Adopting an online chat is a mandatory item in several branches, especially if we are talking about ecommerce. The use of a commercial chat on websites helps to reduce costs with telephone exchanges and is one of the most economical options. The statement becomes even more true when we consider that some online chat tools – including Websites Are Us itself – also allow voice answering. But, as in other aspects of a business, your approach to commercial chat also needs to be thought out and have a clear plan. Because of this, we put together a list with 7 strategies that you can adopt in your commercial chat!

1. Definition of objectives

set goals for chat

It is clear that the purpose of using a commercial chat is to provide customer service. But this need not be the sole purpose of the tool. Online chat can also be used to increase your email base, from which you can establish your email marketing – check out our 30 tips on how to use it efficiently! -, among other examples.

Because of this, it is worth considering what your approach will be in relation to online service in your commercial chat. For a new business, it may be a good option to focus your service on setting up your contact base. Another objective that can be considered is the use of the service team to sell complementary or additional products or services to established customers.

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2. Email collection

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to use business chat to increase your contact list. This does not mean that, even if your objective is different, you should resign yourself to bring more contacts to your base. If you do not want your team to end up taking up too much time for a visitor with several requests, with Websites Are Us it is possible to present a pre-registration form, which he can already fill out before the actual service.

Remember that the form must be short, so that it does not take more than a minute for it to include your information. Things like name and email may be enough to add you, since other information like location and pages accessed within your site are already available in the chat window.

jivochat window

3. Proactive approach

The proactive approach is one of the great strengths of service through online commercial chat. The success of the tool makes it practically mandatory in ecommerce. A survey conducted in 2011 by the e-tailing website proved that the use of the tool reduces the abandonment of shopping carts in virtual stores by 6 to 8%.

Some tips for using proactive chat successfully are to establish a minimum visitation time for a person in question. After that time, Websites Are Us sends a message to the visitor asking if he needs help. You can also set up online chat to address visitors to specific pages within your site.

4. Establishment of a service standard

Every service needs to adopt a standard and with your commercial chat will also be no different. Some issues are common to other sectors such as tone, a more formal or informal approach to the client – something that depends a lot on the industry in which it operates -, among other types of approaches.

To establish what the service standards for your business chat will be, ask yourself some of these questions: What level of formality will agents use when dealing with the customer? Will the attendants be trained to know a little about all products or services or will I have specialized sectors? In what situations will he need to request more information or try to close a sale? How will he greet and say goodbye to the customer?

tips for ecommerce service

These lines are important so that, in most situations that the service team will face, they can have the necessary resources to serve with excellence. To find out what are the qualities needed when hiring an ecommerce customer service agent, be sure to check out this post.

5. Manage the opening hours according to peak visits

This is an item that also varies according to your business area, but it is important to assess what are the best hours for service. In a mainly B2B (business to business) industry, business hours are likely to be enough. However, ecommerces focused on the final consumer will need to focus their schedules according to the customs of the visitors.

Normally, the final consumer accesses ecommerce sites during off hours, such as lunch or after hours, which may require adaptation. For example, starting the service hours later, with a lunch time and leaving later than usual, can be effective strategies in this case, but they are also not rules written in stone. It is worth checking the movement of the site and adapting to the times of greatest access or sales.

6. Use your sales service

One of the strategies you can use in your commercial chat is … promote sales! The opportunity looks even better if your business sells complementary products, such as smartphones and device accessories.

customer service for ecommerce sales

Combining a sales strategy based on online service with the proactive chat tool, for example, can be your great asset when it comes to conversions. Remember that not all visitors to your site have any intention of closing a purchase, especially a customer who is dissatisfied with any question. Therefore, it is important to outline a strategy, in addition to trying to execute the sale with subtlety. Otherwise – and in cases where the customer is dissatisfied -, trying to offer a product may have the opposite effect to that desired.

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7. Evaluate and adapt your strategy constantly

No strategy should be written in stone, except this one. Therefore, the second strategy that should always be used is to periodically evaluate your results and adapt your strategies in order to achieve your goals. Although normally effective, some of them may not work due to a number of factors that are impossible to fully cover.

Therefore, always have analytical tools at hand – Websites Are Us allows you to save backups of appointments in addition to offering quantitative metrics of appointments, as you can see in this text – for this evaluation. With a range of strategies at your disposal, it is possible to carry out tests and know what works best in your business. But we strongly recommend that you always keep up to date with new practices in commercial chat and features in online chat.

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What strategies are you applying in your commercial chat?

After reading this text, we guarantee that it will be easier to establish a path to the success of your online service with commercial chat. If you want, you can check now the prices and the various tools that Websites Are Us offers, which offers the most diverse functionalities according to the tactics you decide to adopt to leverage your business. Click here to start testing!

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