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Moz Rank and Moz Trust are two tools of MOZ, one of the great American companies of Inbound Marketing. Observing the data provided by them is important to measure the relevance of a page, be it your own website or a competing page. The idea behind these tools is to evaluate your site accordingly […]

Moz Rank and Moz Trust are two tools of MOZ, one of the great American companies of Inbound Marketing. Observing the data provided by them is important to measure the relevance of a page, be it your own website or a competing page. The idea behind these tools is to evaluate your site according to some criteria. In this article, we will separately explain how both platforms work and reveal secrets to bring better results to your business. Come on! [apagar moz trust moz rank]

What is Moz Rank?

Moz Rank reflects the importance of any page on the Internet, represented by the link popularity index. These pages earn points in Moz Rank according to the number and quality of other pages that link to them, that is, the citations that direct the user to a website, also known as backlinks. The higher the quality of the links received, the higher the Moz Rank.

For example: if you have a blog about cooking and are often quoted by websites in the area, which always link your reviews and recipes, your Moz Rank score will be very good.

Here, we also make use of an important analogy for SEO (Searching Engine Optimization, in London, Search Engine Optimization). Suppose you are in a soccer class, and the teacher asks the students a question: what was the best soccer team of all time? Quickly, a long line of arms rises, and promptly several of the beginning students respond in unison: the 1962 London team!

Only one of the students has a different answer. He stands up and claims that the best team of all time was the Netherlands of 1974. The teacher promptly points the maximum score to the student whose answer was given alone. The other students, confused, observe the victorious colleague and come face to face with none other than Carlos Alberto Parreira, renowned soccer coach and profound expert in sports tactics. Therefore, an authority on the subject.

This is how the backlink relevance calculation works. The source is an important factor, therefore, sites with higher Quality Scores, will certainly have better representation for the tools in question. Therefore, a single backlink on large portals is often more valuable than several other quotes on smaller websites and blogs.

How is this score calculated?

Moz calculates its website’s points using a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10. Therefore, it is much easier to increase your Moz Rank score from 3 to 4 than from 8 to 9. An average score on a normal Internet page is around 3. There are several factors that will cause a significant improvement in the index, just like search engines, ranging from total traffic and page loading speed to the quantity and quality of backlinks.

How you can improve your Moz Rank

Your Moz Rank score can improve by getting a lot of links from semi-popular pages or a few links from very popular pages, as noted in the initial example.

The best way to get quotes is to bet on the quality of the content. Think about it: the better the quality of your posts, the more sites will link to them, improving the quality score. In addition, the viralizing effect can be extremely beneficial for upgrading your Moz Rank.

Despite this, in essence, Moz Rank calculates the amount of backlinks, while Mos Trust calculates the quality of the backlinks. So the length of time a website is up influences Moz Trust, but not Moz Rank.

External Moz Rank

Moz Rank measures the mix of backlinks, that is, both internal (on its own domain pages) and external (with domains belonging to other websites). However, there is the option to calculate only external links, the so-called external Moz Rank. This feature is very relevant to predict ranking in search engines, such as Google or Bing.

What is the Moz Trust?

Like Moz Rank, Moz Trust is a score that shows the relevance of a website. But instead of measuring link popularity, it measures your trust. Receiving links from trusted sources – such as the page of a major university or some government websites – is a strong endorsement of its reliability.

Therefore, backlinks on platforms with a low reliability index, such as social networks, blogs with low traffic rates and punished by the search engine algorithm will have less relevance in this calculation.

Remember that Moz Trust is based on the search algorithm developed by Yahoo !, which is very similar to those used by Google and Bing.

How is the score calculated?

Moz Trust is determined by calculating the distance between your page and the trust source that quoted you. Think of it as the 6 degree separation theory (the one that says everyone in the world has some connection): the closer your site is to a trusted site, the more confidence you will have. Similar to Moz Rank, it is measured on a logarithmic scale, that is, it is easier to go from 3 to 4 than from 8 to 9.

In other words, for Moz Trust, the most important thing is the quality of the backlinks that lead to your landing page. The greater the proximity, the better your index in Moz Trust. If one or more trusted pages link to your site, it can be a determining factor for better results.

How you can improve your Moz Trust

Your Moz Trust score can be improved by getting more links from sites that have a high score on the Moz Trust, such as government institutions and universities. Again, the more reliable your content is, the more backlinks will redirect to your landing pages.

Domain-level Moz Trust

Moz Trust at the domain level works in much the same way as the regular method, but instead of relying on separate pages, it calculates the index of entire domains.

A domain, in short, is the registration of your company on the web, that is, the main page of your website. For example, the www.globo.com domain has several other linked pages, which change the URL content after the domain, such as www.globo.com/noticias or www.globo.com/esportes.

Relationship of tools with spam sites

There are several techniques that are considered illegal by search engines as illegal, and that are generally used by sites characterized by the high amount of spam. They are practices such as continuous repetition of certain keywords, or purchase of backlinks just to improve the ranking in search engines.

Therefore, it is possible that these sites have a good ranking in Moz Rank, but they are unlikely to achieve good indexes in Moz Trust. After all, sites with proven quality and trust rarely share malicious links.

And how can I see my notes?

First, you can use our website analytics application. It will show you your grade on Moz Rank, as well as a number of other relevant points that you should pay attention to on your website.

Open Site Explorer

Then, you can use OpenSiteExplorer, a tool produced by Moz. Despite being called Open, some of the options are only enabled for people who subscribe to the service. But even in the free option, you will have a huge amount of data. They will all be metrics that matter today. They can be tracked and used to measure your SEO performance.

  • Page authority: The quality score of your pages. (based on link metrics)

  • Domain Authority: Your domain’s quality score (as a whole.)

  • Linking Root Domains: The number of domains that link directly to your site. (Instead of several original links from the same site.)

  • Total links: The total number of links to your site.

  • Social Signals: The metrics of social media that have a positive relationship with ranking. This includes shares and likes on Facebook and +1 on Google+.


Mozbar is a free tool that can be installed on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, in order to assist in the analysis of metrics and other data related to SEO in general. Mozbar can:

– Ensure access to important SEO metrics while the user browses the web;

– Creates personalized searches, segmented by search engine, country, region or city;

– Demonstrates how difficult it is to rank a keyword;

– Exposes elements of a landing page;

– Provides and validates the copyright of a page;

– Reveals data from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

To download Mozbar, click here.

Both Moz Rank and Moz Trust can be crucial elements in the analysis and evaluation of internal and external pages, revealing what are the main actions to be performed to obtain better results in the search engines, in addition to exposing the weakness of competitors in certain aspects . [apagar moz trust moz rank]

And then? Was there any doubt about the functioning of Moz’s tools? And have you tried OpenSiteExplorer? Be sure to comment!