Even with good or excellent success in the beginning, dealing with the growth of a business is one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs worldwide. This can be explained by some risk factors, such as hiring new employees, gradual decentralization of operational details and adaptation to new management needs.

In the ecommerce area, virtual service has a great impact, as it needs constant attention and is very sensitive. After all, a negative testimonial from a customer can put a brake on your expansion plans. To find out when it is time to expand this area, check out these 8 signs that indicate that the time has come to invest in expanding your virtual service!

And of course, be sure to consider investing in an online chat solution for your business. To do this, start by installing Websites Are Us for free on your page and check its potential.

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1. The number of competitors is increasing

If your product or service is relatively new and growing, it is possible that other brands will launch similar products or new businesses based on your model will start to emerge. Among the common practices of competition, they may appear with lower prices or offer more advantages to attract their consumers. Sometimes a combination of the two. This is where virtual service can make a difference: the better the consumer experience, the more difficult it will be for them to leave their mark behind.


2. Earnings are high, but hours of work are also high

One of the first lessons related to productivity is the concept of working smart, instead of working hard. The concept is true, but sometimes hard work is inevitable. On the other hand, if hard work is being constant and this is turning into income, it may be time to consider seeking help, or to add tools that automate some aspects of work. Websites Are Us, for example, has a system of templates for responses and a pre-chat form, which can avoid spending time typing and requesting information from visitors and customers.

3. Festive dates that bring peak visitors

Some periods may require greater organization and more help with virtual assistance, such as ecommerces that deal with products common to Christmas gifts. Although the need is temporary, if you are close to facing your first holiday, it can be a good option to plan and test how your virtual service will work when dealing with more visitors and customers. In other words, the experience of these periods can be key to understanding how your service area will work with the expansion of your business.

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4. When the service process is too high

Bureaucracy is a word that 9 out of 10 people hate. So much so that, in London, the term “burrocracy” was not invented for nothing. There are two types of signs that indicate that there are too many barriers to terminate a process in your online store: the first is to detect how long it takes for a customer to make a purchase from the moment he accesses your website.

The second and most serious aspect is when the point is raised by the client in complaints or suggestions. So it is always necessary to review your processes and look for ways to shorten it as much as possible, so that the procedure remains safe, obviously. A good way to shorten processes is to look for applications that have integrations with others. For example, Websites Are Us can be integrated into your business application, avoiding the need for any visitor who has accessed from a mobile device to have to leave the app to ask questions on a page in the web browser.


5. When it becomes impossible to take care of everything alone

Item specially cited for one-person companies. Inevitably, there will come a time when it will no longer be possible to add all the functions just for you. If you’re noticing that your answers to customer questions are taking too long, it means that the time has come to hire people to assist in that area. This also means that an integrated virtual service system will be required.

One of the practices we have in relation to the plans we offer on Websites Are Us is the monthly model per user. That is, the cost will only increase as you add more people to your online chat team, allowing for lower costs, especially at the beginning of your company’s expansion.

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6. When spreadsheets are not enough

Using spreadsheets – both Excel and Google Spreadsheets, among others – is a good way to keep track of different aspects of your business. However, to deal with information on a larger scale or the need for greater automation in processes such as registering new customers, registration changes, among others, it may not be sufficient. When you start to notice that the work required by the spreadsheets is too much, there is the signal to invest in a CRM system. Check out our list of the 10 best CRM tools so you can decide which one will best suit you.

7. Increase in the number of constant customers

Festive periods bring in a peak of visitors and possibly customers only during one period – serving as a kind of rehearsal. The growth in the number of constant customers is the most obvious sign that the time has come to improve investments in virtual service. If you do not have software and are dealing directly with customers through services such as email and phone, this increase may allow the use of software such as Websites Are Us itself.


We don’t just say this as advertising, but investing in virtual assistance software brings the best cost-benefit, since it is the least expensive in relation to hiring more professionals or setting up an office, for example. Even if you already have a team, the increase in this cost is minimal. Considering an attendant who receives R $ 1,000 monthly and costs another 1,000 in benefits and taxes, a Websites Are Us account costs only R $ 29.40 monthly. That is, from R $ 24,000 annually, the increase in cost by providing you with an account for only R $ 24,360, an increase of about 1%.

The return on this investment, according to research by the institution Forrester Consulting published by the website Ecommmerce Experts, the conversion rate with the aid of online chat is 138% in relation to virtual stores that do not use the service. It is difficult to say that using an online chat system for virtual assistance is bad business.

8. When your brand starts to be recognized

When your marketing and social media campaigns are finally bearing fruit and your brand is starting to stand out on the internet, it’s time to invest more in maintaining the consumer’s relationship with your brand. It doesn’t do much good to create several posts that go viral on the net and are considered great success if, at the next moment, a dissatisfied customer decides to publish a notorious “text” denouncing poor service on his part. The internet has excellent memory for major failures.

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Thinking of improving your ecommerce virtual service area?

Ideally, invest in customer service from the beginning of your business. However, not everyone is starting a company now and, if you have not yet made this investment, the signs described above can be a great indication to correct this error and start to retain more customers for your brand and in a more professional way. To find out how Websites Are Us can improve the virtual service of your ecommerce, check out our features!

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