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When you clicked on this post you probably thought “cool, another one of those incredible mashups that Content Marketing makes”, but you were wrong. This is no longer a super cool text like that of Star Wars written by the best author of this company, but an invasion! I, Deadpool, hacked the WAUet Contente blog and came […]

When you clicked on this post you probably thought “cool, another one of those incredible mashups that Content Marketing makes”, but you were wrong.

This is no longer a super cool text like Star Wars written by the best author of this company, but an invasion!

I, Deadpool, hacked the Happy WAUet and I came to do you a favor, dear reader, so that you understand once and for all why its content is a drug and does not generate any results! Chimichanga!

You’re welcome!

Well if you’re reading this text it’s probably because you’ve watched my overpriced low budget movie where Fox finally managed not to shit on a great character.

If you haven’t seen it yet, stop what you’re doing now and go watch it!

It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, traveling or using your left-hand mouse! Go watch.

Let’s go back to the content.

I really like to talk to the public, so I invaded this site that has huge traffic. Chimichanga. And I will teach you – who should have known for a long time – how to achieve better results in your blog garbage.

Get ready for the best post this blog has ever seen!

dead pool pointing finger

The importance of content

The first reason why your blog and its content is garbage is that you cannot understand the value that the content has.

I, for example, am the ugliest character in comics, nothing can be uglier (unless they mix with Mortal Kombat’s Baraka) and yet everyone loves me! Because I am amazing! I make the best content possible.

It makes all the difference.

Appearance only matters in life. People are very attached to this thing. If you are handsome and healed, you become a celebrity web, even without any content.

Damn Pugliese generation.

But six pack does not sell your product or generate success for your company. And yes, a fantastic content that will be a reference for everyone!

Look at that WAU logo! It is a ball with three streaks inside. Even a blind old man with Parkinson’s disease does something cooler!

Now play digital marketing or content marketing on Google and see what is the first result to appear. Yeah! Make excellent content and the rest is secondary!

I never would have caught her if it weren’t for my sympathy! Take a look:

bacarin brunette taking off her blouse


Of course, the look is not at all useless, after all my film only got off the ground because Ryan Reynolds is a piece of bad road and agreed to be naked.


What man!

Rule 80/20

You may have heard of Pareto principle or 80/20 rule it is not!? No? And you’re still surprised that your leads don’t convert.

Anyway, let’s give the explanation that matters.

One thing you need to get into your head is that nobody cares about you – maybe your mom and Professor Xavier, but other than them, nobody wants to know about you.

So stop using your blog as a daffodil emulation. Your blog is not the instagram of a 15 year old girl. It is not about you. It is about your persona.

Think with me. Your daughter was kidnapped and you call me:

– Hello!

(WOW! Dialogue on a blog post! This Deadpool is amazing! Your brain said at that moment.)

– Hello! You must be Deadpool. Right?

– You must be kidding me! How did you get my number?

– I didn’t fix it! I know, after all I am a character you invented to set an example. My name is Persona.

– OK! What you want?

– My daughter was kidnapped! I need you to help me. I have money.

– OK. Your daughter describes it to me so I know if it is worth finding her or if she is better off!

Anyway, would you mind the methods I would use to save your daughter, Mr. Persona? No, you wouldn’t care.

I could dismember, torture, beat, or anything else that goes through your head. You just want her back in your arms.

So stop using your crappy blog to talk about how cool your product is or how awesome your company is!

Nobody cares about that.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. I didn’t want to know how my cancer would be cured, I just wanted to be cured.

So use the 80/20 rule, use 80% of your blog to help your persona, Mr. Persona, and the other 20% you present yourself as the solution.

The rule can vary, you can be wise like the London poet Wesley Oliveira da Silva, 99% help for persona, but that 1% you put your product in them!

Content has to last forever

Before explaining this topic I need to make a comment for you to save for your life. Use metaphors. They are the best ways to make a person understand something and never forget it. For example…

You may have heard of evergreen content, Mr. Persona (if not, research it now and pretend you knew).

Well, evergreen content is one that time doesn’t take away from its strength. If you read my post today or in a year, it will be equally amazing and useful for your life.

