Online chat is one of the main tools for any type of ecommerce or internet business. One of the best ways to make direct contact with visitors to your website, its main advantage is the possibility to resolve issues and complaints in real time, in addition to allowing you to assist a visitor through the purchase process until you become a customer.

Using a chat system with customers has some benefits and costs, which we decided to demonstrate in the following paragraphs of this article. Check it out below and understand more about what online chat can provide you and what you need to keep it going!

In addition, nothing better for the cost benefit than installing a professional and free online chat on your page. Check out the Websites Are Us differentials and offer excellent service.

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1. Online chat is the preferred service platform for those who buy on the internet

There are several surveys that attest to the efficiency of chat with customers and the preference of users for this form of service. In this article, 44% of online shoppers in the United States confirmed that a website that offers this type of online service gives them more confidence and increases their chances of purchase, even if they never make contact through this channel.


This is not the only survey that proves the claim that online chat is the best service platform. It was also proven that the chat with customers has the highest satisfaction rate among the main forms of service, such as applications and email. While mobile apps have a 53% satisfaction rate, email reaches 61% and chat with customers 73%.

2. Chat with customers can be used to sell and increase the average value of your sales

Do not use online chat just to answer questions or take care of complaints. It is important to note that the platform is also an excellent sales tool, which can be used to help customers choose the ideal product, guide them through the registration and purchase process of their ecommerce and even to increase the value of purchasing one. client.

But we are not giving this tip in a generic way, as a suggestion that can work. It has been proven that using online chat increases your sales, especially with tools such as proactive invitations. In addition to the increase in the number of sales, it was also proven that the use of chat with customers also increases the average value of a purchase in ecommerce. In this case study by the company ProImpact7, it was revealed that one of its customers increased the average purchase value by 43% through proactive chat and a 20% increase in the conversion rate.


3. You are no longer limited to service on the website

There are several online chat tools on the market, with different benefits that are unlikely to be the same. However, it is now possible to use a chat service with customers to not only serve visitors to your site, but also on social networks – learn about our integration with Facebook Messenger! -, email and even telephone answering solutions. That is, only with Websites Are Us you can manage the vast majority of forms of service in just one window.

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1. Platform

The first cost associated with chatting with customers is that of the platform itself. There are several charging models in an online chat system, such as monthly or annual subscription and even single purchase. However, the subscription model is the best model, as it allows constant service and updating of the platform, in addition to a whole support system that can be used to answer questions about the online chat.

There are also so-called free solutions, but that put data about your business, operators and customers at risk, as companies that offer free online chat usually exchange payment for the possibility of marketing their data and secrets. That is, your free chat is not that free.

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2. Operators

Unless you are in charge of your business, you will need to hire operators to take care of your business online. There are several forms of hiring, which can be chosen according to your budget and the type of work you can carry. Among the possibilities, the main ones are remote hiring, that is, professionals will work directly from their homes. This model allows you to pay freelancers only hours worked during office hours.

The second, more costly method is that of direct hiring, signing a work card and offering the office and equipment so that they can serve their customers. It is worth consulting the costs involved in this type of hiring and the labor legislation of the country where your business is located.


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Chat with customers is the type of service with less cost!

In addition to the benefits mentioned here, online chat is the least expensive real-time service tool, being more convenient for businesses that have a website or Facebook profile than setting up a telephone exchange, for example. In addition, Websites Are Us allows you to test all its features for FREE for 14 days, just by accessing the link and completing your registration!

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