The universe of e-commerce offers several opportunities, but also some peculiarities. One is the abandoned cart. It is not uncommon for customers to browse virtual stores, place products in the shopping cart, but give up on finalizing their order.

According to a survey by Moosend, the global rate of abandonment of strollers is close to 70%. Therefore, when you are going to sell over the internet, you need to be aware of this difficulty.

However, this does not mean that you should give up your points and accept that your conversion rate may not be as good. It just means that you must anticipate the possibility of the abandoned cart in your strategy and act to avoid it.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. Throughout this article, we will learn about some of the main reasons for abandoning the shopping cart and, of course, how to proceed in relation to each of the factors. Come on?

1. Shipping

There is a lot of practicality for the entrepreneur when creating a virtual store. After all, the management of the business does not depend on a physical point for marketing the products and, often, one can work from home. However, shipping can become a drag on this online experience.

The Moosend study points out that 60% of consumers point to this factor as the main reason for leaving the cart abandoned. Whether due to costs or deadlines, customers tend to give up on e-commerce if they don’t think the cost-effective delivery is good.

Therefore, you must plan freight in your online store. Instead of relying only on postage rates and delivery times, quote other services of the type. There are companies that make this comparison for you and, depending on the e-commerce platform you use, it is possible to integrate these applications, such as Best Shipping or Frenet, directly to your online store.

2. Mistrust

There are consumers who can even put a product in the cart, but are not very comfortable when shopping in an unknown e-commerce. Therefore, you should give some signs that it is safe to buy at your store.

The first is through the SSL certificate, a padlock located next to the URL of your website, which indicates that that environment is safe for consumers to enter their data. The installation depends on how your e-commerce was created, but it is easy to find tutorials on the internet for each case.

Another step to leave the visitor alone to shop at your store is to make it clear to you that you offer service at your store. Inform in visible places of your home if you have chat, e-mail, telephone or other channels. This way, he will know that he can talk to you and your team if he has a problem, which increases the chances of making the purchase.

3. Difficulty completing the purchase

It is possible that you have already come across a register that asked for thousands of information. So, you know how boring this is and can motivate someone to collaborate with the statistics of the abandoned cart. So, when asking for customer information to complete a purchase, request only the essentials.

In addition, provide transparent checkout. This means that, when entering payment details, the customer should not be redirected to another website, but should remain in the environment of his virtual store.

Simplify the purchase process

4. Difficulty in navigation

Another reason that can result in an abandoned cart is the difficulty of navigation in e-commerce. The visitor may even put a product in the bag, but if he tries to find more things and fails, he will give up.

Therefore, you must facilitate navigation. For your online store to load quickly, avoid uploading more than 15 products to the home and organize the category pages well.

To signal users where to find each thing, organize the menu on the home with the categories of the products very clear. In addition, you can create banners to present a new collection or current offers.

Always keep in mind that the visitor needs to see in his home the ways to reach the articles he is interested in. Make these buttons stand out and people will be able to browse smoothly.

5. Forgetfulness

It may seem silly, but many people put a product in the cart in an e-commerce, end up starting some other task and forget to complete the purchase. But this need not be a hopeless case.

To remember the forgotten ones, you can send an email talking about the abandoned cart. Such emails tend to have a 45% open rate, according to Moosend data, in addition to 21% clicks and almost 11% conversions. Therefore, it is worthwhile to plan this type of action in your marketing plan.

If you want to give an extra incentive, you can offer a discount coupon for some special cases, such as purchases with a higher ticket, for example. In addition, you can set a time for the offer to expire, so this stimulus can lead the customer to complete the purchase.


Despite being seen as a villain in e-commerce, there are several ways to reduce the cases of abandoned cart in your online store. By applying the tips in the article, you will see how your sales will increase.

Have you used any of these measures in your e-commerce? Tell us in the comments what the results were!

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