The real estate sector is one that requires greater precision in dealing with the client. Since buying or renting a property involves several detailed steps and documentation, organizational failures can be disastrous. They may include the requirement that a customer has to restart the procedure to obtain some special documentation – which is not always issued instantly – without being at fault, generating dissatisfaction and loss of confidence. Although no method is 100% effective, adopting an integrated system is a good way to improve in this regard. That’s why we’ve selected 12 of the best CRMs for real estate that can boost and help you better manage your business!

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1. Jetimob

A CRM for real estate agents that can serve both the independent broker and larger companies, Jetimob really is an excellent option on our list. They offer a free 15-day trial period, as well as an initial plan for smaller companies and the Pro version, which serves medium to large agencies. Among its main features, we highlight the possibility of integrating your Google calendar into the system, design compatible with computer screens or mobile devices and financing simulator. Learn more about the platform by accessing the company’s official website.


2. EasyBroker

EasyBroker is a system that allows integrations with email, real estate websites – such as OLX and Zap! Properties – and WhatsApp, allowing you to send the list of properties available at your real estate agency. In addition, the system has tools for generating market reports to compare the values ​​practiced by your company and the competition. EasyBroker does not have a free plan, but it allows a free 7-day evaluation of all its features. Click on the link to learn more about EasyBroker.

3. Ego Real Estate

With search engines and tools for document management, Ego Real Estate is a CRM for real estate companies that brings several advantages for those already in the market. We can highlight its internal search engine for properties, essential for those who have an extensive portfolio of properties and may be lost in the process.

The program also has a history system that records all the activities and actions of a client and can be integrated into your company’s website. Like EasyBroker, Ego does not have a free plan, but offers a free trial for a certain period. Access the link to learn more about the platform.

Ego Real Estate

4. View

Vista is a system that has several educational materials and a blog that talks about the market and gives tips on how to use your CRM, thus facilitating adaptation and learning in the initial stages of use. Its functionalities include a sales funnel that allows you to follow which part of the buying or renting process a customer is in, presenting trends for values ​​in a neighborhood in question, making it easier to find business opportunities and an own agenda system. Learn more about Vista on its web page.

5. Code49

Another of the CRM for real estate agents that enable sharing of real estate listings by WhatsApp. Code49 also integrates with several real estate sales sites, both the most prominent ones such as OLX with other more specialized ones such as Imovelweb. The system can integrate with your website and flexible layout, and can also be used on mobile devices. In addition, Code49 is also optimized for SEO, making it easier to find your offer on search engines like Google. Learn more about Code49 by accessing the link.

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6. Follow Up Boss

Specialized in improving customer tracking, this system allows you to integrate email, calls, text messages and applications so you can search for customers with whom you have already had contact. Follow Up Boss also allows you to capture leads, researching various websites aimed at selling or renting real estate, also allowing you to forward leads to your real estate agents. Know the Follow Up Boss by accessing the link.

Follow Up Boss

7. Ixact Contact

Ixact Contact is a CRM tool that can be integrated with email marketing tools. With one of the longest free trial periods – 5 weeks free of charge – this platform allows you to manage contacts with a high level of information. It is possible to organize your customers by categories, consult communication history and send automatic monthly emails. Click on the link to learn more about the platform.

8. Property Base

A CRM for real estate that also has marketing tools, the Property Base allows you to manage your leads that came from the website or from your Facebook fanpage. In addition, it also has tools to manage your real estate and customer listings.

In addition, we also have the possibility to create workflows, automating and standardizing processes to avoid problems such as fraud or uncertainty about the execution of processes. The Property Base allows 14 days of free trials and you can access more information about the system on its website.

Property Base

9. Realvolve

With features that specifically cater to the real estate market, this CRM brings possibilities such as integrated communication – that is, you can use the system to answer emails, text messages and messages received on social media. In addition, Realvolve also brings a detailed history of each registered customer, allowing you to include all types of information and attach any type of document. It has its own search engine and allows you to customize your organization to the way you prefer. Learn more about Realvolve by clicking on the link and accessing its website.

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10. ReferralMaker

Proposing to be a CRM for simple real estate agents, ReferralMaker seeks to be a system that facilitates the organization and generation of leads for your business. Being able to be used both on computers and on mobile devices, the platform brings a panel in which you can create and manage your personal and financial goals, in addition to putting together a list of tasks and schedules to keep abreast of your commitments. Click on the link to learn more about the application.

11. REThink

REThink is a system that has solutions for both selling and renting residential and commercial addresses, offering a different system for each one. REThink RES, a residential solution, brings tools such as lead capture from different sources, list tracking and customer and contact history, among others.


The solution for commercial enterprises – called REThink CRE – has a database with a map of the range of your real estate, showing the diameter of where the properties you sell reach. In addition, this version of CRM brings tools for reporting and process management, bringing clarity to its users and brokers. Check out REThink’s systems on its website.

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12. Top Producer

A producer of systems aimed at the real estate market, Top Producer’s CRM allows its users to create and monitor the entire process of selling or renting a property. You can set up notifications about customer activities or communications in your email or through notifications on your smartphone or tablet. Other tools also include follow-up management and categorization, allowing you to follow up with the potential customers first, among others. Click on the link to learn more about Top Producer tools.

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Most platforms mentioned in this list have integration with your website. Websites Are Us has great flexibility in relation to the various types of CRM on the market, including real estate. Learn more about our integrations and tools for online service on our page and be sure to check out all that our platform has to offer!

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