Guest article : This article was written by the team at BeauxThèmes, a library of website themes. In this article, you will discover a selection of 15 platforms where you can download free Bootstrap themes to create your web application.

There are thousands of free website templates. They are just a click away. You can easily find them by doing some research on Google.

If a web developer is full of the time it takes to develop a site or the cost of quality templates OR if an individual delays launching his blog or his online business for reasoning a lack of budget, it is simply because they ignore that there are sites that simplify their lives and allow them to have zero headache for the creation of a web application.

These sites are platforms gathering free quality Bootstrap themes.

And even if there are tools allowing to easily generate Bootstrap themes, these platforms have given themselves the mission to offer you free templates of all kinds (ecommerce, fitness, etc.), to make everything easier.

The templates offered by these platforms have well-groomed styles and incorporate excellent functionality.

These free themes are designed using the Bootstrap library, a library that allows web applications to be adapted to any medium and to ensure compatibility between modern browsers.

Now make way for these free Bootstrap template platforms.

# 1 Bootstrap Top Design (B.T.D)

Bootstrap top design is a Bootstrap-based site that offers free Bootstrap themes and Bootstrap tutorials.

The particularity of this platform of free Bootstrap themes is that it offers collections of Bootstrap themes by 10, 20, and also by 30 that target a specific sector.

For example, you will find on the platform collections of freelance themes, education themes, restaurant themes, accommodation themes, etc.

Discover B.T.D

# 2 Bootstrap Themes

This is the platform set up by the team responsible for the maintenance and evolution of Bootstrap for developers wishing to offer their template.

You will not have to worry about the quality of the themes available on the site. Each topic before being accepted on the platform is examined, and meets a set of guidelines written by the Bootstrap team.

Their themes are regularly and free of charge updated.

Discover Bootstrap Themes

# 3 BootstrapBay

Bootstrapbay is another Ali Baba cave of Bootstrap themes created by Cristina Conacel.

It is a marketplace that offers premium themes of all categories. You will find themes designed for the back-end of a site, e-commerce themes, portfolios, freelance themes, landing pages, etc.

But generous as they are, they also offer many free bootstrap themes of all types on their marketplace.

Discover Bootstrapbay

# 4 Bootstrap Made

Bootstrap Made is a platform of free Bootstrap templates that is on the rise.

Right now, they only have 79 website templates on their platform, but they already rack up nearly 4,000,000 downloads.

Their themes are carefully designed by professionals, they are available in free and premium versions.

Discover Bootstrapmade

# 5 Beauxthemes

Beauxthemes, the platform designed by Malick Yann is one of the most popular London sites offering templates.

It’s a great platform to find plenty of free Bootstrap themes to download, but not only.

On Beauxthemes, you will also find themes designed with the most popular CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, Oscommerce, etc.)

Discover Beauxthemes

# 6 Colorib

Colorib is a project launched in 2013 by Aigars Silkalns. This website is today a reference on the web.

Each day, a new theme is proposed on this platform of Bootstrap themes, it is very rich and well stocked with quality themes.

No matter which sector you want to build your website for, you’ll find a well-styled template with great features on Colorib.

Discover Colorlib

# 7 is a website that offers free and premium Bootstrap themes for professionals, designers and developers.

Their themes are elegant, provided with perfect functionalities to create business, freelance, fitness, blog, hotels, restaurant, travel agency, real estate, etc. sites.

They design their themes with modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery).

Discover Freehtml5

# 8 Justfreethemes

The name alone gives a general idea of ​​what it is all about.

Justfreethemes has set itself the task of sharing with users the best free WordPress themes to enable them to create an attractive website.

But on their platform, you will also find a lot of well-styled free Bootstrap themes.

Discover Justfreethemes

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Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.

# 9 Mobirise Template

Mobirise Template is a great site to find free Bootstrap themes for personal or commercial use.

Their themes are perfect for any type of online business, portfolio or to set up a blog and share knowledge. They are rich in functionality and have a captivating design.

The user interfaces of their themes are intuitive. Their themes are compatible with touch media. They are also optimized for SEO and have a fast loading time.

Discover Mobirise Template

# 10 Start Bootstrap

A project launched in 2013 by David Miller to share his works, StartBootstrap has today become one of the best platforms for free Bootstrap templates.

Besides templates, it also offers bits of code that you can reuse in your own projects. Miller plans to offer tutorials and tutorials on Bootstrap soon on the site.

On StartBootstrap you will find Bootstrap back-end themes, landings pages, portfolios, perfect themes for starting an online business.

Discover Startbootstrap

# 11 Themefisher

Mehedi Sharif Titas front-end developer very passionate about web design to pass the time created HTML5 templates.

Having had the trigger that the themes he designed out of passion could be used by people wishing to launch an online activity, created on July 26, 2014 Themefisher to offer his works for free download.

To date Themefisher is one of the reference platforms where to find free Bootstrap themes of quality intended for developers, professionals, bloggers, etc.

Discover Themefisher

# 12 Themehunt

Themehunt was created on February 8, 2013 by Kawshar Ahmed and was called ShapeBootstrap.

It is a platform that prioritizes quality over quantity, and it is highly appreciated by users. The proof, just 2 years after the launch of the platform, their themes have accumulated 2 million downloads.

Themehunt has a community of over one hundred thousand very active people. On the platform, free and paid Bootstrap themes are offered. They are so demanding on the quality, the optimization of their products, that if you design your site even with one of their free themes, your site will be professional and captivating.

Discover Themehunt

# 13 Theme Wagon

Theme wagon is an extraordinary site that offers free resources.

On themewagon, One page themes and responsive multi-page templates with a captivating design are available for free. Their themes are accompanied by documentation so that a person without technical knowledge can use them easily.

They also offer free and paid quality WordPress templates on their platform.

Discover Theme Wagon

# 14 Webthemez

Webthemez is also making its way, it is already 6 years old and to date more than 400 free website models are available on their platform.

Their themes designed with modern web technologies (Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3) have a clean and modern design. Using their free Bootstrap theme for your site design saves time and money. Their themes are easily customizable.

Discover Webthemez

# 15 W3 Layouts

On W3LAYOUTS, nearly 4000 free templates in 48 different categories are available. It is a marketplace that provides all types of templates.

Their mission is to help developers and people without technical knowledge to design a professional and attractive website in no time, whatever the sector it targets.

Their themes are splendid and easy to customize.

Discover Webthemez


This list is not exhaustive, there are still several other platforms that provide web developers with free Bootstrap themes.

But with this list, you have enough to stock up on for your future accomplishments.

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