LinkedIn is the most widely known social network in terms of professionals around the world, current and future partners, managers, directors and business owners interact daily by sharing ideas, tips and news about their area of ​​expertise.

With ever-increasing numbers, it makes a lot of sense to want to include LinkedIn in your digital quiver.

But how can we develop our page as followers, while remaining in an audience that is relevant to our subject?
In this article you will read 3 tips that will help you reach the growth goals that you have set for your LinkedIn page, penetrating an audience directly interested in your business.

So let’s see in more detail:


1. Networking

One of the most important pieces on LinkedIn is Networking. The first step, before attracting someone to follow us on our professional page, is to approach them from our personal profile. Admittedly, it’s easier to build a first-person communication with a personal user than through a “faceless” corporate page that previously had no interaction.

By creating and setting up a neat personal profile and at the same time adding all the necessary information about our personal identity (workplace, education, work background, etc.) we can move on to the next stage, that of searching and potentially connecting with people around the wider space of our occupation. We need to keep in mind that all the users we connect to should be relevant to our site, even potential partners. Connecting with people outside of our field will take us away from our primary goal and confuse our future partners.

So after we have entered the process of the first requests, we make sure to update both our corporate page and our personal profile with as much content as possible. We want every user who connects to see that we are active in the LinkedIn community as well as in our subject matter. So during all these connections it is important to participate with comments, likes and even personal discussions with most of the people who have become members of our network.

Finally, once we have managed to acquire the necessary familiarity with our Connections, we can move on to the next step, and invite them to follow our corporate page.
LinkedIn in the part of the invitations includes a system of credits, where every month it gives you a total of 100 Credits, where each credit is equal to a user invitation to follow your page. If the user accepts the invitation, your credit is refunded, if not, wait for the credits to be renewed next month.


2. Groups

In each Social Network the groups are an active community, where you can chat and exchange views with people from your professional field, learn the latest news in your industry and make new acquaintances.

Respectively, you can create content that will interest the members of the group, on your professional LinkedIn page and share it with the group. So purely organically you will be able to connect with hundreds, even thousands of professionals in your field at no extra charge. If you are a key opinion leader and at the top of your subject, creating valuable content will skyrocket the numbers on your page.


3.Suggested Discussions

As you can see in the image above, at frequent intervals, linkedin will suggest you some relevant to your subject, a trending post in which you can participate and comment through your professional page.

The specific feature of LinkedIn gives you the option to place through your page on various relevant issues concerning you and your followers, to respond to users and in general to network directly with people in the field worldwide. It is a tool that if used properly can have fantastic results.

These are the 3 tips that if you follow the development of your professional page will be faster and with a quality audience.

In conclusion, LinkedIn and the development of a page is not an easy task, it wants you to spend several hours creating quality content but also constructive networking, building relationships with the target audience. As time goes on and you patiently follow the above practices, the results will justify you.