Although the installation of online chats in ecommerce is a welcome and widespread standard in the market, it does not mean that it is necessarily the only type of place in which to use the tool. Having an online chat platform for blogs is also useful for a number of reasons that we intend to address here, which also justifies the availability of a Websites Are Us plugin for WordPress, for example.

Be it the increase in communication between author and followers and improvement in conversions, check below six reasons to install an online chat on your blog and, if you want to check the main resources of a professional tool, try Websites Are Us for free on your blog.

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1. Deepens the relationship with followers

Providing an online chat on your blog can be one of the ways to deepen your relationship with followers, being available to resolve questions and answer questions. With the improvement in accessibility, there are good chances of making your followers more loyal, keeping them connected to what you publish on the blog. Another advantage is the possibility to ask questions about the products that you advertise on your page, whether they are sponsored or transmitted through affiliate links.

online chat for blogs

With the approach, it is also easier to invite a reader to share your content on social networks. Not only for sharing, but direct communication with the reader can be a good way to acquire new ideas for future publications on your blog. In addition, you get to know better what are the biggest needs of your blog followers. This may, in the future, give more ideas for articles.

2. It can be the difference between your blog and the competition

Not every blog offers such a close contact, usually keeping them exclusively linked to their ecommerces, when they have their own store. In this way, adopting an online chat on your blog – whether you have a virtual store or not – can be what sets you apart from other blogs that operate in the same area as yours.

Another reason why adopting the platform can become a differential is the speed of service, which is faster than email or even social networks. With that in mind and, adding to the previous reason, it is possible to stand out strongly in relation to the competition.

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3. Means of gathering visitor data

Through the tools we make available here on Websites Are Us, it is possible to gather data about your visitor. Among them, the location from which she is accessing her content and the pages she has viewed or is viewing on her blog. Together with the analytical features of online chat – which has integration with Google Analytics – it is essential to install online chat as a way to follow in real time what are the trends of visitors and followers of your blog.

Even better than the aforementioned direct contact, using the tools mentioned above can give valuable insights into what people are looking for within their area of ​​expertise. For blogs, this is one of the strongest reasons for adopting online chat on your blog.

analytics for blogs

4. Request more accurate information about followers and visitors

Adopting an online chat to strengthen contact with the follower is not just for him or her to have easier access to you. The opposite is also true. Through online chat on the blog, it is possible to gather more accurate information than the data mentioned in the previous item. For example, during communication, you can request email or other forms of contact useful to the follower, thereby allowing you to increase your contact base for email marketing, for example.

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5. Increase in conversions

Regardless of your blog goal, adopting an online chat on your blog is one of the best ways to increase your conversions. If your goal is to increase your base of subscribed emails, just check out the previous example to understand how using the tool will facilitate reaching that goal. Obviously he is not the only one that can be achieved.

conversion to blogs

Among other goals, online chat can be the direct tool to achieve. Is the current goal to get more followers on social media? Before ending a contact, ask the visitor to follow you on your Facebook page or profile on any other social network. Do you want them to know an affiliate’s product? Mention this in your service, especially if the subject is something whose affiliated product is related. There are several ways to increase your conversions, including the next item …

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6. Increase your sales!

As with the conversions mentioned earlier, we could not mention that one of the main reasons is also the increase in sales. As with ecommerce – and especially if your blog has its own store – you can direct visitors, followers and customers in the right direction. It is also possible to make suggestions or take advantage of services to suggest other blog products in your online store.

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Want to know how to implement an online chat on your blog? So be sure to check out the features that Websites Are Us provides through its WordPress plugin!

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