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This article is a translation of Inc’s post, Why Content Will Soon Take Up Your Whole Digital Marketing Budget. You can read the original, in English, here. In July 2015 Fractl, a content marketing agency, in collaboration with the famous website Moz, conducted an online survey of more than […]

This article is a translation of the Inc post, Why Content Will Soon Take Up Your Whole Digital Marketing Budget. You can read the original, in English, on here.

In July 2015 Fractl, a content marketing agency, in collaboration with the famous website Moz, conducted an online survey of more than 1000 people.

Participants were asked to answer 13 questions and give their opinion on recent engagements and also on various Outbound and Inbound Marketing tactics.

First, they noticed that about 60% of respondents use some type of ad blocker while browsing the web.

More than half of the interviewees stated that they had noticed some type of advertisement within the 30 day period of the interview campaign; in any case, 53.8% of the participants informed that they did not click on no ads the week they were being asked.

In the evolution of content marketing, “pushing” advertisements down the throats of users is an intrusion, in addition to being a very inefficient.

According to a study from Adobe, 54% of survey respondents responded that the banners were simply not functional.

In addition, a article Hubspot says the average clickthrough rate for ads, regardless of format or channel, is just 0.06%. In other words, for every 10,000 people who see your ad, only six people click on it.

Attention about a brand can no longer be bought as it used to be – now it should be conquered.

So how do you get your target audience’s attention?

Survey participants were also asked, “How do you go about learning more about a company or a product?”

About 90% of people said they used online research to look for more information about a particular brand and more than 80% said they visit the site that company they are interested in.

The most surprising thing is that almost 90% said they had read an article about it the previous week and a whopping 93.2% had used Google searches to find information about a company.

To be more clear, this means that today’s consumers are actively seeking information about brands on the internet and demonstrate that they are fully engaged with those who use digital platforms to educate and provide value.

According to the survey, 77% of people are more likely to buy a product or service after learning about the subject or the brand through an online survey.

The need for brands to provide valuable and interesting content is evident in the aforementioned survey, but it is also starting to become widely recognized by the world’s most brilliant marketing authorities.

Emmy winner David Beebe and vice president of the Marriott hotel chain recently said, “You cannot go against the fact that people are not engaging with the traditional [publicidade]. ”

Now Beebe has changed the direction of its content marketing strategies with one goal: “to make all professionals in the field, including entrepreneurs and entire teams, in great storytellers. ”

10x better content

“By using emotionally charged content, designed to create a connection with the audience, you can create content 10 times better for your brand”.

What we will explain further below.

Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, defined it 10 times better, such as, “content that is 10 times better than the best result you can currently find in search results for a particular keyword or topic.”

But in the end, what is the real impact of this content?

Firstly, well-executed campaigns attract the mainstream media (which we will explain better in the topic below), that is: sites that have an audience in the millions, which can lead to a brand generating a huge amount of engagements, leads and conversions.

Second, from a search marketing perspective, these campaigns can help websites gain redirect, impact and qualified traffic.

It also says a lot about the growth of a brand in relation to search engine positioning.

According to Rand, 10x content (as he calls it) is based on some principles, such as providing content that results in a combination of high quality, reliable, useful and interesting material.

It is something quite different from traditional proposals, as it creates an emotional response of astonishment, surprise, joy, expectation and / or admiration; solves a problem or answers a question, provides accurate or comprehensive information.

Viral content

While 10x content is a way to provide value to your audience, viral content can be as or more engaging and is highly shareable, giving your content a much wider reach for your brand.

Recently the content site Inc asked several graphic designers from 18 countries to create a Photoshop piece using a predetermined model, and make it more attractive to the citizens of each of their countries.

During the first week of the campaign entitled “Our perceptions of perfection”The launch of the campaign won over 590 stories from renowned publishers, which generated more than one million shares on social networks and reached more than 700 thousand views to the customer’s website.

Inbound marketing x Outbound Marketing

Traders are continually working to do more with less, trying to find the most profitable methods better results.

That would be the Holy Grail for any brand and Inbound Marketing is very close to that.

According to the publication “State of Inbound”, From the Hubspot website, more than twice as many interviewees mentioned that Inbound Marketing is their main source of lead generation (45%), against 22% of outbound marketing.

Due to declining results with outbound marketing, many industry officials agree that content will own a significant portion – if not the whole pie – of your budget for marketing in the coming years.

As David Beebe said: “First, the goal is to engage consumers. Get them to identify with our brands, add value to their lives. And content is a great way to do that. ”

Following trends and taking effective action, Fractl’s ability to create both 10x and viral content led to a 330% increase in the number of clicks and a 4-fold increase in sales, in addition to a 1,293% increase in traffic organic over a three-year period, leaving startup status to become one of the Fortune 500 companies (ranking of the top selling American companies).

And you, are you already investing in content?