Good customer service is one of the pillars for the success of several businesses worldwide, whether companies present in the physical environment or electronic businesses and other digital businesses.

Knowing how to relate to consumers is crucial to increasing your chances of selling and helping to generate business opportunities. After all, satisfied customers are more likely to buy again or even serve as a spreader for your brand.

On the other hand, dissatisfied customers can denigrate their image and, depending on the severity of the situation, actually close their doors. So that this doesn’t happen, we brought you a list of 20 ways to offer good customer service that your business needs to join right now. Enjoy!

1. Know how to listen

To start our list, we must talk about one of the main differentials of good customer service: knowing how to listen. Knowing how to listen does not mean just letting the customer say everything he needs, but being able to interpret and discern whether the consumer is frustrated, dissatisfied, in a hurry or other characteristics through service.

Doing this in physical care is usually easier, but a well-trained team is able to perceive the consumer’s situation just by their voice on the phone or even in the online chat.

Know how to listen to what the customer has to say and then adjust your approach to make him comfortable and make the consumer not have to repeat his situations multiple times – no consumer likes to do that.

2. Value the customer’s time

Second, good customer service is one that values ​​their time. For this, it is necessary to invest in solutions and training so that your team is able to respond quickly and also so that they can solve problems as soon as possible, efficiently.

In the digital ecommerces market, for example, online chat stands out from other service channels for offering the shortest response time and, therefore, is considered the preferred channel for online consumers.

Consumers don’t want to have to wait several minutes on the phone line or wait hours to get their email answered. Therefore, offer solutions like Callback on your page, an online chat and also make sure that your operators are not overloaded according to the number of calls received.

Value customer time

3. Troubleshoot

It is important to be aware that it is useless to know how to listen and respond quickly if you are unable to solve problems. Providing good customer service means working with a focus on solutions and doing everything possible to get around detrimental situations to the consumer experience.

If you are not solving the problems presented, there is no way to retain customers and ensure that they leave a session satisfied.

4. Attention in vocabulary

Contrary to what many people think, attending well does not necessarily mean using a strictly formal vocabulary. It all depends on the values ​​of your company, the area of ​​operation and the target audience.

If your audience is younger, it is quite possible that a more informal service with friendly intonation or even the use of slang will allow a closer relationship between your brand and the consumer.

But, in general, regardless of whether you use a strictly formal, informal vocabulary, with slang or not, it is important to always respect and not hurt the rights of the consumer.

5. Be available on multiple channels

Today, companies that are really capable of offering good service are already available in multiple service channels, not just in the physical store or just by phone or email, for example.

It is important to consider that the customer service scenario has evolved and, therefore, it is necessary to be ready to serve on social networks, through online chat directly on your page and make available several communication points.

Offer several service channels

6. Answer anytime

Attention, this does not mean that you must offer 24/7 service in your business, but rather that you need to provide channels or alternatives so that consumers can still at least open tickets or send tickets to your business even when your team of representatives is not available.

A good example for doing this is through online chat support forms on your page. That way, your team will be able to get back in touch as soon as possible and the customer will not receive a frustrating message of “service currently unavailable”.

7. Integrate your service channels

Working with a multichannel model, or multichannel, is already considered the least that a business must do so that it can offer good customer service. Today, in order to truly make your services a competitive advantage capable of generating memorable experiences for consumers, you will need to invest in omnichannel service.

The purpose of omnichannel is to integrate your service channels so that information is synchronized and easily available to your team regardless of the channel used, all to improve the customer experience, who will no longer need to repeat their problems when finding a new representative or when switching between communication points.

8. Personalize the service

No consumer wants to feel just like “one more” when talking to his team. Therefore, it is important to focus on personalizing customer service, that is, taking into account the challenges, needs, interests, pains and preferences of the consumer when presenting services, products or solutions.

In addition to making the customer feel valued, this is the type of service capable of boosting their chances of conversion and generating sales opportunities. Also remember to use communication S.C.O.T (security, clarity, objectivity and transparency) to guarantee better results.

Good customer service is personalized

9. Don’t follow the script to the letter

In order to offer good customer service, which is personalized, fast, problem-oriented, it is important to know when you should not just follow the script to the letter.

A service script or script is important to provide a basis for your team, it can even serve to train new hired operators. But if you are strictly tied to it, you may notice that sometimes you will lose business opportunities as it does not offer greater flexibility in communication.

Of course, this is not always valid or necessary, but consider when it can be beneficial for your business to get out of the script to improve customer service.

10. Invest in the relationship

One of the biggest service mistakes that a business can make is not investing in solutions that help it to relate better with its consumers. We are talking, for example, of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, which are platforms designed to help you do a better monitoring through your sales funnel and offer the opportunity to optimize your processes.

