The news arrived recently for countries like London, find out how the brands are using and have a reference for your profile

In tests since the end of 2016 and launched in the United States about a year ago, Instagram Shopping arrived with the promise of revolutionizing ecommerce on social networks. Recently launched in London, the tool is still being made available to retailers – who must create a store on Facebook and not all brands have access to it. That should change soon and some foreign brands are already getting good results on their posts. Meet 5 of them below!

1. Native Union

This company specializing in electronic accessories for computers and smartphones has been receiving an unbelievable increase in traffic on its website since the arrival of Instagram Shopping. As the markup only allows the Instagram user to be directed to the page – it is not possible to finalize the sale through the social network -, sales continue to be concentrated on the site. That is, Instagram Shopping serves as a showcase with price, inviting the customer to enter your virtual store.

Since the launch of the feature, Native Union has created 9 posts with the feature. With less than 10 publications, monthly traffic to its website increased 2,662%, with a 100% increase in the company’s revenue.

Native Union

2. Oak + Fort

A clothing store, Oak + Fort did not go so far as to divulge the numbers it obtained with Instagram Shopping, but it left a valuable tip for those who are thinking of using it. To keep the user experience fluid and intuitive, the style of the landing page is similar to the Instagram interface. This way, the user does not have to adapt to the new screen much, nor does he think he is accessing the wrong page.



3. SpearmintLOVE

Focused on serving babies, SpearmintLOVE embarked on Instagram Shopping. The company created more than 200 posts marking its products on Instagram and has received a good increase in the monthly traffic of its virtual store. SpearmintLOVE started receiving about 13% more monthly visits, with an 8% increase in sales per month.


4. Magnolia Boutique

Another company that also quickly joined Instagram Shopping and is reaping results. From week to week, Magnolia Boutique increased traffic to its sales page by 4%, with 20% more in weekly revenue. That is, just the fact that they have posts with the functionality has already increased sales. Among the tactics used, the company said it used email marketing tactics, announcing that they would use Instagram Shopping and teaching its subscribers to buy through the tool.

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5. Natori

Like Native Union, Natori also achieved great growth by using Instagram Shopping to promote its products. With an impressive increase of 1,416% in weekly traffic and 61 published posts, ecommerce in the fashion area increased its sales per week by 100%, in other words, doubling revenue!

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4/4 2018

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