With the launch of platforms such as IGTV and Facebook and Instagram Stories, it has become increasingly common to publish videos recorded with the cell phone in vertical format. The change was mainly due to the way users started watching videos on the internet: through their smartphones. This means that it is necessary to adapt to this new standard. However, recording videos vertically is quite simple, especially if you adopt these 11 tips that we separated below!

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1. Look for scenarios or objects that fit the image

As the space for objects or people to remain in focus is smaller, it is interesting to record in places where the object can appear in its entirety. This means that you should avoid placing objects that will force you to keep going up and down the camera constantly. Another option is to record with the camera close to your face, taking up much of the space and avoiding distractions in the scene.

2. Avoid gesticulating

A special tip if you are recording a video in which you appear talking about something. While on YouTube it is common to gesticulate since the videos are horizontal and the movements will appear on the camera, on IGTV or in the Stories these movements will not appear. That is, gesturing while recording can cause the camera to flicker, especially if you are holding the phone with one hand.


3. In demos, start from top to bottom

When receiving visual information, whether in a face-to-face demonstration, reading or infographic, our brain is used to start absorbing content from top to bottom and from left to right. So when demonstrating a product to your followers, start at the top in the left corner, going to the right before going down. That way, your followers will better receive the information you are demonstrating.

4. Create short videos

The main disadvantage of watching videos on mobile phones is the high possibility of being interrupted by notifications. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it except to avoid creating videos that are too long. The longer your video takes to finish, the less likely it is that a follower will watch it to the end.

5. Avoid moving the camera quickly

Another significant difference in relation to horizontal videos, moving the camera frequently is quite uncomfortable. So if you need to move the camera around to show something to your followers, do it slowly. In general, avoid horizontal movements when recording videos with your phone or vertically.


6. Avoid using too much text

As space is more limited in videos recorded vertically, avoid using text, unless you need to subtitle them. Still, it is not interesting to use more than two lines, since more lines than this will cause the text to overlap the main object of your video.

7. Focus on the object, not the scene

While thinking about the scene behind your videos is an important aspect when recording horizontally, creating vertical content requires focusing on the subject. It is also worth remembering that the screens of smartphones are considerably smaller than those of a TV or monitor. This means that you or what you’re showing should occupy most of the video.


8. Enable grid view before starting to record

Most smartphone native camera apps allow you to enable grid lines for your photos or recordings. The process for this is quite simple, just access the camera settings and activate an option called Gridlines, or something similar to that, as the nomenclatures vary depending on the device.


9. Record with two hands to prevent flickering

When recording videos with your phone without supporting equipment such as tripods, hold the device with both hands while recording. That way, the cell phone will be more stable. Bringing your phone closer to your body is also a good strategy, considering that you will be the main subject of the video.

10. Convert images into short videos

Instead of simply recording a product from your online store, you can use still images from your own image gallery to create vertical videos. You can edit the video so that the “camera” moves around the product, showing it in detail.

11. Convert horizontal videos to vertical videos

Another trick you can use – especially if you already have an established YouTube channel, for example – is to convert your horizontal videos to vertical ones. This trick is ideal for reusing content already published on a new channel such as IGTV or Stories. A computer application called Wave can do this automatically. Click the link to learn more about the software.

12. Record in a well-lit environment

A tip that works for both types of video, make sure you are in a well-lit place. Ideally, you should make the most of natural light, but if it is not a possibility, try to be in the most lit place by the lamps in your office or studio.


13. Block out all noise around you

Another trick that works regardless of the type of video you are recording, but immensely important, is the need to avoid all types of noise in your surroundings. Preferably make the recording in a closed environment with sound insulation. In addition, be sure to block all notifications from your phone as well.

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14. Purchase accessories that make recording easier!

Some accessories will allow you to improve the quality of your videos recorded vertically. Most of them don’t cost much and can make a big difference. However, it is worth checking if it will really make it easier to record videos vertically. A tripod – which holds your cell phone vertically -, a small lamp and a lapel microphone are some of the equipment that will facilitate the creation of this type of content.

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