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The potential of Email Marketing promises to be not only a trend for 2020, but a strength, since it has survived social networks and continues to have the ability to exceed expectations when it comes to selling. For this, it is important to follow some guidelines to reach your maximum potential.

In 2020 we will inaugurate a new decade and, to know what will be a trend, we need to look at these last years and discern what our clients are communicating in response to our Marketing actions.

Customers are the answers we need to plan ahead.

If from 2010 until now what we have been able to follow was the boom of chatbots, social networks and virtual and automated relationships, as a focus for relating to customers, in 2020 what we can say is that the Marketing actions that will be highlighted and they will gain a special value in the strategies, they will be those able to approach and connect with their persona.

And with Email Marketing it will be no different. The clearer, more welcoming and humanized your Email Marketing campaigns reach your reader’s inbox, the greater the chances that this reader will meet your CTA and reach the goal of your email.

People are looking for the humanization of their relationships, if before it was legal to support virtual relationships, the chic now is to be personal.

Even if your emails reach millions of people, messages will always be received individually – and ignoring this can be a harmful error.

In this text, we will talk about how investing in Email Marketing in 2020 is important and how your company’s strategy can stand out from the crowd, drawing the attention of your target audience and gaining space in the market.

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Why bet on Email Marketing in 2020?

This answer is very simple. It is because it is the tool that can communicate with an incalculable number of readers who have given your company permission to communicate with them, in a personalized and personal way with a single shot.

But it needs to be carefully calculated and planned.

When dealing with large scale, no other action is able to get closer to your potential customer like this.

The secret for your email communication to connect with your prospect is the customization.

It may seem like a complex action, but with a segmentation elaborated and focused to meet a common objective among the personas that allowed you to access them, it is possible to create a close and relevant communication to show how interesting your product is and solve a pain that she has.

An email strategy is a giant advantage with low investment and high profitability for companies that want to generate budget requests in a short time.

Email Marketing provides predictability in your shots and is a high performance differential, because, by following your metrics, it is possible to plan the sustainable growth of your strategy and scale the development of your business.

Top trends for Email Marketing

Now we will present 4 trends that will make your emails winning in 2020.

1. Segmentation: a powerful weapon to humanize your emails

To segment is to classify your subscriber base on a common goal. It is the key to getting your persona’s attention, generating engagement and creating harmony between what your company has to offer and the problem it has to be solved.

A very simple action, but one that will make your ROI positive is to separate your enrollment base into classes in common with each other.

Targeting example


Offers that are relevant to each distinct genre.

To attack the advantages that men and women will have when using their product, indicate the differentials that benefit each gender exclusively.

People like exclusivity and pay for it.


Communicate based on what stage of life each persona is in.

A hint: do not talk to older people as if they were teenagers, it may show a lack of respect in their perception, or they may not understand your message. And it can drive away who you want to reach.

In the same way that talking to young adults, how you approach a child, can make your brand fall into disrepute for them.

Setting the tone of speech for each age is very important to get the prospect’s attention.


Using motifs that use geography to identify with the persona is a powerful differentiator – using local language to the point of speaking is an argument for approximation.


Creating communications based on jobs, salaries, business and characteristics can be a relevant point to talk to your persona.

Languages ​​inherent to the persona’s role can be a game changer to catch the attention of this audience.


Understanding your persona’s preferences and knowing if there is something that is common among the others is the type of customization that sets your brand apart from the crowd.

Yes, it is a lengthy process, but once done with quality, it will yield excellent sales.

Base time

Creating arguments according to the time that each subscriber has base will tell your persona that you are watching her and that she knows she is no longer one in the crowd.

Such approaches are able to surprise your potential customers and touch them in a unique way.

For us who work like this, it is so simple, since there are tools capable of classifying and making this information available effortlessly in an instant.

That way, it is possible to get closer to your ideal customer.

The more specific information your company can gather from its potential customers, the greater the chances of involving them in your Marketing strategies.

For this reason, persona research is crucial if your company wants to succeed in its strategies.

The product you sell or the service you offer meets a specific need, doesn’t it? It is by using this type of approach that you can take advantage so that your actions are efficient and effective.

