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The realization of a Digital Marketing course is essential for you to learn the best techniques and enhance your opportunities in the market. Between paid and free certifications, there are options for all types of professionals. In this text, we separate the main ones!

The impact of the expansion of the internet on our lives is felt on all fronts. We use the digital environment to study, socialize, seek information, buy and, increasingly, sell. So it is no surprise that Digital Marketing is an increasingly powerful tool for companies of all sizes.

However, it is an activity in constant change. As new technologies are launched and the characteristics of the public are changed, the best practices related to Internet Marketing may evolve. To stay up to date, nothing better than a Digital Marketing course.

Finding the best courses available on the subject is essential for you to improve your skills and positively influence your company’s results. Want to know more? In this article, we will explain:

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What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

Before we talk about Digital Marketing courses, it is good to highlight its relevance in the current scenario. The reach provided by the internet eliminated barriers and made it possible for companies of all sizes to compete for the same digital spaces.

With a relatively low level of investment, it is possible to segment the audience and reach them with extremely personalized content, which enhances conversion rates. Unlike traditional advertising, it’s easy to control the profile of the audience viewing your campaigns.

It is, therefore, a very efficient tool not only to sell, but also to get closer to the public and build customer loyalty. All of this with access to data that enable accurate metrification, essential for the optimization of the strategy.

However, so many advantages do not mean easy life. The environment full of opportunities attracts more and more competitors, which raises the importance of knowing and adopting the best practices and techniques.

What is the importance of the Digital Marketing professional?

The new way to sell and advertise involves the use of technology and marketing automation tools. These elements are essential to keep pace with the market and create increasingly satisfying experiences for consumers.

However, the increase in the use of technology does not mean, in any way, the reduction of the professional’s role. Every company needs someone trained and qualified to apply, coordinate and measure the best strategies relevant to the scenario.

As with any other form of knowledge, this skill is only acquired through study, training and experience.

The good news is that the internet can help with that, too. Today, you can find very valuable options for free and paid courses to empower you or your employees. We’ll talk about the main ones in the next topic.

What are the best free Digital Marketing course options?

If you want to start specializing in Digital Marketing, but still don’t have capital for investment, no problem! See now how to study with the best free options of online courses in this area!

Websites Are Us University Inbound Marketing Course

Websites Are Us University’s Inbound Marketing Certification addresses the introduction to the concept of Inbound and the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. In video lessons, professor Fabiano Cancela goes through key introductory concepts, explaining how content production should be managed to achieve the desired results.

In addition, the following topics are covered:

  • attraction;
  • conversion;
  • nutrition;
  • vendarketing;
  • enchantment;
  • results analysis.

With 5 hours and 15 minutes in duration, the program ends with a test of 60 questions. To obtain the certificate, you must answer at least 70% of the questions.

Outbound Marketing & Sales Course | Websites Are Us University Outbound Go

This online course is designed for those who want to understand how an end-to-end Outbound process works. He teaches from building prospecting lists to closing new sales. Besides that, process management works, such as hiring and training new salespeople.

The program lasts for 5 hours and is taught by Professor Vinícius Mayrink, precursor in the theme Outbound Marketing in London. Today, Vinícius is CEO of Reev, a Sales Engagement and Artificial Intelligence platform for commercial teams. His expertise is one of the major attractions of the course.

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot is one of the largest automation software companies for Digital Marketing and Inbound education in the world. Currently, its certification in Inbound Marketing is well recognized in the national and international scene.

At Hubspot Academy, the Hubspot course platform, you can find about 11 free certifications for training in Marketing and sales. Among them are curricula related to Inbound, design, email marketing, content, social media and training to use your automation software.

The courses are taught in English, but subtitles are provided to facilitate understanding. The Inbound Marketing certification has 6 lessons, 4 quizzes and 15 video classes, which can be completed in approximately 1 hour and 54 minutes.

Course on Content Production for Web 2.0 at Websites Are Us University

The Content Production Course at Websites Are Us University addresses the specificities that a text written for the web must present, points out the particularities of this type of content and teaches the best practices of producing online materials for Content Marketing and SEO strategies. It is divided into three main topics:

  • content planning: structuring and defining the best strategies;
  • essay: effective web text development;
  • review: use of the best proofing techniques to guarantee the quality of the texts.

You will find scanning, copywriting, keyword research and other tools that will prepare you for producing web content. It is a mandatory program to become a Websites Are Us freelancer!

There are 2 hours and 35 minutes taught by Professor Luiza Drubscky, responsible for Marketing management at Websites Are Us. Graduated in publicity and advertising from UFMG, Luiza combines technical knowledge with the experience gained from her years in the market.

Course on Content Marketing 2.0 at Websites Are Us University

The Content Marketing course at Websites Are Us University addresses techniques to increase your organic traffic, build the authority of your brand and gain the trust of your audience. By creating valuable content, you will learn to work on your company’s image in the most efficient way.

With the knowledge gained in the course, you will be able to put together strategies to generate and qualify leads in a completely organic way, which represents a decrease in your overall expenses.

