The service area can be considered one of the most complex in any type of business. It is considered a great differentiator and constantly used as a criterion by customers. Because of this, the tolerance for errors in this sector is usually very little, regardless of whether it is by phone, email or online service.

To help you with this task, we have put together a list of 9 tips to improve online service for websites, at different levels of the function. We will focus less on treating customers, which we already talked about in this post. In this case, the tips presented below are more focused on the use of the tools available on online chat platforms in order to have a strategic improvement in online service for websites.

1. Know the history of your customer or visitor

That saying that to know your opponent is to have half the fight won can be a huge cliché, but it has its truth background and can be adapted for online service. In no way should you treat the customer as an adversary or enemy – quite the contrary – but having access to a history of previous visits has a number of advantages.

improve chat service

The first is to get a sense of what your potential customer is looking for on your site. The second is to be able to save more time, since, with a history of it, it becomes unnecessary to request the same information as before. In addition, it gives a good impression of organization and familiarity with the client in question.

2. Integrate your online service with your application or CRM

If you already use an integrated system, this tip becomes practically a must, such are its advantages. Websites Are Us allows you to integrate your online chat with your system, facilitating access to the history of the visitor or customer, as we talked about in the previous tip. Integration also works on the other side, making it easy to insert a new contact into your system from the chat.

It is possible to get the Websites Are Us API in JavaScript to add the code to your application or CRM, thus integrating and facilitating access to the customer’s history. You can also use Webhooks to integrate with your server. In both options, you may need the help of a programmer or you can ask for our support.

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3. Go online also on mobile devices

Especially useful for businesses that don’t have their own app! Through the application, it becomes possible to continue serving customers and visitors to your website. Although the greatest utility of the app is being able to answer even when you are not in front of a computer, another advantage is that you can use your mobile connection to continue answering even when there are drops in internet connection.

online chat support

The app for Android and iOS has most of the basic functions of the program for PC and Mac. Among them, the flag of the country where a visitor is calling from and information about which page of your website he is visiting.

4. Collect essential data, such as email

This is perhaps the most important tip on this list: always try to collect some essential data from the visitor, such as name and email. In addition to the collection to better identify you in the future, email is essential to increase your contact base for email marketing.

It is possible to train your operators to request this data at all times, but there is a tool that can do the job for your team: the pre-service form. The use of this form has two advantages: the inclusion of the client and the saving of time in attendance. The most effective use of this form is when a customer is on hold, making it available when they are in the online service queue. With Websites Are Us, you can do this easily.

5. Use proactive invitations

Use and abuse proactive invitations. Currently, 70% of conversations initiated on pages that use Websites Are Us as their online service solution for websites come from proactive invitations. Invitations can work in two different ways.

proactive chat invitation to improve service

The first is manual: your operator sees that a visitor is on the page for a certain time and addresses him directly. The second is the automatic (or proactive) invitations, which do the same thing, but cut the selection work, although the invitation is not as personal as the previous option. You set the rules for the automatic invitation yourself. For example, it is possible to send an invitation when a visitor is on the second page within your website. It is also possible to customize the message according to the page being visited.

6. Have a simultaneous chat limit

Departing a little from the rule we use in the tips mentioned so far, this one is intended for the operators, supervisors and the entrepreneur himself. The online service sector for websites must do multi-tasking, since being able to serve more than one customer simultaneously is one of the great advantages of using online chat.

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However, it is always good to be aware of each other’s limits and set rules for simultaneous service. Failure to comply with this limit can cause confusion and errors that could be avoided. In addition, it ends up giving a bad impression to customers, since it takes away all the feeling of personal treatment.

7. Provide voice answering option

Not everyone prefers to be served by text. Because of this, it is always useful to give the customer the possibility to continue or start a voice conversation. With this, your online service becomes more flexible and comprehensive, although you lose the advantage of not being able to serve other people simultaneously.

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8. Perform constant self-assessments using customer feedback and service histories

Self-assessment is one of the most difficult habits to maintain but it is one of the most rewarding. Because of this, it is recommended that you set specific days of the week to assess the quality of care.

reviews to improve online chat service

There are two ways to do this on Websites Are Us: the first is through feedback from the customer himself, which can be offered an after-sales service form in which he can assign a grade and comments. The second method is more laborious and consists of selecting some past conversations from each operator and analyzing them to find out what points a particular professional can improve. Websites Are Us offers both possibilities, allowing you to make a qualitative self-assessment from different perspectives.

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9. Use Analytics to know your strengths and weaknesses

Quantitative self-analysis is also important to fully understand your strengths and weaknesses. Through the analytical tools – which can be integrated with Google Analytics -, it is possible to know from the general level of customer satisfaction or the right level of conversions coming from your online service.

Other uses for analytical tools within Websites Are Us are: knowing which pages are most accessed within your website or ecommerce, what are the biggest questions that customers have when buying your product or service and what are the most searched terms for your website, among others. Analytics are essential in building new strategies for your business and cannot be overlooked.

Were these tips helpful? All the tips mentioned here can be used in addition to the Websites Are Us features, but they are not the only ones. Check out the complete list of everything that Websites Are Us can offer your business by visiting our page!

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