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The integration between CRM and Marketing Automation can make planning your Digital Marketing strategies even more efficient. In fact, this technique can help a lot to make them work accurately and impact consumers correctly.

When we talk about Digital Marketing, some concepts end up gaining greater notoriety because of its importance for a strategy to achieve the expected results. Two of them are CRM and Marketing Automation, fundamental techniques for approaching an important piece: the consumer.

After all, it is essential to think of a Marketing plan that contemplates the strengthening of the relationship with its customers.

Increasingly demanding and with more options on the market, consumers do not think twice before looking for competition, if the service is not what they are looking for.

Therefore, it is critical to think of ways to improve the user experience with your brand. By approaching and integrating CRM and Marketing Automation, you make your actions and campaigns even more precise, knowing in depth who your consumer is.

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What are CRM and Marketing Automation?

Before we get into the importance of integrating CRM and Marketing Automation in your company, we need to better understand what these two concepts are.

For this reason, we have prepared a brief summary of what each of these Digital Marketing tactics is and how important they are to your company’s success.


The concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) could not be clearer than the name implies: Customer Relationship Management.

When applying this tactic within your company, the goal is to strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer by better managing their leads.

Organizing the data available to your customers – from personal information to purchase history or preferred service channels – is the first step to better understand what the user is looking for.

By knowing in depth who consumes your products or services, you can make your campaigns more accurate and thus increase lead generation.

How? By centralizing all information about your consumer, which facilitates their use in Digital Marketing strategies. In this way, it is possible to strengthen email marketing campaigns and your company’s presence on social networks, for example.

Marketing Automation

With the digital transformation, it is essential that companies know how to use the technological resources available to make their strategies more efficient.

By putting some Marketing Automation software into practice at your company, you can reduce bureaucratic work and increase your team’s productivity.

Thus, automating Digital Marketing processes is nothing more than using tools so that manual activities – especially those that demand a lot of time – are done in a more practical and efficient way. These are necessary tasks, but they can take time, for example, for more strategic tasks.

That way, you can run more accurate and personalized campaigns to reach your audience and, of course, make work within your company more efficient and productive.

In addition, you can attract more leads and reduce other metrics, such as CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

What is the reason for integrating the two tactics?

Now that you have better understood what each of these concepts represents, you can now understand the relationship between them, right? Therefore, it is time to know what to do to make the integration between CRM and Marketing Automation happen correctly within your company.

The focus of any Digital Marketing strategy should be, without a doubt, strengthening the relationship between company and consumer. Thus, it is much easier to analyze the user’s behavior and, consequently, carry out the necessary actions to meet their demands.

CRM and Marketing Automation can be integrated in order to further centralize the information available in the digital world. If both tactics are not implemented in your organization, some problems can hinder your strategic planning.

One is duplication of actions. In other words, the customer is impacted by two different paths, which can be terrible for its strategy, leaving the consumer dissatisfied with content in unnecessary quantities. An even worse case is when a user does not receive information from either side.

So, if the two separate tools already provide positive results for your company, when integrating CRM and Marketing Automation, the trend is for even greater efficiency. The result? Higher productivity of your team – especially if you have few employees – and better sales results.

What are the advantages of integrating the two strategies?

Combining the benefits of CRM and Marketing Automation tools can be even more beneficial for your company’s success. So that you don’t waste time, we’ve listed the top five advantages of integrating the two strategies. Check out!

Reduces duplicate actions

Sales and Marketing teams do not always work together, which can lead to a lack of information exchange.

Thus, duplicate work often occurs, with both teams performing simultaneous actions to impact a given customer. A negative point for the user experience.

By integrating CRC and Marketing Automation, you ensure that all employees in your company have access to the same information, avoiding duplication – or even the absence – of campaigns, for example.

Greater information sharing

In addition to avoiding duplicate actions, integration allows for greater sharing of information.

An important benefit, especially if we consider that a given data can be extremely useful for one team, while it goes unnoticed by another.

Thus, the waste of valuable information is also reduced, increasing the chances, for example, that your teams will find ways to innovate strategies, either in Marketing or in the Sales sector.

With all the data centralized on the same platform, it is also easier to understand the customer’s wishes and demands.

Increased efficiency and productivity

A very common problem for those who manage a company or even the Marketing sector is the excess of tasks and, consequently, the difficulty of performing time management.

Combine this factor with a team that is not as numerous and, therefore, it becomes more complicated to apply different strategies, for example.

By integrating CRM and Marketing Automation, you increase the productivity of your staff, ensuring that they occupy their working hours with more strategic functions and that, in fact, bring more results to your business.

In addition, all work becomes more accurate and efficient with so much information available.

Enhances the customer experience

In Digital Marketing, a basic task is to ensure that the consumer experience is the best possible with your brand. With duplicate actions, for example, it is unlikely that the customer will be satisfied with his actions and campaigns, causing the opposite effect and keeping him from an eventual conversion.

With the two tactics integrated, the tendency is for each client to be thoroughly analyzed, making it easier to identify patterns of behavior. Thus, their actions become increasingly personalized, resulting in a more positive user experience with your brand.

Increase in sales

With the customer satisfied with the points of contact between him and his company – in addition to constant monitoring of his behavior – the tendency is for his strategies to become more precise. The result? Increase in your company’s sales.

After all, your employees will know exactly what to offer to the consumer and, most importantly, at the right time. Whether the Marketing team or the Sales team, everyone can make your activities more efficient and, consequently, generate a greater number of conversions for your company.

How important is it to choose the right CRM tools?

It is important to pay attention to another factor: the quality of the tools used to make your work more efficient.

After all, when performing a search on Google, you can find numerous options for CRM solutions and not all will fit your business in the right way.

So make sure that the process of choosing your tool is appropriate to the profile and peculiarities of your company. After all, do not use a system that does not meet your main demands, preventing you from reaching the objectives outlined in your planning.

Thus, for those who want to stand out in such a competitive market and make their strategies more efficient, integrating CRM and Marketing Automation can be the ideal solution for this.

Then you will get make already efficient processes even more accurate and thus improve your company’s numbers at the end of each month.

Now that you know how to combine the features of a CRM and Marketing Automation software, it can be fundamental for the success of your business, how about making the right choice? To help you with this task, we have listed the 12 best CRM tools available on the market. Check out!