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Respond quickly: To create your marketing strategies, do you simply get an idea out of your head and already put it into practice or try to base this action on results and then apply it to your business? If you answered “yes” to the 1st option, be careful! Here at WAU, we are obsessed with planning, executing, […]

Answer quickly:

To create your marketing strategies, do you simply get an idea out of your head and already put it into practice or try to base this action on results and then apply it to your business?

If you answered “yes” to the 1st option, be careful!

Here at WAU, we are obsessed with planning, executing, measuring and optimizing each strategy.

This is a cycle that must be strictly followed by a marketer for good results to be achieved.

In this sense, the keywords head tail are very important in the construction of actions, whether to create content or ad campaigns.

These elements are crucial to being in evidence, that is, in front of your competitors when consumers search the internet.

So we created this post. In it we will show everything about the subject.

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What are head tail keywords?

There are 2 types of keywords:

The first consists of long and very specific terms.

An example that we can build from long tail is “32 inch black LCD television”.

The person who searches for that term already knows what they want and is probably looking for the best store to finalize their purchase.

Thus, the long tail has a higher conversion rate, since the lead is at a more advanced stage of the sales funnel.

However, in this case, the search volume is much smaller.

On the other hand, competition is also lower.

The head tail keywords are shorter, with 1 or 2 words, but with broader meanings.

Following the example, a head tail would simply be “television”

Now, a person who types that term in Google may not even know which model he wants, being far from closing a purchase.

Therefore, the conversion rate is lower.

But then, why use a head tail?


The search volume by general terms is much higher than in specific terms.

So, let’s make a quick comparison between the 2 concepts to be clear:

Keywords long tail

  • long and very specific terms;
  • high conversion rate;
  • lead is at the end of the sales funnel;
  • less competition, with easier ranking in the first positions of the searches; and
  • low search volume.

Keywords head tail

  • short and general terms;
  • low conversion rate;
  • lead is at the beginning of the sales funnel;
  • very fierce competition; and
  • high search volume.

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Head tail and long tail: which is the best option?

Looking at the characteristics we listed in the previous topic, you may even think that it is more interesting to always use a long tail in the strategies.

After all, it has a good conversion rate and even less competitiveness, right?

But not quite…

The truth is that there are right times for each option.

A marketer must understand the characteristics of the 2 concepts very well and project them into a strategy for publicizing the company.

In the next topic, we’ll show you when it’s best to use a head tail keyword.

When is it worth using head tail in strategy?

Head tail keywords are great for general content.

We are talking about those who can simply arouse the curiosity of a potential customer, making him seek more information.

In addition, general terms are also indicated for new subjects, such as a movie or book release or even an event.

Although it is more difficult to gain a good position on Google and other search engines with a head tail, you must remember that the top actions of the funnel are very important for the entire sales process.

If the user does not yet have a specific knowledge on the topic, you should treat it with light content for the attraction phase.

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What are the tools to find head tails?

Regardless of whether you want to use head tail, long tail or both in your strategy, you need to have efficient tools to find the terms that are really interesting.

Many companies invest in content marketing or ad campaigns, but fail to achieve good results.

When we look at why, the lack of good keyword research is present.

Among the various tool options, we can suggest 3 specials.

Are they:

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a tool developed by Google, within the AdWords platform.

Its use is very simple:

After you have created an account and accessed the resource, just enter a search term and several interesting data will be shown, such as the level of competitiveness and the volume of searches.


SEMrush is a great option for those who want to do keyword research.

This tool is very complete, and its use is also simple.

Within the platform, it is possible to enter a term that you want to start the search and, from there, related keywords will be indicated.

This feature is interesting to learn about the variations you can use in your strategy.

For each term, information such as search volume and CPC, which represents the cost per click, is shown.

That is, the CPC is the amount you will have to spend for each click on your ad with the keyword.

Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool uses Google mechanisms to create a very complete suggestion of related keywords.

When entering a term into the tool, a very extensive list of other options will be shown, with the search volume, CPC and the competitiveness of each one.

How to rank for head tail?

To reach the top positions with the head tail keywords, it takes a lot of planning and control of the metrics.

You must do a thorough market research, raising the main terms used by your target audience.

Also, check the words used by your competition.

After that, you need to think about your pages, applying optimization techniques, or SEO.

Remember that investing in an AdWords campaign is not enough to appear in 1st position.

Your page must be really relevant to the user for this achievement to be achieved.

With the contents the work is similar:

Create high quality materials, optimized and strategically planned.

We have seen that head tail keywords are very important to your marketing strategy.

The general terms have a huge volume of searches, which should be used to attract leads and feed the sales funnel.

To be successful, focus on the tips we gave.

It is important to remember that both head tail and long tail must be used respecting the different characteristics and objectives.

So, you already know that you need to pay more attention to head tail keywords.

Now, check out our other content with the main SEO trends to put your company at the top.

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