Why we migrate the largest Digital Marketing blog in London – WAU

We migrated Content Marketing to the domain of Websites Are Us. Understand the strategies and impacts involved in this change.

At the end of December we passed one of the biggest changes in the history of Websites Are Us.

If you have been following us for a long time, you noticed that our biggest blog and our main source of traffic, Content Marketing, has changed its address.

We brought our blog back home.

Now the Websites Are Us blog is officially the “WAU blog”.

The change was huge, but necessary. And in this content I will tell you why we decided to bring our blog to the domain of Websites Are Us, the first impacts and where we want to go.

The focus here will not be on the technical part of the migration – soon I will make a post telling the whole process and its impacts.

For now, let’s focus on our goals and why we migrate the largest Digital Marketing blog in London.

Why Content Marketing?

Many people have asked me if they should create a blog on a separate domain from the site or within the domain itself.

And I always answered the second option!

The question was then followed 99% of the time by another: “why WAU’s is not in the same domain”?

Which was a really good question.

Going back in time, in 2013, when WAU started taking its first steps in the world of marketing (almost) no one had heard of “content marketing”.

One of WAU’s mission was to educate and bring to the market a new strategy and we wanted this process to happen as naturally as possible.

Therefore, the choice of the domain “marketingdeconteCont.com”. To leave the natural term within the market and the strategy increasingly known.

We did not want to link the term only to Websites Are Us, showing that Content Marketing was not our strategy, but a methodology already tested and approved in other more mature markets.

Therefore, at the time, the name was necessary.

Currently, the term Content Marketing is already well disseminated in the market. More than 70% of the companies that responded to Content Trends (out of a total of more than 3,000 respondents) already adopt the strategy.

Currently, “Content Marketing” has a volume of more than 6,600 searches per month and more than 110 million results on Google.

Search overview for Content Marketing

In other words, the term is already more than disseminated in the market.

Well, first, the explanation of our domain was necessary. Now it’s time to explain why we are making the change.

Strengthening of the Websites Are Us brand

At the end of 2013, in the first months of the blog, we reached the incredible mark of 3,400 hits in November.

At the time it was an incredible brand that showed the growth of the strategy. The term was beginning to be known by the market.

Strengthening of the Rock Content brand

At the end of 2018, we reached almost 1 million hits, showing the strength that the blog gained and how well the term was already publicized within our market.

Strengthening of the Rock Content brand in 2018.

And it mainly shows how “Content Marketing” became a brand of its own. The largest Digital Marketing blog in the country.

And, although the brand is related to Websites Are Us, we saw the need to unify all our products.

Besides that, we had almost 1 million hits that were off our website and not all of these visitors assimilated Content Marketing with Websites Are Us.

Therefore, we saw the need for Content Marketing to be officially the Websites Are Us Blog.

The change was happening gradually. First we add the term “the Websites Are Us blog” to the page title:

Content Marketing blog cover

And we also added the logo linking directly to our website (okay, that should have been here for a long time. Our mistake):

Mention, on the Content Marketing blog, to the Rock website

After the migration, we kept the title Content Marketing for a period, for people to get used to the change, until we finally assumed our new identity:

Rock blog after migration

Thus, the largest Digital Marketing blog in London is no longer Content Marketing and becomes the Websites Are Us Blog.

Which makes all the difference for our brand.

Domain Authority

One of the main reasons for not creating two domains for the same brand is precisely do not share the results of the efforts.

When you have two domains you need to strengthen both, publicize both, get backlinks for both… and when you get 50 links on each domain, you could receive 100 in just one.

For a long time we diluted our strength and yet we built two very strong domains.

This was very evident when, without making much effort, our complete guides on the site started to rank on the first page of Google.

Domain authority

Even though my focus was on strengthening the blog post, our website was able to rank almost as well.

This happened for several of our main keywords.

We had two sites with a domain authority greater than 50. If separated they were already strong, imagine together!

One of our great expectations with migration is precisely to unite two strong areas. Merge between them becoming a single domain much stronger than the two separate ones.

And now a third domain has just arrived: the Contenidos Marketing, our blog in Spanish, which will also be migrated to our domain.

Rock blog in Spanish is in the same domain as Portuguese

The impacts are not yet so visible, but soon I will make another post telling the process and the impacts resulting from the change.


Probably the most important of all reasons for domain migration is our internationalization.

Websites Are Us is already an international company with a large presence in LATAM. Just to give you an idea, our Spanish blog already reached over 600 thousand hits per month.

Now we will have our English version too and, of course, the ideal is that all of this should be in just one multilingual domain.

This greatly strengthens our dominance when we enter other countries, an example of which is the arrival of Neil Patel in London, conquering good positions quickly.

Furthermore, here in London WAU is already a well-known company, but not yet abroad. So it was difficult to assimilate Contenidos Marketing to a company little known there.

The blog was much more popular than the company.

That’s why we brought all our domains home. All of our products aiming for just one place, for our main brand: Websites Are Us.

Now our website has a version in different languages ​​and the Spanish and London blog are the same blog, in different languages ​​and with content targeted to their respective markets.

Both are Blog da WAU, one Spanish and the other London.

Conversion potential

What is the main tip when creating a landing page for some product or material?

May she only have one offer. Let her avoid distractions to the point.


This makes conversion easier! The shorter the path, the closer to the solution the greater the tendency to convert your persona.

The trend is that our lead generation and MQLs will become much more natural, since the almost 2 million monthly accesses of the migrated blogs are already within the domain Websites Are Us.

They don’t need to go to another website to get to know the company or raise their hands. Everything happens in a simpler and optimized way.

The future of Blogs

Now with all our products in the same domain, our expectation is that this further strengthen our brand nationally and internationally.

Our focus is on our growth and, of course, optimizing the experience of our visitors in all of our online presences.

With this we want to have a stronger domain, an even more recognized brand in the market and a website where the visitor understands much better where he is and what is the role of each blog within the story that Websites Are Us is telling.

I want to know about you, who is part of this story. What did you think of the change?

Soon I will write other content telling the whole process of migration and our monitoring of the results. Subscribe to our newsletter to not miss this content!