to undertake with the desire for a peaceful future, Erico Rocha bet his chips on the creation of a company called ProLeilões – in which he could apply all his know-how in a subscription service with information on real estate auctions.

It didn’t quite work out at first. No knowledge in Digital marketing, Erico was unable to sell any subscriptions!

Give up? No way!

The recipe was simple: buy real estate at the most appropriate time (in this case, real estate at auctions), wait for the price to rise and make a sale with a good profit margin, at the right time. But what was missing?

The initiative based on the online market did not take off as expected, because a more robust launch strategy was lacking, with improved techniques and a focus on the right target audience.

That’s how Erico embarked for the United States and learned from Jeff Walker all about the Launch Formula. That’s how the whole story connects.

But ProLeilões, which achieved surprising results with the applied launching methodology, was not the final test of the Digital Marketing guru. Quite the contrary: it was just the first step for the born entrepreneur who had just discovered the so-called Launch Formula.

The success of the Launch Formula in London

As with any entrepreneur’s story, Erico Rocha’s trajectory cannot be summed up in a few words. A successful professional in search of greater satisfaction, and a bold – but courageous bet – led the current Digital Marketing guru to find in the United States a solution extremely aligned with the needs of the London market.

With his applied techniques, Erico Rocha reached his first million reais in revenue with a launch in 2013. In just 24 hours, he achieved the impressive mark by offering a digital product.

The success served as an inspiration for many other entrepreneurs who became interested in the methodology.

With all this, we see that it was out of a personal desire for change, linked to a tireless search for a happier (and more financially secure) life that Erico Rocha achieved so much success with the Launch Formula in London.

As the launch marketing guru has achieved so much success, it is already clear. But, for you to know Erico Rocha a little more, we separated some curiosities about him.

10 things you need to know about Erico Rocha

  1. It’s the year of 1977.
  2. Studied at Federal University of São Carlos.
  3. Did an internship at Germany, that changed its entire history.
  4. Does not have a car and travels preferentially bike.
  5. Play instruments like guitar and harmonica.
  6. Likes and practices sports radicals, like surfing and skiing.
  7. Was born in Brasilia.
  8. Has the habit of meditation.
  9. Undertake for the first time selling berimbau.
  10. Prefer audiobooks to printed books.

Anyway, we count the history of the born entrepreneur and responsible for the Launch Formula in London, Erico Rocha. By following his passion and diving deeply into Digital Marketing studies, he managed to create a business that helps small business owners to stand out on the internet.

What did you think of Erico Rocha’s trajectory? To achieve your own results, learn more about Digital Marketing in this complete ebook.

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