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How to structure, who to hire, what positions are essential? These are some questions for companies that want to invest in a good marketing team. Get to know the structure of marketing teams in London!

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In the last 4 years, choosing WAU Marketing’s marketing team was an interesting challenge and we learned a lot in this process. So, we know that this is not a simple task, but that the evaluation of some benchmarks can help to build the ideal team for an organization.

To better understand how London companies organize their marketing teams, we conducted surveys and interviewed about 3600 professionals of marketing throughout London.

The data we share below are statistics from the Content Trends 2017 survey and also the results of many interviews with Websites Are Us customers and partners.

Composition of marketing teams:

Composition of marketing teams

According to our research, the most mentioned functions in a marketing team among the participants were: Marketing Analyst (39.4%), Social Network Analyst (39.2%) and Content Manager / Producer (36.2 %).

On the other hand, despite the importance of a Search Engine Optimization strategy to guarantee the success of Digital Marketing actions, only 13.8% said they had an SEO Analyst.

This represents a growth compared to the previous year, where only about 9% of companies had an analyst responsible for Search Engine Optimization. However, it is still a number far from ideal.

Company size: up to 25 employees

Of the companies responding to Content Trends 2017, 63.2% claimed to have up to 25 employees.

Looking at the Marketing departments, more than half – 54.3% – have between 2 and 5 people on their teams, followed by 35.9% with only 1 person on the team.

Marketing teams in companies with up to 25 employees

Within the teams, the most commonly found position is that of Content Producer / Manager, present in 31.9% of the responding companies, followed by the positions of Social Network Analyst (30.4%) and Marketing Analyst (24.8 %).

Positions in marketing teams of companies with up to 25 employees

Company size: 26 to 100 employees

In companies with 26 to 100 employees, who represent 17.1% of the respondents, the Marketing teams also have, in their majority, 2 to 5 people (46.9%).

However, the surprising thing was that 11.2% of these companies claimed that their Marketing teams have only 1 person.

The big problem in these cases is how much the strategy is effectively generating results for the business, since generally 1 single person is not able to play well a whole strategy of acquiring customers and still evaluate the results obtained through them, especially for larger companies. postage.

Number of employees of marketing teams in companies with 26 to 100 employees

Among the most found positions, the most common is the Social Network Analyst (36.3%), followed by the functions of Marketing Analyst and Content Manager / Producer, both present in 32.9% of the respondents.

Composition of marketing teams in companies with 26 to 100 employees

Company size: more than 100 employees

The difference is quite clear when it comes to companies with more than 100 employees. As expected, among the respondents, most Marketing teams have teams with more than 20 people (30.3%), followed by teams of 6 to 10 people (27.7%).

Number of employees of the marketing team in companies with more than 100 employees

In these companies, which represent 19.7% of the participants, the most found position is that of Marketin Analyst

Composition of marketing teams in companies with more than 100 employees

Structuring and growing a marketing team is a big challenge. If you want to have access to more information about this process, download our full ebook and learn more about it!

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