For you to understand better, remember that content is like a kite. “What do you mean, Deadpool? A kite? What a meaningless metaphor! ”


But not! Think with me…

When you fly a kite you always want it to stay on top, don’t you? Nobody likes a kite that doesn’t stand firm over time and falls.

And nobody approves of you using cerol (techniques black hat) to take other kites off the top, correct !?

If your content ages and loses relevance over time, you’ll definitely will no longer see you in the skies of Google.

After all, grandpa’s kite doesn’t go up anymore.

dead pool clapping

Thank you Deadpool! (But you needed to see the original metaphor censored by the Chinese Marketing)

Other evergreen examples are the Star Wars films that are still excellent 40 years later and my film, which I watched yesterday and is still great today!


dead pool with food in hand

You may have noticed that I spread the word Chimichanga several times in the text.

Good, that was an example of what not to do. I did this nonsense in my content because I can!

Unlike me and the wolverine you love so much, you can’t regenerate and shoot yourself in the foot for fun, or in this case to teach a lesson.

Chimichanga would be a keyword. In the past, using a word like this several times in a text was enough to rank well. (Yeah, even Google was stupid, there’s hope for you).

It’s what we call Keyword stuffing, an illicit practice to position yourself well in Google search.

For example, I wanted to rank for the duodenum and spread the word on a big cake recipe. And it worked!

I’m saying that, Mr. Persona, because one of the reasons your poop on your blog doesn’t work is because you not knowing how to use keywords.

There is no point in putting it a lot of time in your text if the content is crap.

And another thing, for Thanos’ sake, don’t use keywords like “wear gym clothes 2016”.

You are doing well reading a text and you are faced with: “whenever you wear gym clothes 2016 look in the mirror”.

What is the meaning of this sentence? Yeah! But since being born stupid is enough, people still don’t understand that for Google gym clothes, gym clothes and gym clothes are the same thing.

Size matters

brunette bacarin crying

No matter what they tell you, don’t believe it. Size does matter!

But of course, the most important thing is what you do with your size.

That is, very small texts and with summarized content, has no authority, they cannot develop a theme very well (their perverted mind).

On the other hand, you don’t need to make a 5000 word blog post to explain what chimichanga is. 500 or 1000 is enough (to place the recipe).

Of course, size will not be the most decisive factor for you to rank well, although it influences a lot.

The important thing is the quality this size, if you do good link building, and of course, the authority of your blog.

After all, if you wanted to learn how to shoot would you trust my blog or a Stormtrooper’s blog?

So, if you want to do well on disputed keywords, make your content richer and differentiate yourself from the competition in its quality.

Remember 12 episode series are much better developed than 2 hour movies, but 24 episode series has a lot of sausage filling.

Rate your own content

Well a very interesting thing is to know evaluate your own performance.

For example, in Wolverine Origin I have been terrible, and I admit it. My new film version is fantastic.

Know how to evaluate your own content and see where it is on the Deadpool quality scale:

Contents Tiradentes – Without foot or head

Lula Content – Note 9

Cicarelli Content – Note 11

Content Fábio Assunção – Addictive. Impossible to read only once!

Websites Are Us – Will rank well

Memory Card Content – Saves the persona

Content terms and conditions – No one will read

Groot content – Quality in a nutshell

Deadpool content – Quality in many words

Ryan Reynolds Content – Very attractive

Religious Content – Convert any lead

Big Brother Content – Everyone hates it but reads

Political Content – Promises but does not deliver

See the full list here!

Strategic planning

You are almost ready to make an improvement on this heap of disconnected text that you call a blog.

A big problem you have is producing content for producing “I want to have a lot of texts on my blog.

I’ll talk about everything ”, then you shit, waste money and then it’s difficult to clean.

Do not produce undeveloped content. It is no use creating a blog post just to leave it there.

He will be more lost in the middle of the internet than deaf in bingo.

Draw a plan!

Nutrition flow

Remember if your persona is a beginner in the subject and you’ll guide her through her first experience.

For this you will need a nutrition flow.