Understanding who these people are, how they behave, what other products they consume, how old they are, where they live, what they do and what stage of life they are in will help you find attractive ways to talk to them.

2. Humanization: how to do it

One way to guide yourself to humanize your emails is to address three biases that are infallible in this regard.

Ethics, empathy and emotion.

Nobody goes through this type of involvement unscathed when we adopt some of these aspects to communicate. The most common is to be touched by the three, if not, at least by one.

And based on that, we can create humane email marketing campaigns, whatever your product or service.

Proof that this will be a strong email trend for next year it is the fact that any and all commercial transactions are made by people and at some point in the negotiation this characteristic will make a difference.


Ethics is an important requirement for healthy businesses.

Whatever the profile of your persona, for sure, when closing a purchase, it will take into account what is the ethical character of your company. Being aligned in your communication, in the entire Content Marketing strategy, it is very important not to lose this differential.

Even if the competition is fierce and it seems that for a while you are failing to win, you need to think long-term and keep in mind that an ethical company will always come into play when unethical options fail.


Empathy creates connection.

It helps to understand the other’s perspective. Realize here the potential that your Email Marketing can exploit using empathy.

If you put yourself in the shoes of the customer that your company wants to win, and act in a way to help them, you can lead them to better decision making – choose your company.

Email can go far beyond informing the benefits and solutions of your company, it can serve to connect with people and make a difference in their daily lives.

Do not use your email only to send promotions and make the persona meet your CTA. Also use it to offer information and utilities that are interesting for everyday life, like teaching something that makes sense to her

Can be something funny, with the intention of relaxing, or something that is of public use.

This will show your persona that your intentions with her go far beyond making her buy something.

If your company only focuses on selling at any cost, it may be time to change your behavior to ensure the sustainable growth of your sector.


Emotion is the trigger of perception.

Through emotion, we can access people’s understanding by giving a personal and differentiated touch to the process of understanding and sharing information.

Emotions can open the door to relationships with your customers. People who have the ability to apply emotion to communication processes tend to have significant success in their business.

Understanding what kind of emotion your customer has, when deciding to buy a product like yours, can be a starting point for setting up a strategy based on that pillar.

Using an emotional approach will show how much you care about the person before they are a customer.

3. Build trust

In many moments of our methodology, what we evaluate as being a successful strategy is one in which in record time we achieve our goal: to make the customer purchase our product.

But we forget that deals closed in this way are purely commercial and work like a barter: you give me what I need and I pay for it. However, as a sign of the slightest problem, this barter is put at risk because it is a purely commercial transaction.

And so the market is consolidating strictly superficial purchasing relationships.

We say this based on companies that always needed to sell their products / services and consumers who, likewise, also needed to consume them.

For this reason – if one needs the other for its livelihood – it is that we, as marketing agents, need to be more strategic in 2020 to plan our actions.

Who knows how to let our potential consumers buy the products in their time? It is a risky action, but in practice, does it not already happen?

What we often do, with our crazy marketing methods, is to give a little push, but it is important to keep in mind that aggressive actions tend to undermine confidence, which can distance the company from its real objective: selling.

4. Interactivity

Have you ever imagined sending an email with content in the form of an infographic?

Thinking that the main social networks move through images, it is innovative to use the same method by email. Have you ever heard that phrase that says: a picture is worth more than 1000 words?

It is possible to transmit several messages using only images, even because they can come loaded with exactly the feeling and the content that we want to print on people.

Now imagine if the content of your email was by voice?

Yes, the voice era arrived in this century and promises to be a strong action for the coming years. The possibilities are endless. Believe!

It may seem like a futuristic idea, but how much more would that catch your eye? What about your persona’s attention?

News is always welcome, but we can only know if they serve our email strategy if we test it.

Thinking about the retrospective of the Marketing methods of the last 10 years, we can see that the more we invest in interactivity, engagement and personality, the better our results tend to be. Because we deal with people before transactions, whatever.

So, taking a look at what will be the trend in email marketing in 2020, we can summarize it in: treat people as people, not as numbers, not as collectives and not as common, because this can block the performance of your marketing actions.

And, if you want to implement the main Marketing trends in your company, but do not know how, contact one of our specialists and see how Websites Are Us can help you!