The busiest time of the year for commerce – whether physical or ecommerce – has started since the arrival of Black Friday in late November. After that commercial event, the countdown to Christmas begins and, with it, a huge increase in the demand for gifts. With this, it becomes essential to use and abuse email marketing strategies so that your promotions, sweepstakes and events capture the attention of your potential customers. To be successful during the holiday, check out below 14 email marketing strategies to use for Christmas!

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1. Research what went right and wrong in previous actions

The first step is to analyze what was done in relation to email marketing – and, in fact, in marketing actions in general – in the previous year. It is time to use your analytical tools to measure what went well in the past campaign, what could be improved and find out the reasons for doing so, as in this text we cover 12 reasons why your emails end up in the spam box. Doing this analysis, you already discard actions that did not work beforehand, instead of testing them again.


2. Create emails that can be read on the cell phone

Of all the email marketing strategies on this list, this is one that must be followed to the letter. A survey by the Litmus institute released in March 2016 revealed that 55% of emails are read on a mobile device. This means that more than half of the emails are already read on these devices. That is, it is imperative that your emails can be easily read on a cell phone, at the risk of being ignored.


It is essential that you test your emails using tools such as Window Resizer, an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser. With it, you can check a preview of email in different screen sizes.

3. Don’t hesitate to advertise promotions and discounts

This is the time of year when everyone is most receptive to receiving discounts and exclusive promotions. Therefore, during the month, you do not need to hold your foot on the brake when sending emails of this type to the inbox of your newsletter subscribers. Even daily emails with further price reductions will be welcomed by most consumers.

4. Be clear and use holiday-related terms

As can be seen in the text about reasons why your emails go to the spam box, one of the main reasons is the lack of clarity in the emails sent. So, be clear on the email subjects sent during the season. Subjects with the words “These end-of-year promotions will TURN YOUR HEAD” will possibly win a direct ticket to electronic waste. Instead, keep it concise, with topics like “Christmas Promotion: 50% off in our fiction book section”.

5. Create content related to the holiday season

One of the ways to increase visits and conversions for your online store, content marketing continues to be a great ally at this time. Instead of just sending emails with promotions about your products, also balance it with tips so that the visitor can make the most of the vacation period. A decoration store, for example, can create a guide of tips and tutorials with the best ways to decorate your home for Christmas or tricks to welcome your guests to a homemade New Year’s party, among others.

6. Segment your emails

The main email marketing tip also applies here. Research the habits of your ecommerce shoppers and separate them according to criteria such as frequency of purchase, types of items purchased, age or other demographics that you consider relevant to your campaign. It is worth taking a more personal approach in the emails sent, such as referencing them by name or checking out exclusive promotions for a specific segmented group. This helps you to be different from other stores that are also using email marketing to attract that potential customer.


7. Create targeted suggestion lists

This item may look quite similar to the previous one, but they are quite different. While in the previous one we recommend segmenting your subscribers, the suggestion here is to offer gift tips to other groups, remembering that the season is more about shopping for others than for you. That is, send lists of suggestions to please children, grandparents, friends who like martial arts or relatives who like cinema, among others. The Modcloth store created a campaign that does just that, using images and buttons with links to guide your subscriber to a certain category of customers, as you can see in the image below:


8. Perform tests on different days and times

Time may seem short, but there is still time to test what are the best days and times for sending emails. That way, you can find out what are the best times of the day to trigger your campaigns, especially on the days closest to the long-awaited holiday.

9. Use limited offers to hook the conversion

One of the recent trends is the offering of limited offers. As the season already evokes a certain sense of urgency – especially in relation to the arrival of ordered gifts -, nothing more opportune for your business than to include this type of offer. Several email marketing platforms already allow you to send countdown counters in your campaign emails and we recommend using them. With the limited offer, it is possible to close a sale that might have been left out if presented as a normal discount.

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10. Create special promotions

All online stores are launching their Christmas campaigns as you read this text. That is, there will already be several emails with Christmas campaigns being sent to potential consumers. This can result in yours being neglected if they are very similar to those of your competitors. So use and abuse your imagination and creativity to capture the attention of your subscribers.


In 2013, the American cafeteria chain Tasty Burger created a promotion combining email marketing and social networks with a dispute to find out who had the ugliest Christmas sweater. The winner of the contest, held on Instagram, received a $ 150 gift card. Speaking of social networks…

11. Integrate your campaign with social media

As we saw in the previous item and in the 7th number of the list, it is essential to combine your email marketing campaign with that of social media. Whether with an Instagram promotion like Tasty Burger did or posting an image used on Pinterest like Modcloth did, there are several ways to integrate your campaigns. It is also worth remembering that their offers must also be disclosed there. To learn more about how to improve your holiday sales through social media, check out our list of 9 Social Media tips for the holidays.

12. Don’t forget the arrears

No matter how much the stores recommend: there will always be those who will leave the shopping for the last hour. For physical stores, intensifying email marketing campaigns with special promotions is a safe and effective strategy. For ecommerces, there are also some options: special and express freight for purchases to arrive in time for the holiday – which requires a well-structured logistical process – or a last-minute asset, gift cards of different values, being the responsibility of the buyer the amount of purchases you want to give someone.

13. Partner with donation campaigns

This time of year is also more prone to donations to charities, which can also be used as a hook to boost your sales, while giving up part of the profits to help an institution. If you already work with any of them, it may be worth creating a partnership to collect donations. Otherwise, you can search for these associations in your region or in the place where you have more presence and make contact. Other types of actions can also be considered, such as events with discounts for participants, for example.

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14. Keep your online service team on standby

With the increase in traffic coming from the various campaigns, it is essential that you have an online service team available to answer any doubts, in addition to assisting a visitor in the purchase process. For this, we recommend monitoring the peak times in ecommerce accesses, adjusting your team’s hours.


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How is the movement of your ecommerce for Christmas?

With the increase in demand, we assume that it is already operating at 120% to meet demand. Complementing the last item on our list, we can not fail to recommend that you know the features of Websites Are Us and know how it can be of great help in the process of converting the visitor to the customer. Check out tools such as the proactive invitation and the possibility of making calls also by cell phone through the application.

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