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If you have already tried to learn about Content Marketing, you have surely come across this face: Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of the largest Content Marketing company in Latin America, Websites Are Us, has written hundreds of articles and recorded several videos that teach everything about this Marketing strategy that has gained a lot of space in […]

If you’ve ever tried to learn about Content Marketing, you’re sure to come across this face:

Vitor Peçanha

Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of the largest Content Marketing company in Latin America, Websites Are Us, has written hundreds of articles and recorded several videos that teach everything about this Marketing strategy that has gained a lot of space in the market in recent years.

Content Marketing is a set of actions and tactics that promote the engagement of a company with its target audience, and help to build a network of customers and potential customers by creating content that is relevant and valuable.

content marketing first steps
This type of strategy started to be used by companies in the United States, and today it is already popular among most London companies. And much of this is due to the work of Vitor Peçanha!

Do you have a minute to hear Peçanha’s word and understand how he helped (and helps) all marketers in London to improve their knowledge in the area?

Then read on!

Trajectory of entrepreneur

He plays the guitar, fixes anything, has built an arcade with his own hands, has already written a book, lectured in the four corners of London, knows a little of everything and a lot about marketing, and most importantly: he founded Websites Are Us and the blog you are reading now!

Graduated in Social Communication from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Peçanha began his career in Marketing at Cria UFMG, a junior company in the Social Communication course.

The entrepreneurial life began in 2011, when Peçanha founded TextCorner, a platform that brought together freelance writers with an interest in writing for brands and companies.

Thanks to TextCorner, he was selected to participate in Startup Chile, an acceleration program founded in 2010 that supports entrepreneurs in Latin America.

According to Peçanha, participating in Startup Chile was one of the best experiences of his life. In addition to having the opportunity to focus on working at his own company, he developed his Spanish speaking skills and love for reggaeton;).

In 2013, TextCorner merged with Everwrite, which analyzed search results to define content themes for companies. And so Websites Are Us was born, the result of the work of Peçanha, Diego Gomes and Edmar Ferreira.

At the time, Content Marketing was a concept that was not widespread in London, and it took a lot of work to start educating marketers across the country about what this strategy was, and what benefits it could bring to a company.


Anyone who has seen a lecture or video from Peçanha knows that he is a great teacher. That is why he receives the affectionate nickname “Profeçanha” within Websites Are Us!

Since the beginning of the company, Peçanha (as well as the other founders of the company) has endeavored to teach everything about Content Marketing and SEO in the most diverse ways.

It all started with the blog you are reading now, the first channel that Websites Are Us created to disseminate content about Content Marketing.

Marketingdeconteudo.com has always had two functions: educating the market on the subject and being a case of success and living proof that the Content Marketing strategy really works.

After all, it was through him that Websites Are Us won thousands of customers.

In addition to writing and publishing articles on Digital Marketing, Peçanha also invested in recording videos for the company’s YouTube channel, and a free certification in Content Marketing that has already passed the mark of 40,000 students.

And to complement, he was always available to give lectures throughout London and disseminate Content Marketing to different audiences.

With a lot of charisma and didactics, Peçanha not only taught Content Marketing to many people and helped Websites Are Us to grow, but also conquered a legion of fans!

And it continues to do so today.

Top 5 places to learn from Vitor Peçanha

Peçanha contents are spread across the Internet. To make your life easier, we have separated 5 channels that you can access to follow his work and learn a lot about Digital Marketing!

Thanks for Marketing

Not satisfied with articles, videos, lectures and courses, in 2017 Peçanha decided write a book!

Named “Thanks for Marketing”, the book explains all the steps to implement a Content Marketing strategy, from planning to generating business.

In it, Peçanha shares all the learnings he had with Websites Are Us’s 4 years, and the goal is to be a practical guide that meets both those who want to start a Content Marketing strategy and those who are looking to improve the results of this strategy within the company .

If you are interested in acquiring this future best seller, take advantage of the pre-sale, until 10/30/2017, in which you will earn more than 1,000 reais in benefits, in addition to donating to an NGO through the partnership with Risü. Check out:

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  • One year of access to the Social Media course at the Websites Are Us University, in the amount of R $ 497.00
  • 90 days of access to the 12 Minutes app, for you to improve your learning by reading book summaries, in the amount of R $ 74.70
  • One month of access to SEMRush, worth R $ 660.00 + exclusive training webinar, which is one of the most powerful tools in the world for keyword research
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Watermelon Day

Anyone who knows Peçanha’s trajectory thinks that he only started studying Content Marketing after he left college and founded TextCorner. In fact, the production of rich content started long before that, and Watermelon Day is the story that proves that Peçanha was always ahead of its time!

For a graduation project, Peçanha and Diego Gomes (also co-founder of Websites Are Us), in an attempt to learn about viral marketing, decided to create an unprecedented day that until then did not exist, the Watermelon Day.

On Watermelon Day, thousands of watermelons would roll downhill on a street in Belo Horizonte.

In addition to a Wikipedia page and a website (www.diadamelancia.com.br, which no longer exists), Peçanha and Diego publicized Watermelon Day by creating video content that showed the various uses of this versatile fruit. One of them reached 84,000 views!

In addition to having lots of fun and wasting a good number of watermelons, with this project Peçanha and Diego were able to see in practice how content production has the power to spread all kinds of messages to thousands of people out there!

And the most incredible thing is that the end result of the watermelon day was that they got the equivalent of more than 15 thousand reais in spontaneous media, spending a fraction of that (less than a thousand reais).

It just isn’t more impressive than the numbers they got with Websites Are Us!

No fear of getting your hands dirty

If there is one thing we can learn from Peçanha it is never be afraid to do something on your own.

He himself says that he grew up surrounded by tools, and since he was a child he learned to repair what was defective or that could be improved. From exchanging plugs to build your own arcade, Peçanha was never afraid to solve problems hands-on.

This also reflected in his professional life, and in the growth of Websites Are Us.

In 2012, Peçanha refused a public office (before Websites Are Us Peçanha refused every mother’s dream for a child, a contest!) with all the stability and benefits that this type of career brings, to fix something that could improve: the way London companies did Marketing .

And that was not all.

From actions that may seem small, like building the first tables of Websites Are Us or recording the Content Marketing Certification with very primitive resources, to more strategic steps such as managing all the company’s Customer Success operations.

Getting your hands dirty has always been a hallmark of Peçanha!

If you want someone to talk about Content Marketing, Vitor Peçanha is the right person.

In addition to helping to introduce the subject to the London market, producing and disseminating content that teach hundreds of people every day to start and improve this type of strategy, he still has didactics to teach, charisma to speak and as a good miner, he loves a good conversation!

To follow the work of this London guru that we admire so much, don’t forget to follow the official Peçanha page on Facebook and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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