The program is just over 4 hours long and is taught by Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of Websites Are Us. Peçanha is a well-known name in the world of Content Marketing in London, with more than 20 thousand students spread among its courses and lectures around the country.

What are the best paid Digital Marketing course options?

Now that you know good free options, how about we move on to the best Digital Marketing courses that require a little investment, but deliver more in-depth content for those looking to advance their careers? Follow!

Customer Success Course at Websites Are Us University

The success of a company is only possible with the success of its customers. The Customer Success Course at Websites Are Us University addresses practices and techniques for you to guide and assist your consumers so that they have the best experience with the products or services offered by the company.

In it, you will learn about the history and evolution of the Customer Success concept, know the main metrics related to this practice and understand how to use this approach to increase your company’s profit. In addition, the course provides access to successful cases that enrich the experience.

The program lasts 2 hours and is taught by Talita Batista, who has an MBA in Digital Marketing and has worked with Customer Success since 2014.

Marketing Academy

The Marketing Academy offers a series of mini-courses that cover Digital Marketing topics, from basic concepts to deepening in social networks, paid media, SEO, Analytics and other tools used in the area.

The courses are taught both online and in person in Rio de Janeiro by professionals working in the market that are in a constant process of updating and improvement.

You can find the list of available courses and more information about them on the Academia do Marketing portal or sign up for the on-site modes that take place at the Barra da Tijuca training unit in Rio de Janeiro.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course at Websites Are Us University

How many times, just today, have you searched for something on Google? The SEO Course at Websites Are Us University presents optimization techniques for search engines, teaching good practices applied on a website so that it will have more visibility and appear on the first pages of results.

The curriculum provides an introduction to the concept and operation of fundamental elements, such as search engines and Google’s algorithm. The main ranking factors and techniques that can be employed to optimize your strategy in this sense.

In addition, the program addresses keyword research, which is essential for many Digital Marketing approaches. In addition to learning the importance of this practice, you will understand how some of the main tools used for this purpose work.

With 3 hours and 45 minutes, the online course is presented by professor Renato Mesquita, specialist in Inbound Marketing strategies.

Inside Sales Course at Websites Are Us University

The Inside Sales Course at Websites Are Us University addresses ways to implement a well-structured sales process in your company, as well as the correct ways to qualify your leads.

What information does your company need to put together an effective proposal? How does it differ from its competitors? What is your trading strategy?

In the course, in addition to finding the answers to these questions, you will learn about a winning process from Inside Sales and the best practices for successfully implementing it in your company.


On the Udacity website you can find a Digital Marketing nanodegree, which addresses the basic concepts and techniques of how to build content production strategies, SEO, paid media, social networks and other pillars in this area.

The Udacity model works as follows: videos and materials are made available that the student can watch and study at his own pace, and, at the end of the learning process, he needs to carry out a project that will be evaluated by Udacity teachers and receive feedback on top of this.

Course on Social Media Management at Websites Are Us University

Activating your company’s social networks is essential to strengthen the relationship with the public and increase the reach of your brand. By creating and disseminating content relevant to your persona, you educate them about the market and facilitate conversion. For that, it is necessary to know the best ways of approach.

The Social Media Management course at Websites Are Us University has 3 hours and 15 minutes to cover the main knowledge you need to have on the subject. In addition to understanding the history and importance of networks, you will learn about the main metrics, the types of campaigns and even learn more about digital influencers.

The program is run by specialist Lizandra Muniz, who is responsible for managing social media at Websites Are Us.

Websites Are Us University Email Marketing Course

Sending an email marketing campaign may seem easy, but maintaining a strategy that generates long-term results is challenging.

In this course, you will learn everything about email marketing, from how to get and grow an email list, to the technical aspects that will ensure that your submissions don’t fall into the spam box.

The certification has 4 hours and 37 minutes and is coordinated by Clara Borges, Marketing supervisor at Websites Are Us.

Branding & Buzz Course at Websites Are Us University

Putting your brand on top of consumers’ minds is no easy task. The Branding & Buzz Course at Websites Are Us University seeks to present the main techniques for you to create a positive image of your company and generate positive feedbacks among consumers.

In this certification, you will learn to put into practice a complete strategy to improve brand recognition, market engagement and enhance the emergence of your company’s promoters.

The program can be completed in 2 hours and 25 minutes and has the expertise of instructor Juliana Ribas, who works with Marketing research and holds the position of Branding & Buzz manager at Websites Are Us.

WAU Blog University Corporate Blogs Course

One of the main tools to achieve good results in Digital Marketing is the blog. The Corporate Blogs Course at Websites Are Us University brings techniques and good practices to invest in the production of content for companies that want to guarantee their success online.

In the course, you will learn from creating a blog from scratch, to the main techniques for creating qualified materials and increasing the reach of the website. With 4 hours and 55 minutes of duration, the certification has as instructor André Mousinho, who is nothing less than the chief editor of Websites Are Us blogs.

Knowing the best options to improve your training may be what is necessary to leverage your career. By obtaining a certificate in a Digital Marketing course, you not only improve your professional qualification, but also increase the chance of new opportunities.

Are you interested? Discover all the courses offered by the Websites Are Us University and discover the most interesting for you!