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The good use of content marketing is one of the biggest trends to achieve widespread success with a digital marketing campaign. However, for companies to achieve the long-awaited success on the internet, it is necessary to have a lot of work and dedication. And the first step towards a good marketing strategy is research, […]

The good use of content marketing is one of the biggest trends to achieve widespread success with a digital marketing campaign.

However, for companies to achieve the long-awaited success on the internet, it is necessary to have a lot of work and dedication.

And the first step towards a good marketing strategy is research, as it is through it that it is possible to find market opportunities and threats, as well as discover what the consumer expects from his business.

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Why use content marketing?

First of all, one must understand, in a nutshell, what content marketing is and what it involves.

Companies that want to stamp their virtual presence need to generate good engagement for your brand – that is, engage with your audience, build and maintain relationships with your online contacts.

This leads to generating loyal customers who love your brand so much that they present it to their friends, making you gain new customers.

But for your company to create this engagement it is important to make use of content marketing.

Social networks provide a fast and easily accessible communication channel for your customers.

However, it is not enough to publish a “good morning” every morning, it takes much more than that, which is why content marketing research is so important!

Why do content marketing research?

In order to do good content marketing, the professional must have knowledge of the research.

After all, she is largely responsible for the success or failure of any strategy outlined.

All segments can invest in content marketing, but it is convenient to analyze the entire sector and also the public that is linked to its segment.

As the objective of this strategy would be, for example, to attract the consumer, the search in these terms will be done with the target audience of your segment, trying to find efficient ways to attract through the content that will be offered in your online channels.

Thus, it is possible to do good planning and make a big difference in the company’s results – before and after adopting this strategy.

Through content marketing research, you can also find out what types of text and formats your target audience is most interested in, as well as how to use them correctly.

They can be, for example:

  • Posts on social networks;
  • Blog posts;
  • Images such as photos or graphic arts;
  • Newsletter;
  • Videos;
  • Infographics;
  • Online presentations (Webnários).

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to these, there are many other types of content available.

However, it is not only at the beginning that research is important.

It will also be useful when using results metrics.

With each step that content marketing takes, it offers a consequence: a positive or negative balance, compared to what was expected.

Your research can help you understand the reasons for any negative feedback or see what has worked – so you can keep the strategy on track and reduce losses.

If you want to stay on top of trends to do good research and build your high quality and efficient content marketing, it would be worthwhile to follow Content Trends.

content trends

You will be able to check the growth that this market ended and the expected movements for 2016 on this subject.

Content marketing also has other benefits, such as strengthening the brand in the market, the breadth in the conversion of leads, increased sales, better work with your prospects, a long-term offer of rich content, and also brings the opportunity to make a good after-sale.

What are the benefits of research for your brand?

Content marketing is an excellent technique for the brand to gain more market and strengthen itself.

Conducting a survey to know the image that consumers have of your company, and how you could help them, educating them through your texts, is essential.

Branding is also useful, as it traces brand management.

It is where the company can understand what the public expects from its brand and how some concepts should work so that the public has a (more) positive image of the company.

Through market and sector research, the company is able to understand its customer more deeply – which will also be great for expanding the relationship between company and consumer.

With the results obtained, it is possible to find the exact way to strengthen the brand and gain more visibility.

For example, through research it was possible to see that the public is concerned with the environment.

Branding strategies and the content marketing technique can involve this concept, linking your brand to the environment, and improving your image before the audience you want to embrace.

This makes the consumer identify with the brand.

So it is worth understanding the trends in this method in order to use it to your advantage.

What are the trends in content marketing in the country?

The internet user increasingly consumes diverse types of content – in the most different ways and locations.

But we can highlight two major trends in content marketing in the country, taking advantage of what is already happening abroad: the expansion in the use of photos and video marketing.

The social network that is most successful when it comes to images is Instagram.

It is possible to publish photos and videos through this social network, which draws a lot of users’ attention.

Photos and videos are contents that automatically attract the eye of those who see them; photos, for example, can express and say a lot, enabling a direct and instant emotional identification.

The videos, in turn, are relevant precisely because of the movement they bring and the chance to pass information in sequence.

The colors, lights and images in progress stand out in the middle of everything, and this is where entrepreneurs have been guided to educate their online contacts with quality.

But this trend in content marketing is also a challenge, since in the midst of so much content and information it is necessary to gain at least five seconds of user attention.

Again, the research comes here as an important point in defining the strategies of the audiovisual content to be produced.

Research, content marketing and sales funnel: what is the relationship between these concepts?

Note that research is an important aspect to produce quality content marketing and to be successful.

And the sales funnel is a graphical representation to understand the best progress of positive conversions – from visitors to your online channel to becoming a real customer.

To better understand: the sales funnel simulates the entire path until a sale can be made, starting with prospecting (the top) and ending with the actual sale (the bottom of the funnel).

Content marketing is possibly the technique that makes it easier to convert to the bottom of the funnel.

The sales funnel can be divided into: top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, bottom of the funnel – and after sales comes in later, as an important part of the process.

During these steps you can see how content marketing and search play an essential role, check out:

Top of the funnel

The type of person you meet at this point is one from whom it is possible to attract attention to something valuable in your online channel and make it a prospect.

The role of content marketing at this stage is to attract the attention of someone who has no direct relationship with the brand yet.

Research has an important role to outline the type of public that may be interested in the service or product offered in the market.

The content worked here may list occasional problems and present their solutions, for example.

And the visitor who enters your site reads something that solves their problem.

One mistake is to simply try to present the product that the company offers, because first the user must be interested in what he sees, and only after being educated will he realize that he can count on his brand’s products.

Informative content is what catches the attention of people at the top of the funnel.

These contents can be blog posts or even a newsletter; this will arouse, in the user, curiosity and even need for a product or service.

Middle of the funnel

Some users who have passed the top of the funnel go towards the middle, where they should be educated and more convinced that it would be valid to obtain the brand’s products.

This is where the curious and interested become leads, that is, possible buyers (of whom you have the data and with whom you have a relationship).

While the top content presents problems and solutions, the middle of the funnel puts the brand as a good outlet for those who read.

The tone still needs to be informative, without the characteristics of an advertisement.

The role of research at this stage is to understand what drives the lead to make a purchase or not.

Understanding what happens in this process is essential to direct content marketing to obtain more positive results.

Funnel bottom

At this stage, the sale is made or not. When the lead gets here, it’s because content marketing efforts are working.

That is, the more people reach the bottom of the funnel, it is a sign that their content has been efficient.

However, if fewer people arrive, changes in approach and formats are necessary.

The informational characteristic should remain, but the brand and the product are already inserted for the consumer to choose to finalize a purchase.

Remembering that after-sales starts at the time of purchase, it is important to start personalizing customer service.

The sale and delivery of the product can be done in a personalized way, so you will start to win over customers.

Perhaps the most relevant role of research at this stage is to identify why some leads who have come this far have not completed the acquisition.

After sales

This is the moment when the customer is finally loyal and becomes a consumer of the brand.

Content marketing is able to customize the material to reach a specific customer – customizing emails, for example.

If you’re looking for reasons to start working on content marketing better, you’ve certainly noticed some within that text.

But if you’re still in doubt, it’s worth going to Content Trends and discovering the best reasons to invest in content marketing!

content trends

Good content marketing can be done in several ways.

If you have an idea for this type of technique, or have questions about how a great agency specializing in digital marketing can help your business, leave it in the comments!


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