Every company needs to work with a focus on its target audience, be it a business present in the digital, physical or both. Customer service is directly related to satisfaction with your services and also to your chances of conversion. Often, good service can be the differential factor between an abandoned cart in your online store or the acquisition of a new customer.

Considering the evolution of the online consumer, who is already used to comparing prices and conditions in multiple ecommerces before making his purchase decision, it becomes necessary to make his customer service a competitive advantage.

Therefore, we bring you the main tips that can help you to improve the service in ecommerce and highlight your virtual store from other competitors operating in your niche.

1. Use an online chat

It may seem like a direct tip but, in fact, offering an online chat to your customers is one of the strategies with the greatest potential to improve your services and increase customer satisfaction. This is because, today, online chat is the communication channel preferred by the online consumer.

To prove this argument, we can evaluate the material from Invesp – a North American company that offers optimization solutions for conversion -, its study, presented as an infographic, points out that 73% of consumers say that chat is the most satisfactory way of talking to an online business.

There are several reasons for this, but we can mention mainly all the features offered by chat, such as proactive invitations, bringing the possibility to monitor and approach visitors in real time in your store, as well as the fact that you will be offering humanized service, not automatic, through a conversation between your representatives and the customer.

Furthermore, considering the popularity of messenger apps, especially on mobile devices, it is not difficult to understand why chatting has become such a natural and well-accepted way among modern consumers. So, to start, see how to choose the best online chat for your business and find out why this channel is so powerful in the digital environment and be sure to install Websites Are Us for free on your page.

2. Pay attention to the response time

It is true that online chat is capable of completely revolutionizing the customer service scenario in your ecommerce, but we cannot fail to consider it as a tool, in other words, it will still be necessary to work with quality to really reach its maximum potential.

For this, especially in ecommerce and through any channel offered to your customers, it is important to be aware of your response time. After all, today, accessing the page of one of your competitors takes more than just a few clicks or taps on the smartphone screen.

Taking this fact into account, whenever a prospect contacts your business through its service channels, your team must respond as quickly as possible to ensure greater chances of retaining that customer, keeping it on your page.

However, it is important to keep in mind that online consumers value quality of service over speed. That is, it is not enough to be quick, you need to give the right answers, in the right way.

How to Improve Ecommerce Service with Fast Response Time

3. Develop and value the company’s language

In order for you to develop the best way to communicate with your target audience, you first need to study it carefully, really identifying which persona is for your ecommerce. From this, you will be able to identify which type of language to use during the service, be it more casual or formal, with or without games and use of emojis, among other aspects.

Whatever the ideal type of language to talk to your target audience, it is important to train your team to maintain it as a standard, so that the client feels consistency in the service received during every session initiated, from any channel, with any representative.

And of course, we don’t need to say that it is through a formal and more direct language or through a more informal way, you must treat the customer with respect at all times and, above all, know how to listen to their pains, doubts and problems.

4. Offer a personalized experience

When contacting your business, your leads don’t want to be treated as “just another customer”. Instead, they expect exclusivity during service and, in particular, that their team will be able to identify you quickly if this is not the first contact.

In order for you to offer a truly personalized experience, dedicated to each individual customer, you will need to understand who your audience is – as we mentioned earlier – and be able to quickly identify them from the evaluation of the service history. Consider even investing in offering an omnichannel service solution, integrating your channels and services on a single platform.

Personalized service goes far beyond simply treating the consumer by name, you must also be able to absorb their needs, demands and preferences and apply them during the resolution of a session.

At this point, it is also important not only to try to sell products. Using up-sell and cross-sell techniques during service is valid, but focus on the customer’s pain and how your products and services can serve as an ideal solution for them.

5. Request feedback after answering

As presented by a study by the Super Office, today, only 45% of ecommerces that offer an online chat request evaluations and feedback from their customers after a service session and of course, this is a worrying number.

Your ecommerce must be ready to request customer service evaluations and really be able to capture customer reviews. Often, it is from these same criticisms that you will be able to identify what problems may be happening in your processes, whether they are related to the navigability of your virtual store page, prices, delivery logistics and of course, to the service provided.

Be sure to use a solution that allows you to generate customer service reports and give your customers a voice. They will feel more valued when they know that their opinion is being heard and, at the same time, you will have access to the advice of those who are buying your products or services.


Take advantage of all these tips and immediately evaluate how you can improve your ecommerce service and turn it into a competitive advantage. Especially since, if you don’t invest in customer service, your competitors will certainly use this advantage to get ahead.

And of course, if you are looking for an online chat solution that allows you to work in an omnichannel way, be sure to check out how Websites Are Us can help you transform visitors and customers, increasing your chances of conversion and enabling you to retain customers . Check out Enviou’s case study and how Websites Are Us impacted their business!

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