Learn how to hire the right professional to support your website!

Customer service as a whole depends on a skill set of the professional regardless of the platform on which he operates, whether personal, telephone or over the internet. In addition to the aforementioned skills and apparent ease in using a type of written conversation, addressing customer issues through e-commerce chats can be a minefield and cause major headaches.
To help in choosing one of these professionals, we made a selection with 5 ideal characteristics to consider when selecting a member of your service team:

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1. Patience

Okay, patience is a common item among all consultations, but it is always important to reiterate how important this skill is. The more anonymity when making a contact, the greater the chances of a dissatisfied consumer – with reason or not – losing decorum when talking to an attendant.

With that, it is important to reiterate that even in an adverse situation, the professional should do his utmost not to return the insults “in the same currency”, within the limit of the possible. The fact of interacting with dozens or even hundreds in just one day on the e-commerce channel is also a factor that makes patience an essential skill to have in the business.

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2. Correct writing


Proper written communication is essential for all professions dealing with text. Even if you do not have a background in courses such as Letters or Journalism, it is important that the attendant has a good grammatical domain for communication.
At the same time, e-commerce chat is done over the internet, which is a draw for the use of abbreviations and other terms that may not be known by most Internet users. However, the importance of this issue also varies from the level of formality required in the company’s business line.

3. Know when and where to use emoticons


It seems a joke, but it is not. Written communication can be extremely functional, but it is limited in relation to the emotional state between people who communicate. Although it depends on the company’s line of business – even the most modern financial institution chooses not to use so many emoticons – knowing how and when to use them can avoid misunderstandings.
For example, often a very direct written response, used in an unpleasant context, can make a customer think he is being rude, regardless of the truth. Sometimes, including an “:)” at the end of a sentence helps to indicate that there are no problems and gives a light tone.

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4. Avoid sarcasm and irony


As we said above, a bad use or total absence of emoticons can send the wrong message. In written communication, sarcasms and ironies may not be as obvious as seen in body expression or speech. What can happen in such a case is that, even so, the client may perceive or suspect, resulting in a possible loss.
Because of this, it is recommended that the professional chosen for the service does not have as much appreciation for this type of attitude, or to avoid it as much as possible when communicating with a client.

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5. Have empathy

It is also a necessary feature in all fields, but it is considerable to always take it into account. The employee on your team is not always going to be in-depth knowledge of your business, which may mean that it does not give so much importance to a customer’s problem, especially if it looks “small”.

As an example, we can mention an entrepreneur of the retail of electronic games, a niche sector in which not everyone is necessarily a fan, but can stop in his team. Considering that many fans wait months for a new game to launch, it is certain that your store will receive a complaint if it cannot meet the deadline. Although it seems insignificant to the attendant, he cannot treat the issue neglectfully, caring to solve the problem as if it were his own.

In fact, even if your team is excellent, it is important to offer the right channels to talk to your customers. Therefore, invest in an online chat solution – considered the best channel in the digital environment. Install Websites Are Us and find out why customers prefer it.


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