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Google My Business is a free tool from Google that allows business owners to be found more easily by consumers. Optimizing the profile on the platform is essential to ensure good results. Understand why and how you should use Google My Business in your strategy!

Being present on the internet is a basic prerogative for those who have their own business. Having a website, investing in publishing educational content on a blog and having an account on the main social networks is the basic strategy in which many entrepreneurs bet to be found.

The dynamics are all right, but can be enhanced with the help of Google My Business. The free tool, created by Google, focuses on boosting local sales through the appearance of information about the company on SERP and also on Google Maps.

If you don’t already have a Google My Business account, or if you don’t think about one marketing strategy exclusive to him, know that many opportunities can be missed!

Stay with us until the end and understand:

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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free google tool, which aims to manage companies’ information online. The information registered there appears on the SERPs and also on Google Maps.

The tool allows a direct dialogue between companies and customers, in addition to offering entrepreneurs the possibility to spend important information to users, such as: address, contact phone, opening hours, peak hours, reviews of the service / product, events that will happen etc.

Google My Business at the Belo Horizonte CCBB
Google My Business at the Belo Horizonte CCBB

In addition, companies that verify Google My Business information have twice as likely to be trusted by consumers, according to information from the company itself.

In addition, those who post photos to their account receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks to enter the site than other companies.

And, as every marketing strategy needs to be measured, this is no different. The platform allows business owners to access information on how customers have researched the company and where they are from; how many people called the company directly using the phone number displayed on the account; how many route requests were made; how many clicks the site had.

Google My Business measurement

If you don’t already have a Google My Business account, we teach you a step-by-step guide in this post on how to create. Don’t waste time and register your company now!

Why do you need an updated account?

Those who are not present in the online world will hardly be found. Even speaking of local searches, it is essential to be present in the same digital environments as your customers.

According to Google, from 2013 to 2017, almost 1 billion new users have connected to the internet. Data from a survey by Provokers show that 96% of Brazilians use the internet to research products and services offered by small and medium-sized companies.

The survey also points out that one in two people trust online comments as much as they trust comments made in person and 77% read reviews to decide between two businesses.

8 out of 10 people use Google to seek information about companies and 95% used Google in 2017 to compare deals before deciding which to contact first.

On the consumer side, it is possible to see that the search engine plays an essential role in the shopping journey. For sellers, the benefits of being on the platform are also many.

According to the same survey, companies that stand out on Google have 13 times more likely to be chosen, 5 times more purchase intentions and are considered 4 times more as reliable. In addition, they are more likely to attract customers: 93% visit or contact businesses that publish promotions, photos and answer comments and questions.

With so many benefits presented, the need to be online may seem obvious, right? But Provokers’ research showed that 40% of small and medium-sized businesses still do not have a digital presence.

If you are part of this portion that is not online, or if you are looking to boost your strategy, continue with us!

How to optimize Google My Business?

For Rodrigo Rodrigues, director of Google Customer Solution, the creation and optimization of a page on Google My Business can be considered as key strategy for the year 2020.

Thinking about it, Websites Are Us talked to the director and gathered the main information for you to leverage your strategy.

“The optimization (of the page on Google My Business) must be done in a very simple way. You, as a company, will tell the tool what you sell, to which audience you sell, to which region you deliver. The tool itself does the actions and gives tips, such as: ‘these ads are the ones that are working the most, put more information about what you sell, put more contact information’.

You will get tips from Google My Business to be more relevant and compete in the public that can deliver your product or service with companies of the most different sizes, having certain prioritization if your result and announcement are more relevant to the consumer, regardless of the size of the budget ”.

Check out some tips on how to optimize your account below.

Keep your profile constantly updated

This tip may seem obvious – and it really is. Therefore, it is essential that you always keep your profile information up to date. Opening hours, address and contact phone are the main ones.

Imagine that a user, when doing a search on Google, finds your company. He sees that it opens on the weekend, goes there, but when he arrives, the store is closed. This is the kind of frustrating experience you want to avoid.

Generate interaction in your company profile

One of the important factors in Google My Business is the amount of assessments left by customers. Therefore, always try to encourage those who have already bought with you to leave a comment telling about the experience.

As stated, in a survey conducted by Provokers, 55% of respondents said they trust online assessments the same as assessments received in person.

After the evaluations are done, respond to customers, showing that the space is for exchange between the company and the consumer.

If you receive a negative rating, be sure to respond to the user, carefully thanking them for their feedback. Collect the information passed by him and be sure to analyze what changes can be made to ensure a better experience.

tibet space responding to comments

Use Google Posts

Through Google My Business, you have access to a posts tool. These posts can be made in texts, videos, images and events.

palace of arts posts

Keep in mind that such published content will only be active for a week. So, again, it is necessary that you always keep your profile updated, with new information for users.

To make a publication, follow the step by step:

  1. access this Google Author page;
  2. click on the “publish to Google” box;
  3. choose the type of post and follow the instructions that will appear;
  4. to see how your search will appear, click on “view”. To return to the editor, click on “create” at the top of the box;
  5. when you’re ready, click “publish”. Your publication will appear immediately on Google search.

You can also edit and delete your posts, schedule them to be published on a certain day and time, increase your visibility time by up to 14 days and share them in email marketing campaigns, social networks and through a specific URL .

Allow appointments

Another platform functionality that should be further explored is that of schedules. This specificity of Google My Business can help restaurants, offices, offices to optimize their time – and profit – by allowing users to schedule times to visit the location.

When searching for a restaurant, for example, the user is taken to a landing page to schedule their time. By filling in the information, he can see which days of the week and times are available. Then, just fill in the personal information and the reservation will be confirmed.

google reservations my business
google reservations my business

To allow an appointment, just contact one of the compatible providers with Google My Business.

To do this, log into your account and access the “scheduling” functionality. Then choose which provider to use. The scheduling account will be linked automatically within one week.

Do not forget to always check which schedules are arriving through this channel, to make sure that customers will always be served on the correct day and time.

Enable messaging

The Google My Business platform allows you to exchange of messages, like an online chat. This allows customers to have direct contact with your company, taking questions quickly and conveniently.

To enable message exchange, you must enable the feature. Open the tool and click on the option of “customers”> “messages”> “activate”. Once activated, go back to the “customers”> “messages” menu and see them all in chronological form.

Likewise, be sure to check daily which messages were sent to you and answer each one. As a stimulus to speed, Google provides information on average response time.

Some tips to ensure agility are: set up your account to send automatic welcome messages and enable chat only during business hours.

Google My Business promises to be a crucial tool in the journey of companies, ensuring that they stand out in local searches and reach an even larger audience, in addition to giving greater credibility and trust to users.

If you don’t have an account on the tool, create it right now. If you already use it, be sure to put our tips into practice and start reaping the good results right away.

If you want to dig deeper into the topic of local searches, download our free local SEO guide and learn to put your business on top of Google!