Until recently, the only means of contact with a company’s support was by opening ticket tickets or by telephone. With the growth and popularization of the internet, service via chat or inbox has increased in an absurd way, requiring techniques to improve and adapt to this new reality. After all, the likelihood of you remembering bad service and telling others is much more likely and, on social media, the damage that this bad service may cause to your company is immeasurable.

You get the call at a disadvantage

When the customer seeks service via chat, no matter how much he just wants to answer a question, it is already 1×0 for him. Your best chance is to serve you promptly and well, for this it is important that you know how to listen. After that, try to know exactly what happened, ask as many questions as necessary, but always record the information well, since no one likes to be asked several times about the same subject.

Do not forget to also involve all people in the areas relevant to the problem, in order to guarantee a complete solution. If it’s technical, call the development team. Customer felt cheated or dissatisfied? Call the sales team to assist you throughout the service.

According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, it ends up being 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep one that you already have.

Customer is king

One of the biggest types of marketing is word of mouth, a customer well served by your company will recommend it to third parties, who will consequently share it to rooms and so on. It is important to think about all the stages of your service so that the user has a good experience, after all, it is extremely important that the problems are resolved in a way that is good for the consumer and not just for your company.

We know that at different times the processes can be time-consuming, but if it is better for the customer, do not hesitate to resolve the issue even if it represents a cost for your company. Which brings us to the next topic.

Customer is King

Stimulate creativity

We know that the priority is to solve the customer’s problem, but why not solve them with creativity and good humor? As already mentioned, it is extremely important that the user has a good experience.

Try to leave your team free to find solutions, no matter how unusual, you may end up being surprised by the result. In addition to making work more fun and friendly, it will be possible to turn a problem into an opportunity to make your customer even more loyal.

But what about chatbots?

When we talk about chatbots, you must think about a cold, impersonal and distant experience, right? But no, with the evolution of this tool, you can fill out a form, as a kind of initial conversation, a first contact before being directed to a physical attendant in a simple, objective and even intuitive way. In addition to obtaining data for your company, in order to understand more about your consumer and their customs, how they got to your company, what they want and even what they intend to buy.

Configured in the right way, you can even use bots in your sales strategies!

You will have access to data that would be difficult to collect otherwise, in addition to knowing to whom your company sells more, which products are stopped and which are rotating and also the profile of the public you are impacting. To work together with your digital marketing team, this data is extremely important. Nothing better than offering a service or an announcement to your client much more customized and supported by data provided by themselves, isn’t it incredible? Learn more about chatbots!


So get started today!

Why not start your service project today? We have seen good practices and ways of serving your customers that can prevent a negative impact on your company.

If you still think that chat service is not a good digital marketing strategy for your company, we suggest that you reevaluate your point of view. After all, 58% of consumers no longer contact a company after a bad service experience. All of this according to New Voice data.

So remember some tips before you start for real:

· Have a specialized service team and provide constant training with them, not forgetting to involve the entire responsible sector according to each type of case.

· Create processes that prioritize the customer, as we already said, the service needs to be good for him, not for you (customer is king, remember?).

· Always pay attention to the problem, focusing on solving it in an assertive and relaxed way. The client does not want to answer 2 or 3 times about the reason for the contact or the problem itself, nor does he want any justification. The contact was made looking for a solution.

· Use chatbots to collect user data for both the customer service and the company’s marketing sector.

With these steps you will be able to initiate changes in the way you chat with your company’s customers. For that, be sure to visit Websites Are Us and never forget: “There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire everyone in the company, from the chairman of the board to the janitor, simply taking the money to spend elsewhere, ”said Sam Walton, no less than the founder of the hypermarket chain Walmart.

Does your company have some kind of interesting story focused on customer service or support? Share your experience with us!

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