We will start this article with the common denominator that our lives have changed! As long as the vaccine is not available. All branches of business have been affected, some very much, some a little, some completely.

Everyone’s question is one or two. But none of us can answer: how and when will we return to the life we ​​had before the coronation?

However, we have answers about what we can do in the meantime to maintain or even increase our work.

As for our industry, which has been shaken up in recent months: advertising spending has plummeted, search terms have changed, social media traffic has doubled, more people have become familiar with e-shopping.


And here’s the first chance…

With the corona in our lives we have to pay attention to the frequency of expenses for purchases and therefore the growing trend in e-markets will be maintained. Those e-shops that were under construction have accelerated their completion. The same goes for what was under “renovation”. And existing stores, however, need to create the conditions to increase their turnover.

Of course, priority is given to basic necessities, but that’s where the shortage lies. Because the big supermarkets have been able to place online orders for years but the smaller grocery stores were out. Therefore, the conditions are being created for smaller players to enter the food market, especially fresh ones.

The online presence of a business is not related to its size and based on this we conclude that all businesses should be online even in the two – three main ways: with a simple website, with a presence on Social Media and Google My Business.

The next step is advertising. Don’t be intimidated by the word, it doesn’t mean high costs. On the contrary. Small businesses can achieve significant recognition and sales with little money.

Google searches change…

Too many searches revolve around CoVid 19 (treatment, current status, scientific data, etc.). At the same time, however, other users’ searches have changed, now asking questions about the new reality, such as working conditions, safeguards, policies pursued by their country and other benefits. What should you do?

Adjust the keywords you use to those that are trending (don’t overdo it, there should be a minimal relevance to your product). You should do the same for negative keywords.


Available personal time

We may come out of quarantine slowly but due to “slowness” many of us will still be left in or we will be partially limited. Thus, both the increase in the use of social media and the longer use of other sites (eg news) will be maintained for quite some time to come. Take advantage of this trend in the ads you have enabled or intend to activate.


The era is very dynamic and everything we say and write needs constant review. Currently, the emerging trends are the above. For anything new, here we are and we’ll talk…

Article Writing: Filalithi Happiness