The impact of social media is huge, we all know that. It has been a few years since the first major complaints and denunciations about poor service provision began to appear in media such as Twitter and Facebook, in the same way as the success stories in customer service.

Thanks to this new practice, a new practice called “social listening” was created, as well as tools to use it in your business. This practice allows you to monitor social media to be able to find messages that quote your business directly or indirectly. In this article, we show what social listening is, its importance and 10 of the best sites to monitor social media.

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What is social listening?

As we explained at the beginning of this article, it is the practice of monitoring social media to see if users are talking about your company. This monitoring is not only done to find out if they are talking badly about a product or service you have sold, but also for opportunities to interact with your consumers and potential customers. In other words, the practice of social listening serves both sides: sales or service.


The tools to monitor social media save the effort and time it would take to manually check each social network, in addition to preventing you from searching to find those mentions. Typically, they also allow you to respond directly from the platform. In addition, they also find indirect mention of their business.

For example, when someone mentions your company on Instagram, that user usually puts the “@[seunomedeusuario]”So that you receive a notification. When this happens, there is no need for a monitoring tool, as you will be notified and will be able to respond promptly. On the other hand, other users simply enter your company name, without mentioning it. This type of post cannot be found normally and does not generate a notification. And this is where social listening tools make a difference, as they also allow you to find these indirect references.

Why should I use a tool to monitor social media?

The importance of using a website dedicated to social listening is the saving of time and effort that it provides, as mentioned in the previous paragraph. In addition, using one of the sites that we will mention throughout the text will allow you to understand how your brand is viewed by consumers and is an opportunity to engage with your customers. It is also possible to provide assistance to indirect complaints, that is, that did not reach their service channels. Now that you know some of the benefits of using this type of tool, check out our list of the 10 best sites for monitoring social media.


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1. Social Sprout

One of the main tools on social networks. The main functionality of this site is the scheduling and planning of posts in the main media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. However, Sprout Social also has a monitoring area, allowing you to follow predetermined keywords, in addition to locations – ideal for those who also sell in physical stores – and hashtags. Click on the link to learn more about Sprout Social.


2. Hootsuite

Perhaps the oldest among social media managers. Despite having limited options, Hootsuite is free and has one of the best media coverage you can manage on it. In addition, you can create teams within it, ideal for companies with more than one service professional and social media in it.

In the area of ​​social listening, it also allows you to follow and search for keywords and analyze what is being said about them on social networks. You can filter this search by language, keyword, hashtag and location. Visit the Hootsuite page to see all its features.


3. Klout

Klout has a slightly different proposal than most sites for monitoring social media. Although it also offers the possibility to observe and follow what has been said about specific keywords, it also has its own scoring system. This system classifies your site according to the response of your followers and social network users to your publications.

He uses engagement (likes, comments and shares) to make this assessment, making it easier to test what works and what doesn’t in his publications. It is also possible to analyze different markets directly from your website, allowing you to compare yourself to the companies with the greatest presence on the networks. Access the link to learn more about Klout.


4. Buzzsumo

This site goes a little further than monitoring social networks, also analyzing other types of content on the internet, such as blogs and news sites. In addition to tracking feeds in a similar way to the other tools on the list, you can also configure notifications for when a keyword is used, ideal for knowing exactly when someone is talking about your business anywhere on the internet. Click on the link to know all the tools of Buzzsumo.

5. HowSociable

Similar to Klout, HowSociable also has a scoring system to assess its presence on social networks. However, it doesn’t just let you know your score or that of the main players in your area through the market search. It also allows you to monitor and evaluate competing sites, for example, helping you to be aware of your position in the market.

This can also be used to research what types of practices are allowing your competition to be successful. The free HowSociable account allows you to monitor 12 different websites, increasing the number as you buy a paid plan. Access HowSociable through the link.


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6. Mention

Another of the main tools for monitoring social networks. This site was one of the first to work with social listening and allows you to analyze all conversations and mentions of your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest. All of these mentions on social media can be viewed from a single panel, without the need to jump between tabs. See more about Mention by visiting its website.

7. Liekalyzer

Especially made for businesses that have a Facebook Fan Page. Likealyzer is a free tool and brings functions such as information about the engagement of your page and likes received over time, among others. It also carries its own scoring system to analyze its relevance in relation to other Facebook pages. Click on the link to learn more about Likalyzer.

8. Brandwatch

Brandwatch has a series of advanced tools to monitor your pages on social media. The site provides ideas on any topic and information on what types of audiences your business can reach and your needs. It also presents recent trends that are being addressed and deeply analyzes the behavior of its followers and customers. Discover the complete list of Brandwatch features through the link.


9. SumAll

An analytical tool that allows you to observe trends in social media, while allowing you to find mentions about your brand. In addition, this site also analyzes the relevance and the connection between all their profiles on the networks, including sending daily emails about the main metrics of each one of them. SumAll also has post scheduling and reports on its performance. Access the link to know the application.

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10. Conversocial

Without many details beyond the monitoring of social media, Conversocial has this sole purpose of searching and tracking the keywords, hashtags and locations indicated by you. That way, you will be able to know what they are talking about your business and take action immediately, if only for the purpose of engaging with a customer and humanizing your brand. Conversocial allows you to watch Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Twitter. Click on the link to access Conversocial.


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