The best CRM platforms on the market can be integrated with your service channels and, with that, the information acquired during a conversation will be stored in the history of each customer in the system. To find good CRM systems, be sure to check our list.

11. Be proactive

Being proactive is extremely beneficial for various sectors of your company and is certainly one of the principles of good customer service. Don’t just wait for the consumer to come to you when they encounter a problem or have a question, instead include actions like follow-up by email or by phone in your processes.

In the digital market, in online stores and B2B ecommerces or SaaS companies, consider investing in an online chat solution that offers you the opportunity to use proactive invitations, which allows you to monitor and approach visitors to your page in real time.

12. Offer convenience to the mobile consumer

Today, more than 63.4% of online traffic already occurs from mobile devices, as shown by Statista surveys. It is important to take into account that the use of smartphones or tablets is already part of the daily life of the modern consumer and, therefore, your company should invest in convenient solutions to please them.

First, offer service channels compatible with mobile, such as service through social networks or online chat.

Consider that messaging apps like WhatsApp are already widely used by Brazilians, but they don’t offer professional features designed to boost your chances of conversion. Therefore, invest in professional and integrated solutions and lose the fear of saying no to WhatsApp.

Serve the mobile consumer well

13. Answer in multiple languages

We live in a globalized world and, even if your business does not serve consumers outside the country, this does not prevent investors and customers who do not speak the London language from contacting your company.

Fortunately, today you can take advantage of help desk solutions to offer good customer service and resolve this issue for you instead of being forced to hire multilingual operators. To exemplify, Websites Are Us is a chat service platform integrated with social networks that also offers automatic translation into 90 languages.

14. Know how to use sales strategies

Customer service and sales are interconnected sectors, so it is important to learn how to use sales strategies during your conversations and calls. For example, it is possible to upsell and cross sell during customer service, as well as offering special discounts and unique offers to leverage the consumer’s sense of urgency.

However, the mistake here is just trying to sell, that is, not taking into account the needs of the consumer and pushing more expensive products or services. The modern consumer is already able to perceive this quickly and certainly the impact is negative in the service experience, causing the opposite effect and being detrimental to their chances of sales.

15. Offer humanized care

Today, there are several ways to work with chatbots to automate parts of the service. A practical example is the IVR (Automatic Response Unit) for telephone calls.

However, it is important to understand that one of the biggest reasons for frustration in relation to the service provided by a business by consumers is the fact that they are not able to talk to a human right away, as a Forbes survey points out.

So try to balance the use of chatbots with the human service offered in your business. To learn more about this, check out our content.

Good humanized service

16. Invest in after-sales

Good customer service does not end the moment the sale is completed. You can’t just ditch the customers who bought from you and just go looking for new people.

A famous study by Bain & Company points out that increasing your retention rate by just 5% can mean an increase of up to 95% in your earnings. Therefore, it is extremely important to invest in after-sales strategies and include follow-up (or follow up) of customers in their processes.

17. Train your team

In order for you to truly follow all these principles of good customer service in your business, you will need to invest in training for your team. If you are not having good results and the level of satisfaction is low, it is important to assist your representatives and work with them to reformulate your processes.

A well-trained and motivated team to offer a satisfactory service experience makes all the difference in consumers’ perception of your brand and services.

18. Request feedback

The best way to identify whether your efforts related to serving customers are working is to ask them directly. After all, it is customers who have contact with your team on their communication fronts and they are the ones who need answers and solutions to problems.

Therefore, be sure to request feedback after answering calls. But don’t just ask if the customer is satisfied, consider including evaluation forms in your after-sales strategy to help you generate detailed reports.

19. Evaluate your reports

There is no way to guarantee that your business is offering good customer service without evaluating and closely monitoring your metrics and reports. Therefore, it is important to be attuned to some critical indexes and numbers, such as:

  • Customer satisfaction level;

  • Response time;

  • How many times did the consumer need to get in touch to have their problem solved;

  • Whether consumers are satisfied with the operators’ work;

  • If customers are satisfied with the solutions presented;

In addition, you can also consider measuring your SPL (Net Promoter Score), that is, how likely your customers would refer your business to friends and family. To learn how to do this, we explain in our help desk content.

20. Focus on customer success

Finally, we can give you a tip that lists all the principles presented in our list: focus on the experience. Offering good customer service means making consumers feel satisfied and achieving success.

So work with a focus on customer experience and success – or Customer Success. Satisfied customers are those who relate the services provided by their team and company to their own victories, whether through the purchase of new products or the purchase of a service.

Good customer service means customer success

Ready to offer good customer service?

Do you follow all the tips presented in our list in your business? Now that you know all the principles on how to really make a difference and retain customers through online service, it’s time to evaluate your services and find out what areas and key points need improvement.

Also, be sure to know how a professional solution for online service can boost your results through resources designed to turn visitors into customers. Get to know Websites Are Us and try it on your page and find out!