There is no point in getting straight to the point, you have to go nicely showing every need of it, so, in short, be the great solution!

It would be like Spoiler! Nobody likes spoilers. Imagine if I came here to say that in the end I kill Francis (hahaha), but that unfortunately I let the cat die? It would be ridiculous! (oh, did it look good? I had to see the movie before).

dead pool doing thumbs up

FREE CAMEO! You can’t have Marvel text without Stanley right !?

ToFu, MoFu, BoFu… SiFu!

Completely related to the topic above, your strategy needs to be divided into funnel top content, funnel medium, and funnel bottom.

“Wait, Deadpool! Why BoFu? Shouldn’t it be FoFu? ” Yes! Then instead of Deadpool you call me the Pool of Death!

Ultimately, you need to create content types to guide the persona throughout the customer’s journey. One connected to the other.

Funnel top – Attraction content. The customer begins to identify that he has a problem.

Funnel medium – You know you have the problem and need to understand and find the solution.

Funnel background – Decision. Show that your solution is the best for him.

I found out I had cancer, researched the disease and chose the product that was going to cure me. See? Even Department H does content marketing right and you don’t!

So remember ToFu, MoFu and BoFu, if not … SiFu!

crazy dead pool

Don’t forget what you’ve already produced

Another stupid thing you do, Mr. Persona, is forgetting your old posts. You posted something, you need improve that constantly, updating content, doing link building, etc..

So you increases your chances of appearing at the top!

So you are not like Captain America, an old man out of season that nobody cares about and is no reference for anyone.

Don’t leave your posts frozen for 40 years!

dead pool reading with flashlight

Tools (tools, but I like how it sounds in English)

You may have noticed that in addition to a big mouth I have a huge talent for using my tools (did you see how cool it sounds?).

I don’t use just one. I kill with swords, revolvers, machine guns, bazookas, among other things. A repertoire as big as the worm dilma! (Another incredible reference. I smell a historic post. Pulitzer for Deadpool!).

Anyway, to make an effective campaign you have a bundle of fantastic tools at your fingertips. Do you know Adbeat, KeywordCompetidor, SEMRush, RD Station, etc.?

Anyway, options abound!

If you want to improve your results, use the tools at your fingertips. Don’t be a gluttonous Wolverine who doesn’t use his claws in the movie because of censorship!

deade pool gun


dead pool hitchhiking

Would you have seen my movie if it weren’t for the trailers? Or the incredible publicity that I did all this time?

Yeah! My film is already the biggest opening for over 18s in the USA!

shocked dead pool

Promoting your content is good.

Share on your social networks, make your followers do the same and reach more people.

I even like to work alone, but sometimes help goes well.

So, have partners. Making a guest post, having someone who will link to your blog and sharing what you produce can be very useful.

As much as Colossus was irritated by his politically correct speeches, he was in a way useful for me to defeat Francis … hahaha … FRANCIS!


I wouldn’t even talk about it, but speaking of Francis, I remembered that it’s very important that you choose good titles for your posts.

They need to be attractive and arouse readers’ curiosity. If my name was FrancisPool instead of Deadpool, no one would watch my movie, or buy my comics.

Or imagine if you BRs would translate Wolverine to wolverine! The name would be as bad as the movies!

At least you would be spared watching. The comics are good, especially when there is the participation of a Chatty Mercenary who wears red. In this case, me!

dead pool lying

Perhaps you can improve your content production now, or not.

I do not care. The way I already gave you.

Call to action

Ah! Missed talking about CTA. Make one irresistible call-to-action always.

Don’t do it, like: “comment there,” “follow my cool social network”.

No! Be convincing, don’t look like a rich beggar.

Now share my post on all your social networks or I kidnap your family and force them to cook chimichangas for me until you post them all, even on your instagram, Google plus, Orkut, I don’t care!

Share it!

Don’t make me lose my mind with you!


Haha ha!



Oh it sucks!

Marvel … there has to be a post-CTA topic.

Anyway … Do not copy others. Copying is ugly! Bad persona!

You can even satirize. That’s cool!

dead pool king
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